Zimbabwe lies in ruins as its cabinet catches fire

15 Feb 2016

The Flame Lily has long been portrayed and accepted as Zimbabwe’s national flower. It is a bright and joyous flower thatbrightens Zimbabwe’s landscape, just as much as the people of Zimbabwe themselves do.

Positively complementing the Flame Lily on the international stage is a dog.

Yes, a dog.

UDC should avoid temptations to behave like the next General Election is already in the bag

08 Feb 2016

Umbrella for Democratic Change wants to win state power.


That, we have to point out is the easier part.


Before winning state power, the UDC should strive to stay solidly intact.


That is a much more difficult undertaking than winning a General Election.


The opposition must have its own army of idiots!

08 Feb 2016

A commonly held view amongst many opposition activists is that the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) enjoys unparalleled monopoly of enlisting idiots and sociopaths in its register while the opposition parties on the other hand boast of brainpower.

Political party campaign financing needs to be overhauled

08 Feb 2016

With a few by-elections coming soon, it is important to once again assess the fairness or lack thereof regarding the campaign finances.


Officially, there is no state funding of political parties in Botswana.


This is of course wrong in effect as it in practice.


Selective activism: Festus Mogae the converted hypocrite

08 Feb 2016

I must confess, I am a strong supporter and member of MFC (Mogae Fan Club). I am however, not a blind follower. Former President Mogae (Mo-High) has recently been on song calling for decriminalization of sodomy in the country and in support of his statements claims he is now converted. I am puzzled and I do not know what to make out of his conversion.


When men become dogs

04 Feb 2016

It is probably one of the worst insults that one man can lay upon another. It is to call them a dog; ntša in our tongue. It is also a sign of great poverty to be labelled as one who eats a dog. Eating a dog is the lowest level of poverty. It is the mark of the worst kind of human depravity. And yet that is the imagery that is conjured by our people to mean one who is extremely poor.

Masisi comes across as a brave coward

04 Feb 2016

I feel sorry for Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi. He finds himself on the horns of a dilemma.  The end of President Khama’s tenure in office is fast approaching and already Masisi finds himself having to warm up the nation to his take over. He has to tell the nation why his arrival is worth looking forward to.

Cometh 2019: we have a real fight in our hands!

01 Feb 2016

The voter should sit back, watch and enjoy themselves.
It is indeed their time. For once they are the ones in charge.
They are running the show.
Never before in our history has a voter’s attention  been courted and sought so intensely when elections are still so far away down the line.

Masitara is such a big, big dreamer

28 Jan 2016

Often when I hang out with my friends Botsalo and Fidelis we would reminisce about the 2009 Hansa Pilsener television advert and laugh hard at the main character in the advert, a guy called Vuyo. We just love the advert. It is as hilarious as it is inspiring.

66.6% Failure rate! Fire useless administrators and teachers!

28 Jan 2016

33.4% of the students who wrote the Form three examinations have passed, which means they have got a C or a better mark. 66.6% have failed, which means they have got D or worse. Now this is what happens every year. Every year the results get worse. Every year the blame game begins. Sometimes it takes on sheer comedy.