China Plays a Role in Botswana’s Anti-Poaching Drive

01 Jul 2019

By Richard Moleofe

In the midst of the elephant debate, what is China doing to participate fruitfully in wildlife conservation in Botswana? The Department of Wildlife and National Parks has for the last twenty-six years had an anti-poaching division. They were initially trained by Botswana Defence Force Commandos in 1990 in Pandamatenga.

Botswana for sale!

24 Jun 2019

Our political leaders are too far taken in by the spell-binding fantasies of a little, make-belief world that they live in.

And at least for now, they are not ready to face up to the real world.

Judgement hour is coming - fairly soon. And big decisions need to be taken, pretty fast!

Absence of trust will hamper a Zimbabwe currency

24 Jun 2019

Zimbabwe’s political woes and economic problems will not end until or unless the power elite recognizes the difference between public service and being employed.

The rot will not end until politicians and civil servants stop pretending that there are shortcuts to economic recovery and that political tranquility can be achieved in a politically and economically divided state.

Men Who have Sex with Men: Health & Human Rights

24 Jun 2019

Globally Men, who have sex with Men (MSM), continue to bear a high burden of HIV infection. In Africa, same sex behaviors have been largely neglected by HIV research, but the results from recent studies indicate the widespread existence of MSM groups across Africa and high rates of infection with Botswana not being an exception.

Day of the African Child Heroes

24 Jun 2019

By Richard Moleofe

orget stingy conservationists and Afrophobes, Botswana’s biggest challenge is the enemy within!

17 Jun 2019

Forget about the noisy armchair conservationists who are threatening to boycott Botswana’s tourism and diamonds. It is in their nature to always declare their whiteness.  Their incoherent nose is part of their usual declaration about whose words should matter most in the sphere of public policy around the globe.


17 Jun 2019


Some people are about to become heroes in Zimbabwe

10 Jun 2019

The rot in Zimbabwe has just got to be stopped one way or other.                                                           

The country cannot continue on this path when it is evident that innocent people are suffering and are at the mercy of an abusive, cruel, uncaring leadership with no idea what to do.

Botswana is not a Monarchy: Notes for Ian & BaGaMmangwato

10 Jun 2019

“I am really shocked o dira motho President and he turns against you”

“O bata go re twaela,” said Khama accusing President Mokgweetsi Masisi of sabotage at one of the recent political rallies he addressed in Serowe to Bangwato and BaGaMmangwato

Boko and Khama should stop misleading the nation

10 Jun 2019

By Cosmos Moenga

What Duma Boko and Ian Khama are doing is wrong.  Theologically speaking what they are doing is evil to say the least.  Boko and Khama are not ordinary citizens, they are leaders, whatever they say or do people listen.