The history of the English language

16 Aug 2018

What we currently know as the English language, which is developed in Britain, America, Australia, New Zealand and various parts of the world, is an immigrant language. English is rightly traced to Britain. But it did not begin there. It came into Britain through the invading Anglo-Saxons in the fifth century.

Thunderstorms at the BDP

16 Aug 2018

Botswana Democratic Party is at a  9.5 Magnitude Political earth quake. This is a very serious shake up that this Party finds itself in our era.

Shaw Kgathi: An unlikely victim of a monster he built

12 Aug 2018

Shaw Kgathi relishes a political fight. And he has never shown any problems crossing streets just to pick a fight.

Experience shows that he is always too happy to draw blood first.

His primary fighting tactics involve shooting from the hip.

And there is quite a sizeable number of scalps under his belt

The state of our national politics tells a tale of a rapid decline of civilization!

12 Aug 2018

Party politics in Botswana is like Wild West as it regularly showcases scenes of extreme confusion, chaos and discord. If you factor in the unruliness of party members including elders and office bearers, it is actually not far from Hell.

Time running out for UDC Project

09 Aug 2018

The 2019 national elections are about 14 months away.

They were originally billed to be highly contested in the wake of the opposition gains in 2014 and the anticipated consolidation of opposition unity under the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC).

That fanfare however seems to be in danger of dissipating.

Professor D.T. Cole (1922 - 2018)

09 Aug 2018

Life is strange – strange indeed. Professor Desmond Cole is dead. I received the news on Monday August 6th, 2018 from a friend about his passing. A short one line note about his death appears on the University of the Witwatersrand alumni page. No he didn’t die recently. He died quietly on May 25th, 2018 away from the public eye and pomp.

Khama’s desperate cry for help

05 Aug 2018

This past week, former president Ian Khama has been busy speaking on both sides of his mouth.

It is a carefully calculated ploy to get it both ways. He is playing victim.

For example he calls himself a private citizen. Yet he sees nothing wrong crying for access to state aircraft and helicopters.

This is a man who has access to millions of pula in state resources.


05 Aug 2018

I have a fervent recollection of the euphoria that beat at the chest of the country when UDC was conceived, the real ‘Peoples Project’ – a vehicle that carried the aspirations and interests of Batswana, a cornucopia of plenty.

On the Bi-Centenary of Karl Marx’s birth (Part II)

05 Aug 2018

The process of creation of the value of products and its realisation are separated both temporally and spatially.  The former occurs during the production process while the latter is subsequently accomplished during the sale of the products in the market.  In reality the law of supply and demand only affects the prices of the products in the market, in so far as it determines their fluctuation

No honour in not knowing your language

03 Aug 2018

It still gets to me. Yes, it still shocks me terribly that there are still intelligent people in our society who think it is a badge of honour not to know their language, or perhaps to feign ignorance of their tongue. The past few weeks have been most interesting and revealing. Perhaps I had thought wrong that we have moved forward.