We must be vigilant against ‘imigodoyi’

21 Oct 2019

Where I come from, the border village of Siviya in the North East District, we have an IsiNdebele word that can be uncharitable at best and totally eviscerating at worst when used to describe one’s character. It is not a word that is used normally and we are not in an ordinary period as far as our politics is concerned.

Squalor, Poverty and Social Repression

21 Oct 2019

By Sandy Grant  

Reflections on Botswana General Elections

21 Oct 2019

Botswana is one of the few countries on the African continent that have held regular elections since the mid-1960’s in which I have had an interest. Two of those elections took place when I was exiled in Botswana although my dad hails from Mochudi.

Why the BDP Won’t Get My Vote October 23rd

21 Oct 2019

By Chedza Mogae

 In an international fellowship I belong to, Alcoholics Anonymous to be precise; as a lens through which we examine our behavior, we often utilize Albert Einstein’s definition of craziness; “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

It is the poor who shall bear the brunt of economic populism

14 Oct 2019

Today by far a significant demographic majority of Batswana were born after the country had gained independence.

That is an era that coincided with a time when diamonds had been discovered and had started to put the country through the paces, ushering in a long streak of prosperity and economic growth.

The “surprising embrace of a bitter rival…”

14 Oct 2019

Congratulations are in order. Africa has done it again.                                              

Africa has produced yet another Nobel Peace Prize laureate.          

The Reasons why UDC cannot Win this Election

14 Oct 2019

By Richard Moleofe


14 Oct 2019

By Mr Kealeboga “Killer Mkhwanazi” Jameson

Ian Khama:  A shameless tribalist and his Kalanga lapdog

14 Oct 2019

Botswana has held elections regularly since March 1965. All the elections have been won by the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) which has been in power for 54 years this year, excluding their years in the colonial era Legislative Council.  This year’s general elections promise to be different from all the previous elections.

A road to nowhere!

08 Oct 2019

In two weeks, Botswana will head to the polls.

Botswana’s electoral campaign has been nothing but a field of transactional redoubt.

In quite an unprecedented way, the country has become a centre of attraction for the sub-region’s shady geopolitical underworld.

International mafia billionaires are lining up for a piece of Botswana – literally.