We might inadvertently be building a monster in Masisi

09 Sep 2019

One of the greatest attributes about the late South African president and struggle icon, Nelson Mandela has been his ability to forgive.

Mandela believed in the infinite goodness of humanity and went at great lengths to honour that part of mankind.

After staying in jail for almost a generation he walked out preaching peace and reconciliation for his race-war ravaged country.

Lessons Sobukwe and Africanists bequeathed the African people

09 Sep 2019

“It is better to starve in freedom than to have plenty in bondage”, Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe, founding President of the Pan 
Africanist Congress.

China’s Cross-Cultural Dialogue with Africa

09 Sep 2019

By Richard Moleofe

The BPF petty and personality politics will harm the UDC chances!

09 Sep 2019

The polling date for the 2019 Botswana general election has been set and election campaigns have moved into top gear. Commentators and politicians are having a field day with some making sense and others making no sense but still making headlines.

Khama posits chaos and anarchy for the UDC (Part I)

09 Sep 2019

By Cde Nikolai Olebeng

Drug Free Nation With Tutsana

06 Sep 2019


The Telegraph caught up with an outspoken, flamboyant anti-drug use ambassador in 31-year-old Tumelo Sengawane, who for the past few years, took a bold and active decision to quit drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

Food insecurity: A looming catastrophe

06 Sep 2019


A Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA) research paper by Pelotshweu Moepeng on “Food Security, Agricultural Policy and Environmental Interface: African Perspective” highlights that Botswana is a flat country with the Kalahari Desert covering more than two thirds of its size.

Do away with the Principal Residence and capacitate Registration Officers

06 Sep 2019

By Adam Phatlhe

A month away from the 2019 elections

06 Sep 2019

By Dan Molaodi

BDP Pledges to create meaningful jobs for Batswana

06 Sep 2019

By Mpho Balopi

Botswana is set to undergo a massive economic transformation that will bring it fully into the 21stcentury if the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), led by President Masisi, has anything to do with it.  

In its 2019 Election Manifesto, the BDP has made job creation its main priority.

The question is, how is the BDP going to do this?