“You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you?”

23 Jun 2016

Member of Parliament Bagalatia Arone comes across as a man who is well versed with Biblical chapters and characters.  I am therefore inclined to believe he knows about Galatians Chapter 3, Verse 1 which addresses the tribe that, ironically, his name derives from; the Galatians or Bagalatia in the vernacular. The verse reads, “You foolish Galatians!

The failures of the Environmental ministry should not be glossed over

23 Jun 2016

It is important to put into perspective the importance of the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism.

In today’s global geo-politics, this is a very crucial ministry that could easily be compared to those ministries that house foreign relations, interior matters, defence and security.

Is 2019 that far?

23 Jun 2016

It is slightly three years and a few months before the next general/national elections in this country and while that might appear to be a long time off, for the main political parties in this country work has already began. A few issues are going to shape the various political parties’ readiness and their potential to emerge victorious come 2019.

June 16 is about African languages and not about children

23 Jun 2016

The name The Day of an African Child conceals the fact that the brutality and blood spilt on June 16th, 1976 was for instruction in African languages. This is not a Children’s Day; it is an African linguistics day.

Public goodwill does not remain forever; UDC can bet their last penny on that piece of reality

19 Jun 2016

There is a lot that the Umbrella for Democratic Party can learn from the Botswana Democratic Party, or better still from the Botswana Congress Party.

Following closely on the heels of independence and all the euphoria that surrounded that epoch, it immediately became an ingrained platitude that the Botswana Democratic Party was going to rule this country forever.

Zimbabwe’s war veterans already looking past Mugabe

19 Jun 2016

In the middle of all that the people of Zimbabwe are going through and have gone through before, during and after independence, some Zimbabweans seek to misrepresent the cause and subsequent sad result of our failures as a nation; we failed to understand, to accept and to tolerate opposing views.

There’s nothing MacGyver about Khama’s drive to save BDP but..

16 Jun 2016

Media reports indicate that President Ian Khama has embarked on a rigorous ‘Save BDP’ campaign. It is said he wants to leave the BDP in an attractive status. He vows to make sure the opposition UDC does not win the 2019 general elections.

The untold story of male domestic violence

16 Jun 2016

Exposing the covert agony that is suffered by men in Botswana, Jonathan Buru, a 43 year old man from Maitengwe village in the Central District established an organization called the Young Men Association (YMA).  The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was established in December2009.

Selective recognition of tribes an unpardonable misnomer

16 Jun 2016

It is constitutionally undesirable and wrong for Botswana government to seek application for recognition from so-called minority tribes.

Bursting at the seams: how youth unemployment reached the boiling point

12 Jun 2016

John Ikaneng has a bachelor’s degree in media and public administration obtained from an Australian university.

Since graduating almost four years ago, Ikaneng has never held a full time job.

The closest he got to attaining a full time job was when he served as an intern at a media placement and design agency in Gaborone.