Current water and power cuts are symptoms of our corrupt system!

19 Aug 2015

In my last instalment, I made a promise to desist from dwelling on negative issues, which have come to characterise modern day Botswana. I took this well-defined position on a realisation that focusing more on negatives was never going to help the situation that has come to define the lived experience of many of our people. That pronouncement was also self serving.

The Kgosi Chronicles Part One: defining the problem

19 Aug 2015

This column amongst many, that deals with the matter of bogosi in Botswana. In these columns I will attempt to contribute to the broader ongoing debate on the position of bogosi in the modern democratic dispensation. I would attempt to grapple with the question of whether the kgosi deserves greater powers than he already has.

BTV is its own biggest enemy!

20 Aug 2015

Early last week, the Umbrella for Democratic Change announced that their candidate in a by-election in Goodhope/Mabule constituency would not participate in a debate that was hosted by Botswana Television.

UDC deputy leader, Ndaba Gaolathe catalogued a series of his party grievances against BTV.


The US must not extradite lion killer to Zimbabwe

16 Aug 2015

The world, as we experience it on a daily basis, is a very unforgiving place yet it contains all the comforts that life requires for life to exist but at a cost almost equal to life itself.


People around the world have now become much more involved in issues pertaining to the environment, wild life, climate change and animal welfare than before.


“BDP evil intentions on workers – a case of Trade Disputes Act”

16 Aug 2015

The Trade Disputes Act (TDA) was formulated some years ago to promote good labour relations between employers and employees. It was meant to help resolve industrial disputes amicably and provides procedures in resolving the disputes.

Absence of political campaign funding has become a source of massive money laundering

16 Aug 2015

What is happening in the Barolong by-election is once again putting to the fore the long held lie that there is no state funding of political party funding in Botswana.

The ruling party candidate, Eric Molale is being financed by the state – directly and indirectly.

A Call for responsible politics and responsible dog ownership

09 Aug 2015

Politics is always a matter that generates heated partisan exchangers and awakens lazy and disinterested minds beyond the confines of gossip and sexuality. Thus, in order to provoke meaningful debates on topical issues political discourse has remained the face of this column since its inception.

We Need An Economic Cooling II

09 Aug 2015

And while the debate on the economy is gaining momentum, perhaps we ought to start by defining the animal itself. I imagine that the most effective way to understand what we are dealing with is to first appreciate what it is. This is logic at play. And that is what complicates this debate; that logic is not entirely common, and can at times be very subjective.

Diplomatic isolation undermines efforts to break through international job market

20 Aug 2015

Last year, Attorney General, Dr Atthaliah Molokomme lost in her bid to get an executive position at the international Criminal Court. We attributed that to failure by our government, especially at the level of Head of State to lobby for Dr Molokomme. We all know why the President could not personally lobby for Dr Molokomme.

“I am not a Sangoma”

20 Aug 2015

I am not a Sangoma nor am I a prophet. I wish to make a simple prediction about the upcoming Barolong by elections. There is absolutely no way Hon Eric Molale is going to defeat Kgosi Lotlaamoreng. I am not prophesying here but rather stating a mere statement of fact, which some people dismiss.