Do away with the Principal Residence and capacitate Registration Officers

06 Sep 2019

By Adam Phatlhe

A month away from the 2019 elections

06 Sep 2019

By Dan Molaodi

BDP Pledges to create meaningful jobs for Batswana

06 Sep 2019

By Mpho Balopi

Botswana is set to undergo a massive economic transformation that will bring it fully into the 21stcentury if the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), led by President Masisi, has anything to do with it.  

In its 2019 Election Manifesto, the BDP has made job creation its main priority.

The question is, how is the BDP going to do this?

Are the AU and SADC Africa’s undertakers?

02 Sep 2019

Although the constitution allows for people to peacefully demonstrate in favor of or against anything imposed on them, the government of Zimbabwe has virtually outlawed any form of demonstration, thereby closing any semblance of opening for their views to be heard.

Ready to die defending women’s rights at BDF

02 Sep 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Mangole, Mooketsi clash during debate

02 Sep 2019

By Kwapeng Modikwe

MEK Masisi’s Efforts pay Dividends

02 Sep 2019

Mr Kealeboga “Killer Mkhwanazi” Jameson

“A Republic, madam, if you can keep it”

26 Aug 2019

Sometime in 1787, as he left a secret confab that had been designated to hammer out the United States Constitution, Benjamin Franklin was confronted by a woman.

“Well Doctor what have we got for us, a republic or a monarchy?”

 “A republic madame, if you can keep it,” Dr Franklin replied.

The words from Franklin were no doubt chilling.

Dr Khama rolls out a hate party as the UDC joins in celebratory song and dance. Phew!

26 Aug 2019

As a people, we need to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that Botswana is losing it as a point of reference for an orderly democratic society in Africa; that politicians are playing us like their out-of-use keyboards and thus leading our country to a point of no return.


26 Aug 2019

By Mr Kealeboga “Killer Mkhwanazi” Jameson