05 Aug 2018

I have a fervent recollection of the euphoria that beat at the chest of the country when UDC was conceived, the real ‘Peoples Project’ – a vehicle that carried the aspirations and interests of Batswana, a cornucopia of plenty.

On the Bi-Centenary of Karl Marx’s birth (Part II)

05 Aug 2018

The process of creation of the value of products and its realisation are separated both temporally and spatially.  The former occurs during the production process while the latter is subsequently accomplished during the sale of the products in the market.  In reality the law of supply and demand only affects the prices of the products in the market, in so far as it determines their fluctuation

No honour in not knowing your language

03 Aug 2018

It still gets to me. Yes, it still shocks me terribly that there are still intelligent people in our society who think it is a badge of honour not to know their language, or perhaps to feign ignorance of their tongue. The past few weeks have been most interesting and revealing. Perhaps I had thought wrong that we have moved forward.

BMC crisis is much more than just commercial, it is political

03 Aug 2018

Just last week, Botswana Government announced that they have given Botswana Meat Commission just over P100 million to pay farmers.

We want to profusely thank Government for this gesture.

In the same vein it would be remiss or even irresponsible if we did not immediately highlight just how inadequate the money is.

Botswana emerging as transit point for global heroin trade

03 Aug 2018

Heroin, Cocaine and cannabis are some of Europe’s most commonly used drugs, with approximately 3.7 million adults (aged 15–64) estimated to have used it in the last year.

Well done NBFIRA, there is hope that pensioners could still get back their money…...

30 Jul 2018

On Friday the Court of Appeal rightfully sanctioned the appointment of Peter Collins as Statutory Manager of Capital Management Botswana (CMB).

For the sake of those who might not be familiar with it, CMB is an asset management firm that has been battling out with the Non Banking Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority (NBFIRA) in courts of law over control of millions of Pulas.

Masisi avoiding mistake that Mogae made – but there’s a cost

30 Jul 2018

At the Molepolole kgotla, the first stop of President Festus Mogae’s national farewell tour in 2007, a speaker from the floor told the outgoing president that his legacy would, in part, be defined by how his successor, Vice President Ian Khama, ruled for the next 10 years.

Financial institutions don’t discriminate against the less educated

30 Jul 2018

A Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA) study that considers both entrepreneur and firm characteristics in reviewing the literature on small and medium enterprises’ access to credit has found Botswana’s financial institutions differ with much of the world in a way that most would approve.

Cabinet revolt against Masisi is a pushback against his crusade to fight corruption

30 Jul 2018

Introducing the Declaration of Assets Law has become a source of immense pride for President Mokgweetsi Masisi.

Apparently no guest leaves the president’s office without being treated to a long lecture on the impending law.

Any ex that is troublesome and cannot let go of the past ought to be banished for the sake of the new order!

30 Jul 2018

For decades, Botswana has been heralded as a beacon of democracy in the African continent that is synonymous with the ideology of savage despotism. Consequent to this laudatory caption, Botswana has been, wittingly or unwittingly, promoting democracy as the best form of government. This is in spite that democracy imposes some difficult demands on society that seeks to abide by its norms.