Six Months away from the 2019 National Elections

15 Mar 2019

By Dan Molaodi

My party, my leader – right or wrong!

11 Mar 2019

The political opposition in Botswana is currently drowning under an avalanche of irrelevance; they find themselves inside some deep hole.

This is a total contrast to where they were a little less than five years ago when they were seriously challenging for state power.

The BDP must be wary of bandits in party regalia, with a deep war chest!

11 Mar 2019

On the 23rd February 2019, Lady Khama Community Hall in Serowe was turned into a dishonourable place to whip up emotions and plough fears of a cruel and murderous regime that ‘wants to bury all of us – me, my family and all of you’. The community hall was turned into a base to plan mutinous activities and develop a program of action that is intended to cause confusion and mayhem.

Kgafela II has been away for far too long

11 Mar 2019

By Kwapeng Modikwe

The Dalai Lama Dilemma for Botswana

11 Mar 2019

By Richard Moleofe

The Dalai Lama is the Tibetan spiritual leader that many know little or nothing about in this part of the world. He was arranged to come to Botswana for a public lecture a little over two years back from today but the trip was called off as it sparked controversy.

Tribal jingoism is well and alive among us; and the meeting in Serowe was sufficient evidence

05 Mar 2019

The meeting called in Serowe last weekend, purportedly by so-called ruling party elders felt, looked and sounded like a summons from the royal court.

There was a lot of tribal breast-beating, a lot of tribal bigotry all of it mixed with unhidden tribal nostalgia about an era gone by.

From Khama The Great to Khama The Robber:   Executive Corruption in Botswana

05 Mar 2019

Reference is made to the P250 million saga, referred to as Botswana’s biggest financial scandal, the revelations of which have captured the imagination of the nation, and struck a dearth blow to Transparency International nonsensical characterization of Botswana as Africa’s least corrupt country!

The Church Created a One Party State in Botswana

05 Mar 2019

By Richard Moleofe

The church remains to be one of the strongest institutions in Botswana and it will be a grave mistake by anyone to overlook it. It holds so much power in its hands but the problem is that they are not aware they do.

Jewels, Pearls and Warm Hearts cannot save Africa

05 Mar 2019

We do not have to start by saying, “In the beginning was Zimbabwe…”                                                                   

But, all the same, in the beginning, Zimbabwe was there with all the rest.                                                 

Every President needs a Slumber

24 Feb 2019

The legendary British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher famously once said that “every Prime Minister needs a Willie.”

She was referring to her immensely loyal deputy, Willie Whitelaw.

Willie was to Thatcher what in street lingo might today be be referred to as makay – or an errand boy, so to speak.