orget stingy conservationists and Afrophobes, Botswana’s biggest challenge is the enemy within!

17 Jun 2019

Forget about the noisy armchair conservationists who are threatening to boycott Botswana’s tourism and diamonds. It is in their nature to always declare their whiteness.  Their incoherent nose is part of their usual declaration about whose words should matter most in the sphere of public policy around the globe.


17 Jun 2019


Some people are about to become heroes in Zimbabwe

10 Jun 2019

The rot in Zimbabwe has just got to be stopped one way or other.                                                           

The country cannot continue on this path when it is evident that innocent people are suffering and are at the mercy of an abusive, cruel, uncaring leadership with no idea what to do.

Botswana is not a Monarchy: Notes for Ian & BaGaMmangwato

10 Jun 2019

“I am really shocked o dira motho President and he turns against you”

“O bata go re twaela,” said Khama accusing President Mokgweetsi Masisi of sabotage at one of the recent political rallies he addressed in Serowe to Bangwato and BaGaMmangwato

Boko and Khama should stop misleading the nation

10 Jun 2019

By Cosmos Moenga

What Duma Boko and Ian Khama are doing is wrong.  Theologically speaking what they are doing is evil to say the least.  Boko and Khama are not ordinary citizens, they are leaders, whatever they say or do people listen.

The Elephants of the Khama Dynasty

10 Jun 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Entering the main hall of the museum in Mafikeng the provincial capital of the North West in South Africa, you would be ushered in by the largest elephant tusks one can ever wish to see.  These were donated as a gift by Khama III of the Bangwato, an influential tribal grouping in Botswana.

Batswana, beware of political parties that are founded by dissidents and fugitives!

07 Jun 2019

Once upon a time, a German town was invaded by infectious rats that caused panic and anxiety within the community. In the ensuing panic, a Good Samaritan in colourful attire or clown costume [pied in ancient lingo] offered to rid the town of these rats for a reasonable fee that was not specified.

European epistemology and an African philosophy of education

07 Jun 2019

On the 21st October 1949, Robert Sobukwe delivered a powerful and riveting speech at the Fort Hare University completers’ social which was spoken about for a long time in and outside the university in which he addressed topical issues of the day. Sobukwe made that speech seven decades ago but it is still as relevant today as it was when he delivered it.

What is China’s Role in the Elephant Wars?

07 Jun 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Issues surrounding the lifting of game hunting and particularly that of elephants have an international effect on us. It seems elephants are top on the list of the hunted game. But the lifting of the ban affects all other large game such as buffalo, zebra and giraffe.

The BDP, the UDC and the AP; an arduous fight for the crown begins!

26 May 2019

In a very curious way, the outcome of 2019 General elections is busy shaping up.

There has been talk of a hung parliament and talk of a possible UDC take over.

But, for now everything is still out in the air and if anyone says they know what will happen they will be lying.

Based on paper, the Alliance for Progressives would win an outright victory.