Goodwill is critical to Economic Development of Botswana

07 Mar 2016

Leadership is not going up the ladder to be served; it is going down, to serve - Kevin Jones.  

Khama needs credibility reset

03 Mar 2016

Botswana’s two biggest political parties, the BDP and UDC, are crafting manifestos to win the hearts of voters in the 2019 election. Like in most African countries, bread and butter issues and “politics of the stomach” will undoubtedly be key factors in determining the outcome of the polls.

The beauty of variety Setswana varieties

03 Mar 2016

Differences in vocabulary are one aspect of dialect diversity which identifies individuals conspicuously. This is especially obvious through what linguists refer to as cultural vocabulary.

Is the story of Jacob Nkate being maliciously distorted?

03 Mar 2016

It must be very difficult for Jacob Dickie Nkate. Reports on the ground suggest he harbours some ambition to become the next Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) president. He finds himself between a rock and a hard place given the job he currently holds as Botswana’s Ambassador to Japan. First of all, as a civil servant he cannot publicly declare his interest in BDP political positions.

The Virtues of an Impartial Public Service

03 Mar 2016

There continues to be reports of intentions by our leadership to politicize the public service through appointments of party faithfuls to key position in the country’s parastatal bodies or public corporations.

As is always the case the buildup to election of American President is proving a marvel to watch

29 Feb 2016

Barack Obama’s eight-year stay in the White House is fast coming to an end.


And with it comes to an end the misplaced euphoria by Africa that Obama was one of their own.


Obama’s stay in the White House has irrefutably proved that the man is as American as Coca Cola and the blue jeans.


Zimbabweans seek the purity of new party’s intentions

29 Feb 2016

Thirty-five years of political parties that are always formed after someone has been humiliated or at the whim of a sudden need to prove that one’s ego is still intact have proved beyond any doubt that we, in Zimbabwe, are too much of followers than originals.

We have embraced political mediocrity to a level that sees us strangling ourselves as we fight for air.

Bank of Botswana’s bullish obsession with inflation vis-à-vis other fundamentals downplays hard economic realities

29 Feb 2016

As it has now become tradition this time around, mid last week the Governor of Bank of Botswana, Linah Mohohlo launched the Monetary Policy Statement.


Other than stating the obvious and also using statistics, to hide the truths, the Statement, is generally a replay of similar events from the previous years.


Incessant diatribe on BCP is potentially distractive

29 Feb 2016

In the Watchdog of the 8 and 15 February  Spencer Mogapi discusses the impending unity talks between UDC and BCP, ceases the opportunity to make a case that  BCP should join UDC only to donate votes and not bargain either to have stake in the envisaged new order both in terms of inputting or driving its agenda (leadership), argues that  last talks collapsed  on account of constituency allocatio

Overcrowded BDP presidential race:  A vote of no confidence on Masisi

25 Feb 2016

For a party that has never witnessed so many presidential candidates ahead of a general election since formation, the race overcrowding shows that as president, Ian Khama dismally failed to rule by consensus around the many appointments he was vested with as his prerogative to make, much to the chagrin of many party members.