Transforming Africa’s Narrative: Imagining A New True Land of The Free

17 Oct 2016

‘Just like prisoners in paradise, so close but yet so far. There will come a time no matter who you are, when you ask yourself was it right or wrong.’ – from Prisoners in Paradise by Europe

Reasons for closing BCL: valid but still stupid

13 Oct 2016

At this rate I am going to die young from high blood pressure. Nxustru! I need to slow down and stop caring and worrying too much about my country before it takes its toll on my health.

Some level of patience and rationality can save BCL

13 Oct 2016

Latest events at BCL are bound to provoke mixed feelings of anger and anxiety. This is because at stake is not just the welfare of a township, but the lives of thousands of human being – those employed directly by BCL, but also those whose lives are indirectly linked to the mining house.

We must rethink the development of Botswana languages

13 Oct 2016

It is becoming almost predictable that every Domboshaba cultural annual celebration is accompanied a demand for the teaching of Ikalangalanguage in schools as it were pre-1972.

What next after Bot50?

13 Oct 2016

Over the past week, we witnessed a greatest show (Bot50), especially in Gaborone to mark the nation’s golden jubilee. Indeed, there were many reasons to celebrate such a landmark event in our existence as an independent country. Prior to gaining self-rule we went through almost 80 years of British neglect, particularly in relation to infrastructural development.

Economic changes underscore the need for innovation

13 Oct 2016

Botswana is eons behind in the development of a true research philosophy. Although the challenge of turning research into commercial products is an arduous and multiplex road with many drawbacks, this is nonetheless a worthy priority of the Botswana Government's innovation agenda.

Is Botswana descending into a pariah state?

09 Oct 2016

One of Botswana’s most capable and most experienced public servants is fighting a losing battle to become administrative head of the African Union.

Perhaps one must start by declaring upfront their personal fondness for Pelonomi Venson, as one of the very few politicians whose administrative capabilities are not only irrefutable but also beyond reproach.

Corruption and bad government corroding Zimbabwe

09 Oct 2016

I have an aversion to people who look down on others, believing that they are, in some way, superior to them.

While humble and genuine leaders are guided, praised or insulted by their citizens for their efforts, they consider it a success in that the people have the power and freedom to challenge their leader and correct him.

Absence of a coherent national agenda is hurting Botswana’s prospects for the future

09 Oct 2016

With the BOT50 celebrations now behind us, it is time that as a nation we established a fresh and common agenda that will take us as a country to a whole new level.

Harping on past successes might make us feel good as a people. But it does nothing to prepare ourselves for the immensely difficult journey ahead.

Dr. Madigele - the road ahead

09 Oct 2016

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you Honorable Minister and your esteemed staff. I am excited of the prospect of a new era, a new dawn and hope most sincerely that you come ready to etch your name in the history of tertiary education in this country. As Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology, Dr.