Till the next time we say good bye with the Stones at Twickenham!

02 Jul 2018

In the myriad  of  legendary stories, Keith Richards,  lead  guitarist  of  the  iconic  rock and roll  band  the Rolling Stones fell  of a tree  while  goofing  about  on  holiday in Fiji.  A  portion of the  world that  listens to   the sort of music  played  by the group held  its collective breath in  anxiety, and  fear.  His  injuries were deemed  serious and in some reports  he  was  in 

Masisi and Khama need to end their cold war or there will soon be an open warfare

02 Jul 2018

The perennial display of a disconnect between Government and office of former president Ian Khama is much more than a passing event.

It should be viewed as an existential threat to the incumbent president Mokgweetsi Masisi. A failure to act will leave current president badly exposed.

Are Batswana as stupid as ungrateful beggar migrants and other foreigners think?

02 Jul 2018

In the eyes of some bankrupt, beggared foreign nationals, Batswana are the worst scum under the sun. This insult is generally preached by some sweat-scented thankless foreigners who feign attachment to their countries of nationality but yet refuse to spend half day in their homelands mainly because theirs are worse that an animal sanctuary.

Birdlife Botswana weighs up impact of Elephants on threatened bird species

29 Jun 2018

The statistics are quite astounding. For one poisoned elephant carcass, five hundred vultures perish. For years now, Birdlife Botswana, an NGO that deals with protection of birds in order to prevent any extinction of bird species in the wild has been using different means to sensitise the government and other stakeholders on the issue.   

Fifty years down the line, citizen economic empowerment still remains largely elusive

29 Jun 2018

Instead of enjoying watching the ongoing Russia 2018 World Cup, the folks at my rural village of Moroka in the North East District over the weekend bombarded me with the difficult yet interesting questions of whether after more than 50 years of independence Botswana has done enough in terms of citizen economic empowerment, especially indigenous citizen economic empowerment.

Executive Orders and the Running of a Government

29 Jun 2018

The running of any government has had as a critical feature of its public administration practice, the use of Executive orders by the presidency to define, introduce and often respond to new directions as preferred by the presidency’s policy and political inclinations.

Food insecurity remains a big drag on the economy

29 Jun 2018

When it comes to enhancing food security, the last decade has really been nothing but a wasted opportunity.

The enthusiasm that had been created at the beginning of that decade has turned out to be nothing more than false dawn.

At the end of that decade, the agricultural sector, a crucial and integral sector for food security has regressed.

Khama magic a curse for Wilderness Holdings

25 Jun 2018

Name African Presidents who are trying to grow their tourism sector and chances are more than half have Keith Vincent’s business card.

Counting Masisi’s Tea Leaves!

25 Jun 2018

It would be an exaggeration to say ruination awaits Mokgweetsi Masisi’s presidency.

But there will be tough moments ahead, in fact in the not too distant future.

With the official opposition all but dead, those hard times will all come from within his club.

The surest way for him to stand a fighting chance will be to impose himself and his agenda through jobs.

No, Mr. Trump, refugees are products of their governments not of their countries

25 Jun 2018

Like the recent infamous hurricanes, Katrina, Irma, Maria and Harvey, that ravaged the United States from the south of continental North America through the Gulf of Mexico, another whirlwind, born at the US border with Mexico, is engulfing the United States and has pitted the American people against their president and his administration.