Blame Africa for the tragedy in Zimbabwe

08 Nov 2015

We all have our own heroes who we admire for reasons different from what inspires our fellow compatriots.

What other people call freedom fighters are known as terrorists in other quarters. Those labelled extremists in other countries are viewed as nationalists by others.

There is need to devolve more powers to Local Government

14 Oct 2015

It has been many years now that consensus was achieved over the benefits that would accrue to both Government and the citizens if power was given to Local Government structures.

Many years ago Government appointed a Presidential Commission chaired by Pelonomi Venson.

The Commission among other things recommended that local government should be given more power.

Bushmen, Tawana cultures clash in ban on wedding ceremonies

11 Oct 2015

For the second consecutive year, the Batawana regent, Kgosi Kealetile Moremi, has decreed that all wedding ceremonies in Ngamiland (where she is the supreme traditional leader) must be put on hold until after the harvest-home.

The role of the public and private sector education institutions: A response to Sunday Standard  

11 Oct 2015

Universities must be “citadels not silos”, defending communities around them rather than being inward-looking, if they are to actively advance global development goals.  (MacGregor & Makoni 2010, University World News)


Is President Ian Khama delivering on his 2008 pledges?

07 Oct 2015

In his inauguration speech, Khama quoted Mogae’s last State of the Nation Address in which the former president stated that he had not allowed political expediency and the pursuit of populism to cloud his judgment and service to the nation as the road to political expediency and populism could be lined with cheering crowds.

Dros’ staff get role in Tom Cruise movie

04 Oct 2015

In a 2002 Tom Cruise movie called Minority Report that is set in 2054, a “precrime” police squad arrests people for crimes they haven’t actually committed but may commit in the future. These arrests are based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called precogs.

Obituary Reverend Kenneth Maltus Smith MBE MA (1926 – 2015)

27 Sep 2015

Rev. Smith passed away on Saturday 19th September 2015 at his home in Norwich, England, surrounded by family members. He departed to the background music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo ‘Raise your spirits up’ in the family room. The news of his death spread over Botswana during the weekend like a dark cloud. 


What is an entrepreneur?

27 Sep 2015

A wise man once said there are three types of people in the business world; the technician, the manager and the entrepreneur. Of these three, the one we all want to be is the entrepreneur.

Litigants caught up in judges' war

23 Sep 2015

This judicial crisis emanates from receipt of housing allowances by four High Court judges while occupying government pool houses, which consequently led to their suspension.

Judicial crisis: A test of how far we have deteriorated as a country?

23 Sep 2015

Sometime last week I struggled with sleep. This was not the first time in as many days that worry had come to take control of my life. I felt helpless, but hope carried me beyond my physical limits. But on that fateful night – nothing and I mean nothing, including spiritual intervention could provide immediate remedy I much needed. It was a moment of pain and suffering for me.