If the DIS want more power they must be prepared to give some power away

02 Oct 2018

The Directorate of Intelligence Services was created to be one of the institutions defending our freedoms and our democracy – a force for good.

Yet it ended up as unabashed threat, not just to those freedoms but to our very existence.

True to the fears of those who were violently against its creation, the DIS ended up being an immensely disruptive and divisive monster.

Thank you for the speech, Mr Khama

02 Oct 2018

After sidelining media outlets from their home countries in farvor of CNN, CBS, BBC, Bloomberg and other American and international media outlets during the United Nations General Assembly in New York, African presidents,except for one or two, and their large entourages are back on home soil where they are now available to local media.

Masisi’s diplomatic blitz abroad should restore Botswana’s conventional foreign policy

27 Sep 2018

It is now just over six months since Mokgweetsi Masisi ascended the highest office, and already he has visited about a dozen countries, many of them in southern Africa that are also SADC members.

Will Mmusi Kgafela emulate royal peers in the political arena?

27 Sep 2018

The political clock is ticking pretty fast towards the 2019 general election. Most political parties have already completed identification of the parliamentary and council hopefuls for the country’s 12th general election. Among the candidates identified is ruling Botswana Democratic Party’s Mmusi Kgafela who will battle it out for the crown in Mochudi West constituency.

Elephants’ doctor cries wolf

23 Sep 2018

The two dozen or so journalists wrinkled their noses and gagged as they struggled to keep down the bacon and eggs breakfast they had just binged on at Kasane Travel Lodge Hotel. Most, however, just covered their noses from the aggressive stench of rotting flesh and jostled for vantage positions around the decomposed elephant carcass.

Elephant files: A turbulent storm that shot Botswana and its president to the centre of world attention

23 Sep 2018

President Mokgweetsi Masisi should move swiftly to give back the guns his government seized from Wildlife Anti-Poaching Unit – whatever it takes.

May be the reasons for seizing these arms from the Unit were after-all benign, to use his favorite word, but what Masisi’s decision  has in effect done has been to throw red meat to his adversaries.

Has BDC forsaken its founding principles?

23 Sep 2018

There is a deep irony and even paradox about what Botswana Development Corporation was established for and what the state owned company has been doing lately.

BDC was established by Botswana Government in 1970 as its premier investment vehicle.

The company has a genuine and fair claim to being one of Botswana’s earliest and indeed enduring blue chips.

Masisi democratises scholarship on wildlife management

17 Sep 2018

One little but highly inconvenient detail about the young Ian Khama that Mmegi publicised years ago is that he would routinely rub out art drawings by his big sister, Jacqueline.

Historically abusive PS implementing a plan that seeks to make abuse history

17 Sep 2018

How, people ask, can the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama, continue to serve in cabinet after publicly expressing support for a patently anti-Botswana report? A similar question is not being asked about another senior government official: how can the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Basic Education, Dr.

UDC has all the hallmarks of a captured agency

17 Sep 2018

Umbrella for Democratic Change leaders do not speak with confidence on any national issues.

On every big national issue, they behave like people walking on eggshells –  lacking in determination, devoid of chutzpah and bereft of conviction. They are a people ill at ease with something we don’t as yet know. They are apologetic, and totally unsure of themselves.