Is President Ian Khama delivering on his 2008 pledges?

12 Feb 2016

In his inauguration speech, Khama quoted Mogae’s last State of the Nation Address in which the former president had stated that he had not allowed political expediency and the pursuit of populism to cloud his judgment and service to the nation as the road to political expediency and populism could be lined with lined with cheering crowds.

Political party campaign financing needs to be overhauled

08 Feb 2016

With a few by-elections coming soon, it is important to once again assess the fairness or lack thereof regarding the campaign finances.


Officially, there is no state funding of political parties in Botswana.


This is of course wrong in effect as it in practice.


Roving torch brings historical memories to Maun

04 Feb 2016

Because of the vastness of the district, I would say the torch spent more days here than any other district in the country. Having spent close to a week or so in the Okavango sub district, another three days in Ngami and finally a week in Maun alone is indeed a long period of time. People in nearby settlements also benefited, as some were seeing it for the very first time in their lives. 

When men become dogs

04 Feb 2016

It is probably one of the worst insults that one man can lay upon another. It is to call them a dog; ntša in our tongue. It is also a sign of great poverty to be labelled as one who eats a dog. Eating a dog is the lowest level of poverty. It is the mark of the worst kind of human depravity. And yet that is the imagery that is conjured by our people to mean one who is extremely poor.

Cometh 2019: we have a real fight in our hands!

01 Feb 2016

The voter should sit back, watch and enjoy themselves.
It is indeed their time. For once they are the ones in charge.
They are running the show.
Never before in our history has a voter’s attention  been courted and sought so intensely when elections are still so far away down the line.

Defence expenditure not in sync with prevailing security climate

01 Feb 2016

Early indications are that by the time he has finished reading his budget speech on Monday Afternoon, the Minister of Finance would have increased the budget of the Botswana Defence at least two fold.
That is totally out of step with prevailing security situation in the region.
This is as scary as it is irresponsible.

Batswana are ready to embrace a united opposition

28 Jan 2016

In their private conversations outside their parties’ formal structures, opposition political activists are already vying for a united single political formation that can easily pool its scarce resources financial and human resources to attain state power.


Guilty until proven innocent

28 Jan 2016

“Victor Baatweng is my name and I spent Friday night in a police cell. The story dates back to last week Wednesday, when a close friend of mine, Onkemetse Mmolainyane passed by my office to drop off a Samsung 32’’ LCD TV set that I was to hold for a few days. His cousin, Botsalano was supposed to collect the TV from me in a few days time.

Ntuane Vs Pabalinga; a case of two bald men fighting over a comb

24 Jan 2016

Fish Pabalinga tells us that if there is any tussle for power between him and Botsalo Ntuane, people have to accept it as such and learn to live with it because as Chairman of the Publicity Sub-Committee of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party he derives his powers directly from  the President, who he says is afterall the party chief spokesperson.

The opposition collective must immediately re-brand as a government-in-waiting!

24 Jan 2016

For many years Botswana opposition parties have never disappointed in marginalizing themselves through fragmentation and fighting each other on the eve of general elections. A combination of immaturity, lack of seriousness and lack of resources for serious campaigns meant that the opposition parties never really presented themselves as serious contender for state power.