Forward looking SONA gives Masisi political high ground

09 Nov 2018

On Monday President Mokgweetsi Masisi used his maiden state of the Nation Address to claim a political high ground that has up to now eluded him.

He used the speech to set a broad economic strategy for his presidency.

He made big and bold announcements, like setting an Investment Board that he will chair.

Corry provides pitch-perfect description of Okavango Delta

04 Nov 2018

Stephen Corry lives in London but can so accurately describe the Okavango Delta as if he lives in it.

Choppies, Payless told bare-faced lies in joint exemption application

04 Nov 2018

The full decision rendered by the Competition Authority reveals the extent to which Choppies Distribution Centre and Payless Supermarket lied to the Authority in order to be exempted from certain requirements of the Competition Act.

Brace yourselves for catastrophically low voter turnout – UDC chaos are to blame

04 Nov 2018

It is diffi cult to make sense of what to judge UDC on.

Glenn Valley Barracks may decide Gaborone North vote

04 Nov 2018

BY Richard Moleofe

Soldiers are not known to often be key players in deciding the way elections go. Botswana Defence Force is one such military organization that has often clearly asserted its position in as far as who goes to parliament. This is how soldiers have chosen to become players in our thriving democracy.

Governance Issues in Health Financing: Implications for Botswana

04 Nov 2018

This piece dear reader  provides an overview of the different definitions of governance in health, with a special focus on financing and related issues - ranging from the concepts of good governance in health to global-health governance.

President Dr Masisi must defend our country and not make deals with the devil!

04 Nov 2018

For some time now the fall out between His Excellency President Dr Masisi and immediate past former President Dr Khama seems to be causing a lot of anxiety for many people across the political divide.

Voter apathy: The bane of Botswana’s democracy

01 Nov 2018

By Joseph Balise

In an interview with Radio Botswana Monday morning, a senior IEC official confirmed that only one third of the targeted voting population had already registered to vote by the close of the seventh week of the registration exercise.

Gov’t treatment of Trade Unions is regressive and counterproductive

01 Nov 2018

There is a court case that is ongoing pitting Botswana government and some public sector trade Unions, chiefly BOFEPUSO and BOPEU.

This follows a government decision to derecognize the unions on allegations of non-compliance with the Public Service Act of 2013.

Why allow civil servants to engage in private business?

01 Nov 2018