Question marks over naturalized Batswana's patriotism

25 Oct 2018

Prominent Gaborone based private lawyer Kgosietsile Ngakayagae in one of his Facebook posts raised quite an interesting and fundamental topic which has been of late a subject of serious discussion in many quarters.

To put the matter in its appropriate and proper context, it suffices to quote Ngakayagae’s post verbatim.

One of Botswana’s biggest companies, Choppies Limited is facing an existential crisis

25 Oct 2018

Choppies has been a victim of own success.

For over two months now Choppies has failed to release its financials.

A behemoth by Botswana standards, it was always clear that Choppies had feet of clay.

It was a one man show – with the CEO running the chain store by a hand set – from suppliers all the way down to the cleaner.

The UDC reponds

25 Oct 2018

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has noted reports in the media linking President Duma Boko with the following;

1.being driven to Mosu by Mr Mabaila and receiving P 800 000 from the former President, Ian Khama

Landau’s translation headaches: Part 2

25 Oct 2018

I return with more comments on Paul Landau’s Chapter three of Popular Politics in the History of South Africa, 1400-1948 entitled Translations (Missionaries and the invention of Christianity) where he explores the struggles faced by missionaries in attempting to translate the biblical text into Setswana.

GIPS engineering students unhappy with quality of education

21 Oct 2018

Some students at the Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies have been boycotting classes. In an interview, students generated a very long list of grievances that in turn generated a longer list of written questions that were submitted to management. Conversely, management refuted all the allegations the students made and levelled its own accusations at the students.

A schoolteacher strips Masisi bare naked at Serowe

21 Oct 2018

Sometime in 2008 as the Americans were preparing for their presidential elections, a working class stranger boldly confronted the then little known candidate Barack Obama and accused the Senator of socialism – a kind of political blasphemy in America’s realm of politics.

Our Wealth or Their Lives? The Patenting of HIV/AIDS Drugs

21 Oct 2018

When Jonas Salk, who developed the polio vaccine was asked who owned the patent, he replied, “Well, the people, I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Do the rich world’s patents abandon the poor to die.?

Dr Khama poses a bigger threat to Botswana’s democracy as former president than when he was a sitting president!

21 Oct 2018

A recent Afrobarometer study revealed the extent to which former President Dr Khama almost turned Botswana, the erstwhile model of democracy in Africa, into a dictatorship.

Science’s role in natural resource decisions

18 Oct 2018

Botswana recently hosted the Consortium of African Funds for Environment (CAFÉ) general assembly in Kasane whose objective is to provide a sustainable source of financing to the different national park systems across Africa. The consortium attracted participants from Africa and South America.

The fate of a journalist shouldn’t be a bargaining chip between state actors

18 Oct 2018

The point, of course, isn’t that Trump should desist from intermingling with foreign leaders, no matter how repugnant. But Trump not only unreservedly compliments, supports and cosy up with such leaders, but he rejects using the political influence of the U.S to stress the importance the country places, or should place, on human rights issues.