Decimated by Ebola, the DRC needs international assistance; but peace more

21 Jul 2019

The DRC is in the clutches of a man made tragedy.

War, poverty and disease are an Unholy Trinity eating away the DRC.

Right from inception, the DRC had too many factors conspiring against the success of that country.

Colonialism brought misery.

When they left, the colonizers did not allow for a smooth transfer of power.

Homosexuality and the Military Debate-Part 1

21 Jul 2019

By Richard Moleofe

The fight for Government employees among ANC factions

21 Jul 2019

The revelations by former Public Investment Corporation (PIC) CEO, Dr Dan Matjila at the PIC commission of inquiry betray the reasons behind the factional battles within the ruling ANC. It is a dog-eat-dog fight for the resources the state and government has control over.

Christopher ‘Pro’ Ollyn, was it Piano Football?

15 Jul 2019

KITSO KEMOENG’s face to face with  the man who during his days played football like Piano the way Dollar Brand would do his piano

How Khama continues to thrive on mythologies

15 Jul 2019

Ian Khama’s differences with president Mokgweetsi Masisi may be deep, but they remain wholly personal.

Other than to remove Masisi, and may be the BDP from power, the political aims of Ian Khama remain unclear.

Opposition’s desperation to win the 2019 general election is a recipe for another all night miss!

15 Jul 2019

It is an election year and Botswana is gripped by crazy politicking characterized by deceit, lies, irrationality and stupid hostilities. Essentially, a notable trend in Botswana politics over the past elections has been the rise of a lack of purpose.

Botswana tourism needs to invest in diversity

15 Jul 2019

It is now abundantly that in Botswana, the tourism sector has continued to spurn diversity.

If the industry is to continue being relevant and also to enjoy public goodwill, the balance of power needs to change – swiftly and aggressively.

It has to include the hitherto excluded communities and societies.

Masisi Should Pull off the Plug on Khama

15 Jul 2019

By Richard Moleofe

This country has been thrown into a very unstable situation. We have never experienced this amount of uncertainty in our fifty-three years of independence. And when situations get this ugly, how I wish Rre Masire was here. In his old age he was spew absolute wisdom at every junction.

Boko himself started making claims about attempts on his own life 14 years ago

07 Jul 2019

The man who trashed reportage about plans to assassinate President Mokgweetsi Masisi has himself a track record of personally making similar claims that he wants the public to take seriously.

BDP faces an unusual infiltration problem, especially in Central

07 Jul 2019

As it tries to rally its troops, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is also facing the difficulty of telling friend from foe, largely on account of an unusual situation that it has never ever had to deal with before.