Making Corruption a First Order National Security Priority (Part 1)

11 Feb 2019

By Richard Moleofe

This article is inspired by a speech made by John Kerry at the recent World Economic Forum meeting where he addressed issues relating to corruption and how it predisposes countries to security threats. Taking a synopsis of what the man said, he attributes corruption to any county’s security vulnerabilities.

Even at this very late hour Venson can still withdraw from her suicide mission

03 Feb 2019

Even at this very late hour, and more especially notwithstanding the kind of bad behavior he has had to contend with coming from New Jerusalem and its chief protagonist, it is important for President Mokgweetsi Masisi to show forbearance and offer Pelonomi Venson a path to withdraw from the self-destroying route she has chosen for herself.

South Africa’s ANC must stop betraying people of Africa

03 Feb 2019

A couple of weeks ago, Zimbabwe’s president, Emerson Mnangagwa, hit Zimbabweans with a cruel and unrealistic fuel price increase then boarded a hired plane and left to visit Russia and some of its former states.

By morning, demonstrations against the steep fuel price increase had erupted nationwide. It was no surprise that the army was first on the streets.

Police waste precious time on certifying of documents

03 Feb 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Walk into Gaborone Central Police Station and experience the chaos right at the reception area. Scores of men and women line up at this office to either certify one or two documents or for some swearing in for this or that reason.

Post Presidential Depression: The Case of Ian Khama!

03 Feb 2019

The old adage goes, “It is only when the mosquito lands on your testicles, that you realize that there is always a way to solve problems without using violence.”

Like all his time at DIS, Kgosi’s arrest is a political event – and there is nothing to apologise about it

29 Jan 2019

Even before he threatened to topple Government, Isaac Kgosi’s arrest – replete with drama - was already much more than a security and law enforcement operation. It was a political event.

Magosi must not make his position vulnerable

29 Jan 2019

By Richard Moleofe

We have all watched Hollywood movies depicting Federal Bureau of Investigations special agents making arrests in America. Even in movies, those operatives remain as professional as they possibly can. They make the scene look real even though they are just a bunch of actors.

Online media can’t elbow out Conventional Media

29 Jan 2019

There are many reasons why the Botswana landscape favours conventional media over online platforms. It cannot be denied that online media, especially Facebook and Tweeter are making inroads in how we receive our news updates. The power of online media rests in the instantaneous reporting of the happening as it unfolds before the reporter’s eyes.

DCEC in pretty worse shape than ever

29 Jan 2019

There have been growing public concerns about the state of affairs and indeed the direction that DCEC has taken starting a few years back.

The current state of the DCEC in relation to where it ought to be is ridiculous.

The situation has grown pathetic lately.

In our view nothing short of a complete overhaul of the structure will suffice at the DCEC.

Botswana and the world must adopt shorter presidential term of office to ward off despots!

29 Jan 2019

Botswana has always been a frontrunner in democratic politics in Africa. This was until 2008 when a former Military General took over the reigns and started undermining Botswana’s status as the shining beacon in a troubled continent.