Marketing Botswana’s coal abroad comes with reputational risks – but there are not many options

10 Sep 2018

Botswana has close to 300 billion tonnes of known coal reserves underground.

The actual figures are probably much higher. It is thus befitting that on his recent trip to China, President Mokgweetsi Masisi chose coal as one of his key selling points.

Choosing coal as an integral component of our sales pitches has come rather too late and half-heartedly.

Opposition followers are complicit in demise of their parties

02 Sep 2018

The big story of the week has been the high number of cabinet ministers that lost primary elections last weekend.

Somehow a narrative seems to be gaining traction that with so many ministers having lost elections, the country is somehow in a crisis.

Will Africa ever rescue South Africa again?

02 Sep 2018

The aftermath of Zimbabwe’s elections cost us seven citizens, “allegedly shot by soldiers”, when people were overwhelmed by suspicion and lost patience with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission whose behavior was condemned by none of Africa’s many democracy-loving governments.

The world has become a planet of tourists: and the Chinese are its leaders – why is Botswana going opposite direction?

02 Sep 2018

The last few years have seen a rapid growth in the number of Chinese tourists visiting the world.

A little over 100 million Chinese tourists are known to have travelled from the mainland last year alone.

The evils of cash politics

02 Sep 2018

Money, strictly speaking is not a commodity, but a medium of exchange.  But under capitalism and neo-colonialism money has become not only a commodity but a basic human need!  The fundamental purpose of money being a medium of exchange does not diminish when money is commoditized.  My point is that when someone gives you money, you should know that he or she is not giving you a commodity but is

Khama’s second coming will be more ferocious

02 Sep 2018

There is no secret about what the number one item on General Ian Khama’s bucket list is: produce enough military-grade acid in order to completely degrade and dissolve the pedestal on which President Mokgweetsi Masisi now stands Amazon-like.

Rhetoric and Public Discourse: the Burdens that Ejected Ian Khama

02 Sep 2018

The former President Lieutenant General Kgosikgolo Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama aka Khama IV has neither been oblivious of the public view that he was a dictator, nor the international perception about him as an authoritarian ruler. His immediate predecessor, Dr. Festus Mogae at the African Leadership Forum in Tanzania told the world that:

Masisi’s visit to China exposes Botswana’s recent foreign policy mis-steps

27 Aug 2018

This week President Mokgweetsi Masisi will travel to China, there to meet with one of the world’s most powerful men – the Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

The visit is nothing short of a steep climb.

Just less than year ago, China and Botswana were involved in an ugly diplomatic spat.

Masisi re-engineers Botswana/China relations

27 Aug 2018

If the prodigal son had fathomed his to be the only return that would be openly received in conscious oblivion of the flaws he had unmasked in his character, he had done so out of an innocent unawareness that epochs later there would a country called Botswana that would follow in similar fashion.

MP appeals for legal help to get back land earmarked for the poor

27 Aug 2018

With his parliamentary platform having failed to bring help he had hoped for, the Gaborone North MP, Haskins Nkaigwa, is now appealing to lawyers in private practice to help restore land originally earmarked for a large-scale, low-cost housing project to its rightful owners.