Live and Let Live - A Rejoinder to “Adam Phetlhe”

10 Jul 2016

FACT: Some naturalised citizens have a choice of relocating back to their countries of origin. Indigenous Batswana don’t have that luxury.

As Britain exits, Africa’s Millennials rise

10 Jul 2016

‘Africa awaits its creators’ - from Africa Unite, by Bob Marley

We are very stupid to accept more specially elected MPs

07 Jul 2016

It is very early Monday morning as I write this piece and in a few hours’ time, the 3rd meeting of the 2nd session of the 11th Parliament (don’t worry it confuses all of us), will kick off and members of parliament are expected to approve a bill that seeks to increase the number of Specially Elected Members of Parliament (SEMP) from the current 4 to 6.

Did you know that the word kabu is borrowed from Afrikaans?

07 Jul 2016

Setswana has borrowed extensively from Afrikaans and English. Much of Setswana’s contact with Afrikaans is as a result of Batswana working in the mines, fields, shops and houses of Afrikaners in South Africa. It was inevitable that since Afrikaans was the language of power and privilege during the Afrikaner and English rule in South Africa, Setswana would borrow extensively from Afrikaans.

Alone and unassisted, president Khama continues to pass stress tests with amazing ease

03 Jul 2016

This past week two immensely important events happened.

The infinitely controversial president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta visited.

Then a number of SADC Heads of State arrived under what is in a typically vainglorious diplomatic parlance, boisterously called a double troika.

They were here to discuss the unraveling political and security situation in Lesotho.

Statesmen Africa: corruption peddlers and creators of dynasties of sleaze

03 Jul 2016

African leaders have mastered the art of recycling.

Old, useless politicians are recycled and they, in turn, introduce new family members who also then recycle old, dead wood back into government offices where they failed dismally years earlier.

But why should Lotlaamoreng’s health be UDC’s burden?

30 Jun 2016

I know very well that I risk to be accused of being insensitive for asking this brutally honest question but some questions need to be posed if we are to set things into proper perspective. First of all let me put it out there that I just hope the media is being malicious and untruthful in their reports about the health situation of Member of Parliament for Goodhope/Mabule Kgosi Lotlaamoreng.

Did we have to go this direction?

30 Jun 2016

Over the weekend I took time to read local and international newspapers. Yes, as an old fashioned type I still prefer papers over electronic platforms. A disturbing pattern emerged from local and global stories. We are a world in a mess! In Europe, our former colonial masters have placed themselves between this world and the next.

Once again events in Britain demonstrate how far behind we are even as we like to pretend otherwise

27 Jun 2016

For those who follow world politics, what has been playing out in Britain would once again be proof enough, if any proof was ever needed that Africa is many light years  behind societies of the  developed world. A century is a conservative estimate of how far behind we are lagging. It will possibly be much longer before we catch up – if at all.

The poverty of brains in the BDP seems to support the hypothesis that the level of education correlates with party affiliation!

27 Jun 2016

In May 2010 just before the official unveiling of the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) the Badge of Courage ran a piece titled ‘The BDP has lost most of its best brains’.