Masisi should be careful not to succumb to fatalism

08 May 2019

There is a big paradox that President Mokgweetsi Masisi has to contend with.

The country, and increasingly his party too, need a new sense of optimism.

That can only come if the economy is working, and doing so for everybody.

The military versus people’s power

08 May 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Years ago I made some commentary in the newspaper regarding the Arab Spring and in particular its effects in Egypt. This commentary was considered controversial as I sought to justify the taking over of government by the military headed by General Morsi.

Is BPOPF transparent enough given its size and potential risk to the overall economy?

08 May 2019

The amount of money lost by BPOPF (Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund) over the last few years should make us as a nation to pause, introspect and start and a national debate over the future of this exceedingly important national asset.

BPOPF needs to become more ambitious in reforming itself.

Otherwise it will have to face extinction.

Duma Boko: Saint or Pathological Liar – Lessons from the USA

08 May 2019

“I am lying a lot more, and my lies are far more egregious than they have been. When faced with a choice to either lie or tell the truth, I lie. It’s a strategy that works because when I lie, I’m essentially telling people what they want to hear, and people really like hearing things they want to hear.

Comedy Central is in town as the IEC delights in gutter politics!

08 May 2019

Botswana is approximately four months away from a general election that is expected to be held in October 2019 on a date yet to be specified. For political parties, their message to their candidates is that there is limited time remaining to convince and/or crook the voters to go and place a cross next to their names on the day of the polls.

When internet comes to our doorsteps, who wins and who loses?

29 Apr 2019


Zimbabwean billionaire Strive Masiyiwa’s first name means “make great efforts to achieve or obtain something”. And he is to the manner born.

The telecommunications magnate first came to Botswana in 1998 as a broke 37 year old ball of fire. His pair of shoes had seen better days, with the soles almost departing from the uppers.

Has the UDC forsaken Gomolemo Motswaledi?

29 Apr 2019

People, it would seem have very short memories.

It was only in 2014, barely five years ago when the UDC leadership and indeed general membership accused Botswana Government, then led by Ian Khama of assassinating Gomolemo Motswaledi.

Motswaledi, for those who have forgotten was not only the deputy leader of the UDC, he was by any measure the mastermind of all that the UDC was.

Bocra should do more to protect consumers against unscrupulous ISPs

29 Apr 2019

There is clear evidence that some internet users are paying more than they should.

And this is not by mistake, but by design of Internet Service Providers who are literally getting away with murder because the regulator, either out of

a lack of capacity or will is not doing much to monitor the pricing conduct of ISPs.

Masisi should restore the dignity of the Rhodesian War veterans

29 Apr 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Pay day at Botswana Defence Force barracks was like a day of celebration. All officers and the non-commissioned cadres were in a jovial mood. April 26th was the day many were looking forward to as it was the official payday.

The Fourth Estate and the Sobukwe family

29 Apr 2019

There are young people who may not understand the phrase 'Fourth Estate' thereby missing the essence of this post or get confused when the phrase is used interchangeably with the word 'media'. The Fourth Estate is the media.