DCEC in pretty worse shape than ever

29 Jan 2019

There have been growing public concerns about the state of affairs and indeed the direction that DCEC has taken starting a few years back.

The current state of the DCEC in relation to where it ought to be is ridiculous.

The situation has grown pathetic lately.

In our view nothing short of a complete overhaul of the structure will suffice at the DCEC.

Botswana and the world must adopt shorter presidential term of office to ward off despots!

29 Jan 2019

Botswana has always been a frontrunner in democratic politics in Africa. This was until 2008 when a former Military General took over the reigns and started undermining Botswana’s status as the shining beacon in a troubled continent.

Rallying behind the leader

29 Jan 2019

By Mpho Balopi

Inside the covert operation that led to Isaac Kgosi’s arrest!

21 Jan 2019

The video footages – which have since gone viral showing Isaac kgosi’s arrest by plain clothes security agents at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport tell less than half the story of what really went on to plan and ultimately execute the sting operation on a man who only a few months ago was the most feared in Botswana and at times also arguably the most powerful.

Khama I’s descendant says Khama IV is ‘destabilising’ Botswana

21 Jan 2019

In a changing-for-the-worse Botswana that the founding fathers would hardly recognise, a prominent Mongwato businessman and politician with impeccable royal pedigree has placed the blame squarely at the feet of the biological son of one of those fathers – former president, Lieutenant General Ian Khama.

The internal contradictions of New Jerusalem make it structurally unstable

21 Jan 2019

New Jerusalem, at least measured from many in its top leadership treats ruling party membership as sewer.

As currently constituted, the New Jerusalem faction of the Botswana Democratic Party is not only dangerous but also rudderless.

The faction wants state power at all cost. And they do not give a damn about the consequences.

Did Intelligence Security blow cover?

21 Jan 2019

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) has not escaped public scrutiny this week especially on social media that they stage-managed the arrest of the former spy chief, Isaac Kgosi.

There is growing dissatisfaction with governments worldwide

21 Jan 2019

Mindful of that sickening and irritating idiom “what goes around comes around”, I had hoped to start the New Year run with reduced despair, great expectations, the highest of hope and, of course, a wish for the world to be kinder to us.

I had hoped that not only Africa but the world would, by end 2018, have noticed that we cannot run away from ourselves anymore.

BDP must go for a Compromise

21 Jan 2019

By Kealeboga Killer Mkhwanazi Jameson

The Anatomy of a Coup

21 Jan 2019

By Olopeng Rabasimane

“I am going to topple the government” -Isaac Kgosi