What BDP is doing is tantamount to boloi

07 Oct 2015

The reports are still unsubstantiated. For now they remain as just rumours and how I pray they be just that. But then again, with the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) you can never say never. Domkrag has in the past done horrendous things that border on witchcraft, you can never dismiss reports that link them to acts only expected from Satanists.

Bye-election, buy election, by election, bi-election or just bae-election

07 Oct 2015

We live in interesting times. Since the 2014 general elections there hasn’t been stability in the Botswana electoral space. We thought elections were done and dusted with, and that we would return to them in 2019. We had said bye to elections but we encountered them much earlier than initially anticipated! We were wrong.

Low Productivity levels will eventually explode in our faces

07 Oct 2015

The causes of low productivity in our society are cultural, structural and in many ways institutional.

Last week the Botswana National Productivity Centre released for public consumption the Global Competitiveness Report.

Shouldn’t we worry?

07 Oct 2015

The Boswelatlou ward by-election in the Lobatse constituency was concluded over the weekend and the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) emerged victorious by having its candidate beat the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) candidate by 183 votes to 165.

A call for a review of Botswana’s honours system!

04 Oct 2015

As has become a hobby for government to spring to President Khama’s defence even on obvious transgressions, the Office of the President recently went on over-drive mode to defend President Khama against accusations that he awarded to himself Naledi Ya Botswana (NYB) Order.


04 Oct 2015

“The back biting, finger pointing and foul mouthing, that goes on in this country today is an indication of a society that is coming apart. We live in a time when jealousy of one another is going to self destruct our nation” General Ian Khama (Midweek Sun 5th July 1995:1).

Zimbabwe’s Three Amigos at it again!

27 Sep 2015

Robert Mugabe’s Zanu-Pf, Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T and Welshman Ncube’s MDC, the three principals in the short-lived government of national unity a few years ago, are, once again, rumoured to be holding secret talks with a view to forming another Unity Government “to save the country’s economy”. 

BCP should look elsewhere for a fair deal

27 Sep 2015

Botswana Congress Party leader, Dumelang Saleshando has over the last few weeks been talking about the possibility of his party joining the UDC (Umbrella for Democratic Change).

It is a sign of how badly hurt he has been by the results of the General Elections last year.

Saleshando wants fair deal! What fair deal?

23 Sep 2015

Nna nka swaba! Honestly, if I was Dumelang Saleshando I would be ashamed to ask for any fair deal in opposition cooperation after squandering all the bargaining power that I had and failed to utilize.

Kgosi Chronicles Part 3: Monngammu without mmu

23 Sep 2015

In this column I comment on the change to the power of bogosi. Centrally I argue that the powers of the kgosi have been eroded by multiple factors over a long period of time and largely through the cooperation of the dikgosi themselves. I contend that much of the power of dikgosi rested on the ownership of land by merafe, whose power was vested in the kgosi.