Executive Orders and the Running of a Government

29 Jun 2018

The running of any government has had as a critical feature of its public administration practice, the use of Executive orders by the presidency to define, introduce and often respond to new directions as preferred by the presidency’s policy and political inclinations.

Counting Masisi’s Tea Leaves!

25 Jun 2018

It would be an exaggeration to say ruination awaits Mokgweetsi Masisi’s presidency.

But there will be tough moments ahead, in fact in the not too distant future.

With the official opposition all but dead, those hard times will all come from within his club.

The surest way for him to stand a fighting chance will be to impose himself and his agenda through jobs.

No, Mr. Trump, refugees are products of their governments not of their countries

25 Jun 2018

Like the recent infamous hurricanes, Katrina, Irma, Maria and Harvey, that ravaged the United States from the south of continental North America through the Gulf of Mexico, another whirlwind, born at the US border with Mexico, is engulfing the United States and has pitted the American people against their president and his administration.

An Open Letter to His Excellency President Mokgweetsi Masisi

25 Jun 2018

Warm hearted greetings to you my President, kea go ikobela sir. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your ascension to the Presidency of this Great Republic. Rraetsho I am still trying to locate you in nature, ke gore ke ka go bitsa pula ya sephai .. pula ya medupe .. Pula ya thisibalo ee thugisang dijwalo ka lorato.. e nosa e sa phatakanye one mmu o o tshwarang di jwalo..

June 16 is about African languages and not about children

22 Jun 2018

This past Saturday, Africans across the continent celebrated what is termed: The Day of an African Child. The name The Day of an African Child however, conceals the fact that the brutality and blood spilt on June 16th, 1976 was for instruction in African languages. This is not a Children's Day; it is an African linguistics day.

‘Hands off Public Institutions’ – BNF tells Masisi

22 Jun 2018

The Botswana National Front (BNF) is concerned by the continued abuse of public institutions by the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) led government under President Mokgweetsi Masisi. The BDP continues to abuse public institutions to gain political mileage and remain in power. This is confirmed by the latest move to shift Financial Intelligence Agency (FIA) to the Office of the President (OP).

On the bi-Centenary of Karl Marx’s birth (I)

17 Jun 2018

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx.  Born on 5th May 1818, in the city of Trier in the German Province of the Rhineland, Marx was undoubtedly one of the greatest thinkers of all time.  A man of profound convictions, encyclopaedic erudition and an extraordinarily fecund mind, he read all the major modern European languages and made lasting and original contribution t

Shouldn’t we just forget about local languages and just teach our children English?

14 Jun 2018

Go to Europe. The German government speaks to its people in German. The French government address its people in French. The Dutch government communicates with its people in Dutch. The government of Norway addresses its people in Norwegian. The government of Portugal speaks to its people in Portuguese. The government of Norway addresses its people in Norwegian.

Political parties should not accept blood money

11 Jun 2018

Political scientists tells us that there are three factors which influence election results; (i) policies, that is good or bad policies,  (ii) leadership qualities, that is (charismatic, acceptable and honest),  (iii) resources (both human and financial resources). 

If I were Emmerson Mnangagwa…

11 Jun 2018

The president of Zimbabwe is my home boy; we use the same road home and our homes are barely two miles apart even though on the opposite sides of Runde River.

I wish him well but my bigger wish is that he could seize this opportunity that came his way and employ a radically different path from Robert Mugabe, his predecessor.