Youth are key democratic stakeholders

14 Jan 2016

Not only are the youth registering to vote in large numbers, they are also contesting for political power at both council and parliament, according to IEC spokesperson Osupile Maroba.

Alcohol Levy is a glaring testimony of Khama’s failed economic policies

11 Jan 2016

If there is any policy position that has been discomfiting and difficult to justify for the Government of Botswana, it has to be the Alcohol Levy.


Eight years after the policy was introduced, not a single official in Government other than President Ian Khama wants to be associated with it.


Even spin doctors have long stopped trying to justify it.


Our (Pula) banknotes are dirty, smelly and more likely to be contaminated and harmful to our health!

11 Jan 2016

In 2009 when launching the family of banknotes currently in circulation, President Khama proclaimed that a country’s currency is a symbol of nationhood and identity. One therefore expects Batswana to have a natural affinity for their currency more especially that the Pula as Botswana’s currency remains one of the strongest currencies in Africa.

Economic red flags should serve as warning bells to those bent on political expediency

11 Jan 2016

The World Bank has said in its most recent report that the developing countries are most certainly headed for economic times comparable to the grim situation that gripped the world in 2008.


In that same report, the World Bank paints an even grimmer picture of commodity-dependent economies, highlighting and emphasising an even greater danger for those in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Government finally got CKGR issue right

21 Dec 2015

On an otherwise normal weekday morning while an unsuspecting city noisily went about its usual business, three helicopters whop-whopped off a tarmac from somewhere in the city - most likely the Sir Seretse Khama Barracks. Mission: top secret. Passengers: three cabinet ministers and a file of senior government officials. Destination: Botswana’s very own Wild Wild West.

The dubious benefits of beneficiation

02 Dec 2015

And maybe it is... Or maybe it isn’t. In an ideal world it should be. The idea of turning Africa’s cocoa into fine chocolate before export, its cattle into quality shoes, or its rough diamonds into fantastic jewellery, seems irresistibly obvious.

Industry players concerned by killing of security guards

02 Dec 2015

The Chairperson of the Security Officers Association of Botswana, Mpaphi Magezi has expressed concern over the killings of security guards in the line of duty. He said most of the time the poor security guards are murdered by criminals because they are not properly trained to deal with circumstances that they find themselves in. 


29 Nov 2015

It is saddening to note that seven Matsha Community College students recently lost their lives while being transported in an open truck. May their souls find eternal peace and the parents, surviving students, teachers and support staff be comforted. This open truck transportation is done with impunity by the government.

Election assistance programmes should encompass media development

25 Nov 2015

A 2015 policy paper compiled by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) identifies several obstacles to the integration of media support into international electoral assistance programmes, which can be grouped into three main categories: a lack of clarity regarding the definition and role of the media in the electoral process, the politically sens

Once again, the quality of Botswana water comes under scrutiny

25 Nov 2015

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Right to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation, Léo Heller recently released a scathing report casting aspersions on the quality of drinking water in Botswana.