A bird’s eye view of key names that will dominate the race to succession

01 Nov 2015

Differences are already creeping in over whether or not the current Vice President, Mokgweetsi is really the right man to succeed Ian Khama as Head of State.

There is as yet no consensus - not even among the small circle of key figures whose views will ultimately matter most when the succession question is eventually decided.

Loswao, Seswao, chotlho, tshwaiwa: one language, different tongues

28 Oct 2015

Differences in vocabulary are one aspect of dialect diversity which identifies individuals conspicuously. This is especially obvious through what linguists refer to as cultural vocabulary.

Pilane’s desperation is suspect

28 Oct 2015

Honestly I never thought Sidney Pilane’s application for re-admission into the Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) would become such a hot potato. I took it very lightly. I had thought it was just going to be a simple matter of welcoming back a prodigal son. In fact, I had hoped Pilane would be received with open arms and jubilation.

The Coming in of Economic Stimulus Programmes…….

28 Oct 2015

The last few days has seen quite a lot of debate and commentary on the new kid on the block, “Economic Stimulus Programmes” following the announcement by the President of the Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) resolve to inject some stimulus into our seemingly ailing economy.

BMD’s Gaolathe should crack the whip and resist being bullied!

25 Oct 2015

There is always a temptation to mistake one’s softness for weakness or timidity.


It seems like some key politicians inside the Botswana Movement for Democracy have fallen for this trap in their perception of their leader, Ndaba Gaolathe.


The last few months have seen Gaolathe pretty much assuming what has often looked like the responsibility of a firefighter.

The filth in the City of Gaborone should fill us all with shame

25 Oct 2015

At a time when the whole world is moving towards cleaning up the environment and indeed reducing the levels of pollution, Botswana seems to be going exactly in the opposite direction.

One does not have to look beyond the state of filth in the City of Gaborone to be astonished by what little is being done to take care of our environment.

There is dirt everywhere.

Newspaper reports about decisions of the BMD NEC

25 Oct 2015

The above matter refers.

Obscene to view Grace Mugabe as ‘mother of the nation’

25 Oct 2015

Political dynasties are always viewed with suspicion and rightly so.

Once in office or position of power, there is no telling to what lengths a ruler might go to short-circuit the wishes of the people and conceive a way for one’s own offspring or chosen favorite to take over after his demise.

BDP next President; my money is on Jacob Nkate

21 Oct 2015

This piece was triggered by Spencer Mogapi’s article in his Sunday Standard column, The Watchdog.  Mogapi took a microscopic look at the possible contenders for the BDP’s presidential post after the departure of the incumbent, Ian Khama. He mentioned three possible aspirants, Jacob Nkate, Boyce Sebetela and Tshekedi Khama.

Why are we not naming spaces after our living legends?

21 Oct 2015

On October 16 I was fortunate to be at Tiger Kloof to witness the institution name five of its buildings after five former students who many years after leaving the institution have become legends. Two of the legends are deceased South African women: Aletha Tutu (The mother of Archbishop Desmond Tutu) and Dr. Ruth Mompati, one of the former leaders of the ANC.