Former President Dr Khama is a textbook example of a schoolyard bully with an impeccable track record!

20 Nov 2018

In my teenage years there was nothing that made me angrier than a bully, be they schoolyard bully or staff bully. I still recall the day I refused to take punishment from a male teacher that students feared more than the venomous reptiles that inhabited the hills surrounding Moeng College.

Tribal bargaining chips

20 Nov 2018

By Kwapeng Modikwe

President Masisi’s southern affair nonsensical

18 Nov 2018

For a few months now, since his inauguration, President Masisi has been under sustained attack from all fronts. He has faced fierce attack from some in the BDP itself, some in the opposition block and most recently from a select brigade of journalists. I have been impressed by his fortitude of character and composure in the midst of such unwarranted assault on him.

Transitional pains: what needs to be done?

18 Nov 2018

By Kaelo Molefhe

If It’s Insoluble Its Best to Leave It Unsolved

18 Nov 2018

By Sandy Grant

The President should suspend Justice Kebonang for ‘possible money laundering charges’

18 Nov 2018

By Adam Phetlhe 

Putting the position of vice president into an honest perspective

11 Nov 2018

In Botswana it is not inevitable that a vice president will have a significant say in the policy direction of government.

Unless a vice president ultimate rises to become a president, there is enough evidence in Botswana to show that every time epochal history is written of any presidency, a vice president of that epoch never goes beyond being anything other than a footnote.

China should help Botswana achieve food security

11 Nov 2018

By Richard Moleofe

There was just one item I was looking for in the president’s speech on the State of the Nation Address, that is the issue of food security. That was the only single item I was searching for throughout the address. To many’s dismay the president has dedicated very little attention to the issue of food production.

Caught in the frenzy of excitable journalism

11 Nov 2018

Check your facts. Read your story aloud. Pass it to a fellow colleague for feedback. If you ever sat in a journalism class, these instructions are too familiar. Or if you got introduced to report writing in your foundational English classes, there is no how you would not be taught to look out for these cardinal rules.

Refugees are caused by world’s inequalities

11 Nov 2018

Smoke still emits from the smoldering ashes of the elections held in America last Tuesday. There is still a long way to go before the results emerge and be officially certified.

America’s political casualties, like the regrettable and frequent batches of traffic fatalities on Zimbabwe’s roads, abound.