Vice President Masisi was right to distance himself from Dr Khama’s failed presidency!

03 May 2016

Mmegi of 26th January 2016, carried a story titled, ‘Masisi promises better life after Khama’ through which the Vice President promised Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) followers a better life after president Ian Khama vacates his seat in 2018.VP Masisi’s comments surprised many people who interpreted them to imply that life has been miserable under President Khama and that he, VP Masisi will do

Umbrella for Democratic Change ups the ante in Philip Matante East

28 Apr 2016

In conjunction with its new found ally of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP), the UDC consolidated its political base in the Philip Matante East ward by-election polling 530 votes against the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s 391 votes.

An ageing population of Professors poses Quandary for Tertiary Sector

28 Apr 2016

During the 26th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union which was held in Ethiopia on January 31st, the Union adopted the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 2016-2025) as the framework for transformative education and training system in Africa. The strategy has so much relevance than ever to the development of Botswana.

How the creeping in of violence threatens to ruin our politics

28 Apr 2016

It is not the policy of this newspaper to write politics in its leader column.

Our policy is to use the leader to provide policy options to our readers, with particular emphasis on economics and public administration.

This week we have however opted to go political.

This is because we have observed a really disturbing trend that is fast emerging in our politics.

Dan Mahupela: An eccentric miner wrestling to raise BCL from the dead

25 Apr 2016

“It has been a difficult few months. I’m glad I am now able to sleep,” Dan Mahupela says with a wry smile in his face.

He has just finished briefing the media about his rescue plan not just to turn around BCL, but to also literally save it.

From their line of questioning, it is clear the ever skeptical swath of journalists present do not share Mahupela’s exalted optimism.

Honey I shrunk the kids

25 Apr 2016

The house looks like a crime scene.  It is hard to believe it has only been vacant for a month. The air is full of dust.  Ashes of burnt newspapers lie on the lounge floor. Couches are in tatters. A framed 2002 Galaletsang Day Care Centre graduation Certificate on one side of the wall tells a story. Right next to it a dusty black and white clock with the hands stuck at 1127 hours.

Rhetoric neither saves nor serves the nation

25 Apr 2016

I am full of sad amusement that in the last two weeks, Robert Mugabe has divulged some titbits that were, at the time of their occurrence, only rumours.

Diverting funds sets dangerous precedent

21 Apr 2016

In her latest report, the Auditor General notes that the abundance of funds from road traffic fines “led to misuse by the making of advances to other services of government”. The most damning part in the report is the fact that Government diverted P15million in road fines to pay Ipelegeng workers. 

Motion but no movement in BDF’s Romeo and Juliet case

18 Apr 2016

A year after being given the all-clear, the matter in which a female lieutenant and a male private were kicked out of the Botswana Defence Force for ill-fated Shakespearean romance has yet to be argued at the Gaborone High Court before Justice Dr. Zein Kebonang.

Dingake finds President Zuma not guilty

18 Apr 2016

Around the point that the writer adjudges that enough ground has been covered for Michael Dingake to make a definite pronouncement on whether President Jacob Zuma should resign, is when it becomes evident that such determination is premature.