President Masisi; The Basis of Employment Creation is Upward Mobility

20 May 2018

Dumela Tautona! Firstly, congratulations on your ascension to the highest executive office in the land where it appears you are riding an amazing crest of public confidence. It all seems refreshing but I imagine that your main concern is not the public confidence; your main concern is the reality that remains once the confidence fizzles out.

My Death Signpost – I’ll signal from Underground

20 May 2018

Death was not common when I was growing up. Nowadays, death is ‘wantonly trending’. Years used to slip by without death stinging someone close and when it did; there were utter silence and solemnness. To be precise, five years after I was born, Ra Sahelo (properly spelt Seagelo) “went to the mines” as many men those days did. They worked at the Western Deep Level in the gold mine of Gauteng.

The Masisi administration: Structure must prevail over agency

18 May 2018

Over the weekend, I met few old friends. Obviously reminiscing about days gone by, nostalgia took centre stage. Nothing strange, in fact, that is very much expected from us humans.

A new sheriff arrives in town; strutting and swaggering with confidence

13 May 2018

There is no doubt in our mind now that President Mokgweetsi Masisi is going for a clean-cut.

He wants to get done with the previous regime as quickly as possible.

He is in a hurry to assert himself and his hegemony.

And for a person who has for long existed under a heavy cloud of doubt and skepticism of his suitability, nobody can blame the man – at least not fairly.

The Sissy Boy Magic: The Real “Lepako”

13 May 2018

The campaigns for the 2009 general elections by various political parties were full of drama, with the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) numero-uno and the country’s former president, Lt General Ian Khama branded himself ‘Lepako.

Mr. President, lack of skills will undermine jobs agenda

13 May 2018

Much has been said in recent days about how His Excellency the President Mr. Mokgweetsi EK Masisi’s push to be a “jobs President” is being stymied by some unbecoming mysterious forces. Be that as it may, it seems extraordinary that all of a sudden there are new jobs galore in the civil service given the 7,500 figure that was recently bandied about. 

A town in Zimbabwe is on sale and I am not amused

13 May 2018

Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa has just returned from yet another overseas jaunt, this time Qatar, where we are told he signed “many many deals” with both the Qatari government and business leaders.

For Masisi to recalibrate the foreign policy, career diplomats need to be given a chance

06 May 2018

One of the deciding attributes of Ian Khama’s foreign policy was to stack diplomatic appointments with former politicians – many of them failed ones and totally clueless on foreign policy.

This was done at the expense of career diplomats and professional cadres.

Why President Masisi has to gradually purge Dr Khama’s right-hand people and have his own!

06 May 2018

Critics have never stopped characterizing Dr Khama’s presidency as a textbook of the triumph of loyalty over merit. They argued that Dr Khama placed the highest value on an individual’s absolute loyalty rather than qualifications or competencies. In any case quality, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder.

Thank You The Patriarch, Thank you Sir G

06 May 2018

By progressives I am not only talking about members nor activists of the Alliance for Progressives. I am talking about each and every citizen who believes and stands for justice, the truth, good governance, democracy and anti-corruption. That is all that being a progressive stands for and that is what Gomolemo Motswaledi stood for.