BCP Must Leverage its Robust Policy Agenda

21 Oct 2015

There is almost a near consensus that in the countdown to the 2014 General Election the party that had a clear and consistent message was the Botswana Congress Party. The Party Manifesto titled ”Ready to Lead” is a compendium of the BCP’s policy blue-print and prospectus for governance.

Francistown should not be allowed to slide into economic obscurity

21 Oct 2015

For some time now it has been clear that Francistown, the country’s second biggest city was being hit by powerful economic gale winds.

The economic re-birth of Francistown over the last decades was spurred by a number of mines that sprung around the city.

The existence of deposits in these mines, be they coal, copper, nickel or gold had always been known for a long time.

Burning the reserves; how far down the road can we travel?

14 Oct 2015

The decision announced at a Botswana Democratic Party Special Congress that Government will draw down a portion of the reserves saved at Bank of Botswana marks a significant policy departure in many ways.

The setting where the announcement was made is particularly ill-poised.

One does not expect such an important national decision to be made at a secluded party platform.

Just because he’s on Facebook, Masisi thinks he’s better than Mogae and Masire

14 Oct 2015

Some of our leaders have the tendency to make public statements that can make you wonder if it is not advisable to subject them to breathalyzer tests before they open their mouths to the public. Go ipuelwa hela! Their statements are not in line with the positions they hold. They are reckless in their speeches. They get so excited they end up throwing caution to the wind.

Double whammy for BDP as the party will once again be forced to endorse Eric Molale as Specially Elected MP

11 Oct 2015

Early next month President Ian Khama will present before Parliament his much awaited State of the Nation Address.

Ordinarily, this speech is supposed to be an immensely important date in the annual diary of our parliament.

But that speech will this year be overshadowed by a side show – the swearing in of Minister Eric Molale as Specially Elected Member of Parliament.

We Need An Economic Cooling

11 Oct 2015

The debate around the high divorce rate in Botswana can never be complete without the interrogation of the influences surrounding the institution of marriage itself. Could it be that there is something wider, which is at play, which almost certainly guarantees the demise of any matrimonial union? To answer this question one must first wonder why the institution exists in the first place.

We await with baited breath the impending announcements by Gov’t to stimulate employment

11 Oct 2015

Early in the week, Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi told the media that Botswana Government is overly concerned by the high levels of unemployment.

He said in the next few weeks Government will be making big announcements on plans of employment creation.

We note that Vice President Masisi is the one assigned by cabinet to spearhead efforts of employment creation.

What BDP is doing is tantamount to boloi

07 Oct 2015

The reports are still unsubstantiated. For now they remain as just rumours and how I pray they be just that. But then again, with the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) you can never say never. Domkrag has in the past done horrendous things that border on witchcraft, you can never dismiss reports that link them to acts only expected from Satanists.

Bye-election, buy election, by election, bi-election or just bae-election

07 Oct 2015

We live in interesting times. Since the 2014 general elections there hasn’t been stability in the Botswana electoral space. We thought elections were done and dusted with, and that we would return to them in 2019. We had said bye to elections but we encountered them much earlier than initially anticipated! We were wrong.

Low Productivity levels will eventually explode in our faces

07 Oct 2015

The causes of low productivity in our society are cultural, structural and in many ways institutional.

Last week the Botswana National Productivity Centre released for public consumption the Global Competitiveness Report.