More transparency needed in all deals, agreements between Botswana Government and Development

14 Feb 2019

Corruption thrives in darkness. It is appalling that in this day and age a government purporting to be democratic and a company feigning openness and transparency could see nothing wrong keeping away from public scrutiny the contents of Agreements that have so much material impact on the economic wellbeing and even existence of a nation.

The BCP has noted the BNF statement in relation to the alleged endorsement of Cde Dr Mpho Pheko as UDC candidate

14 Feb 2019

By Dithapelo Keorapetse

Whether One Likes it or Not – Mrs. Pelenomi Venson-Moitoi is a Legitimate Candidate

11 Feb 2019

By Chedza Mogae

UDC decline has a role in BDP chaos

11 Feb 2019

In a big way, President Mokgweetsi Masisi has addressed many of the concerns that had for long made Umbrella for Democratic Change supremely relevant for many people.

That has kind of denied UDC the much needed oxygen.

The upshot of which is that the UDC is now walking at a precipice.

By any stretch, this is not something to be celebrated.


11 Feb 2019

By Temperance Ketshabile

Rebuilding Botswana after dictatorship: A call for national renewal through a reconstruction of the civil service

11 Feb 2019

The civil service is the heartbeat of any government. It is the nerve centre of state operations and as such it is central to the success or failure of a country’s development efforts.

Making Corruption a First Order National Security Priority (Part 1)

11 Feb 2019

By Richard Moleofe

This article is inspired by a speech made by John Kerry at the recent World Economic Forum meeting where he addressed issues relating to corruption and how it predisposes countries to security threats. Taking a synopsis of what the man said, he attributes corruption to any county’s security vulnerabilities.

Our budget should make provision for public infrastructure maintenance

11 Feb 2019

On Monday Finance and Economic Development Minister Kenneth Matambo presented what is possibly his last budget speech to the nation. Our interest was drawn towards the infrastructure development by the government – being part of a strategy to make a conducive operating environment for the private sector.

South Africa and its people are strange

11 Feb 2019

South Africans are the strangest people one can come across on the African continent. Most of them think they are better than Africans from other parts of the continent. For example, they call their fellow African brothers and sisters “Grigambas” and “Makwerekwere”. But they never refer to Europeans and Asians by these derogatory names.

AP’s economic growth projections for 2025 both aspirational and scientific

03 Feb 2019

“Our ambitions in six years in the New Botswana are to grow our economy by at least 10 percent on average, drive non-mineral exports to at least 40 percent of GDP and shrink unemployment from 19 percent to less than 10 percent, augment manufacturing output to 20 percent of GDP, and make Botswana a transport hub for the 277 million strong SADC market,” Gaolathe said when addressing party members