Ke Thupa Fela!!!. The Bakgatla Ba Kgafela Commission Update

07 Jun 2018

Let us just admit on the onset dear reader, that there are those who when they see this title heading, bite their lips and throw tantrums. It is one of those controversial topics that evokes high mercurial temperature from both protagonists and antagonists.

Winning State power will prove harder than UDC is prepared to admit

03 Jun 2018

The sudden buoyancy of the opposition during the last General Elections in 2014 terrified the Botswana Democratic Party.

It was unprecedented.

President Masisi needs to provide economic reassurance

03 Jun 2018

Botswana’s economy is on a gridlock.

There is an urgent need for economic revival.

Any further delays will lead to the economy losing its grip even further.

During a crunch, economies that are more resilient are often those that that have inbuilt dynamism.

For Botswana, such dynamism has often been provided by the mining sector, especially diamond mining.

The presidency is no puppet show: Watch as President Masisi stamps his authority on government!

03 Jun 2018

When former president Dr Khama publicly endorsed his then Vice President Mr Masisi for the Chairmanship of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) thus effectively declaring Mr Masisi as his heir apparent, it was widely feared that the chosen one, a self-confessed bootlicker, would be a happy loyal puppet of Dr Khama.

The Deceiving Eye

03 Jun 2018

‘Circumcision is not the sole art of removing the skin from the penis’, it is an integral part of the initiation programme.  ‘Go tenola boraka jwa ga tshumo ga se gone gotlhe’. A participant graduates because he has gone through all the required stages of the course.

Transparency International’s misguided rankings have undermined Botswana’s potential to fight corruption

27 May 2018

For twenty years now Botswana has been receiving consistently positive reviews from Transparency International as the least corrupt country in Africa.

Initially this was interpreted by many citizens as a badge of honour.

With time it evolved into a distraction as more and more people started to question the true value of the prize.

Botswana needs to overhaul the DIS ecosystem - an institution that has gone rogue

27 May 2018

The actions and culture of the DISS have, since formation, have constituted some of the more serious blights in Botswana’s much praised yet stagnant democratic practice.

Guns, Roses or Both: tough choice for Zimbabwe

27 May 2018

As the international community, once again, casts its eyes towards Zimbabwe, with exploitative longing of its people and its riches in mind, Zimbabweans remain skeptical of its bumbling political leaders and worry about the implied benevolence of foreign financial suitors who are flooding into the country from every corner of the globe.

With Khama gone, the Opposition has been left gasping for relevance

20 May 2018

It has been a difficult and tense few weeks for our official Opposition.

We say so in diffidence and also as a deliberate understatement out of fear of rubbing the wrong way the increasingly prickly and irascible Opposition foot soldiers.

Since his arrival, President Mokgweetsi Masisi has been ticking all the right boxes.

The smash and grab approach to the presidency is for borrowed political quacks, statesmen do learn on the job!

20 May 2018

Writing in his book ‘Presidential Power and the Modern President: The Politics of Leadership from Roosevelt to Reagan’, renowned presidency scholar Richard Neustadt states that regardless of prior training, nothing prepares the individual for all the facets of the position of state president.