When caricature displaces the truth: Kgosi Kgafela and the politics of contestation

18 Jan 2016

Mahatma Gandhi once said “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”.


Even in self-imposed exile, Kgosi Kgolo Kgafela Kgafela II of the Bakgatla ba Kgafela tribe continues to make newspaper headlines here in Botswana and in South Africa where he resides.  Kgafela Kgafela “The Great “is indeed a hero and an icon.

Zimbabwe opposition parties are an embarrassment

18 Jan 2016

I have lost count of how many political parties we have in Zimbabwe but any day now, the country will play mid-wife to yet another new political party.

The speed at which Zimbabwe is churning out political parties has simply become laughable and this is all because of the current leadership void so evident in government, in the ruling party and in all opposition parties.

Untapped Opportunities in tourism

14 Jan 2016

Two years ago I made a decision that I will travel to see different parts of Botswana every December. The principal idea is to educate myself about the country, its cultures and its people. However these first three years I am touring the country to see places first and see what they offer. I have held back the desire to study the languages and peoples of the different regions.

BCP disowns Rakgare

14 Jan 2016

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) wishes to distance itself from the words and interview attributed to Youth League Leader Tumiso Chilliboy Rakgare in a weekend newspaper. Below is the official position of the BCP. Members of the BCP, the UDC and Batswana are all urged to disregard the interview altogether.

Rakgare’s Personal Capacity: 

Alcohol Levy is a glaring testimony of Khama’s failed economic policies

11 Jan 2016

If there is any policy position that has been discomfiting and difficult to justify for the Government of Botswana, it has to be the Alcohol Levy.


Eight years after the policy was introduced, not a single official in Government other than President Ian Khama wants to be associated with it.


Even spin doctors have long stopped trying to justify it.


Our (Pula) banknotes are dirty, smelly and more likely to be contaminated and harmful to our health!

11 Jan 2016

In 2009 when launching the family of banknotes currently in circulation, President Khama proclaimed that a country’s currency is a symbol of nationhood and identity. One therefore expects Batswana to have a natural affinity for their currency more especially that the Pula as Botswana’s currency remains one of the strongest currencies in Africa.

Extension Gunners becomes Moroka Swallows!

11 Jan 2016

I remember myself as a juvenile at Segomotso Primary in Selibe Phikwe. I was a massive Gunners fan. Most of my contemporaries either followed Nico United, Copper Chiefs, Township Rollers or Gaborone United. I must admit it was a difficult class. The debates often resulted in fists. More often than not, I prevailed in debates because Gunners was winning the league and cups.

The middle class; an isolated and increasingly despised lot

21 Dec 2015

Botswana's middle class faces a critical moment in their existence. Days when the middle class used to wield both economic and political power are gone - probably for good. And they should start accepting that. The current administration has been openly hostile to the middle class while opposition has at best remained aloof - not trampling on them, but then not openly courting them either.

Vision 2036 Committee lacks moral authority

07 Dec 2015

Starting some three weeks ago, the whole nation has been invited into believing in the moral authority of the current Government to determine our long term path into 2036.


The Head of State announced the appointment of a Committee that will draft the nation’s new blueprint to be called Vision 2036.


Does the BDF attach premium to Chaplains?

07 Dec 2015

The print media in September 2015 was awash with an ad hominem response, by someone using the pseudonym Lieutenant Godfrey Letsholo  against  the Mmegi columnist Moleofe titled “Retired Chaplain Moleofe – You Know Nothing About BDF”  (