Dikgosi are basically saying “voetsek ” to BDP

26 Aug 2015

Some three years ago, July 2012 to be precise, I sat down with Kgosi Maruje III Masunga for an interview that was published in the Sunday Standard.  I asked him to explain the role, the relevance and the importance of a Kgosi in the society. He described a Kgosi as someone who should instil the spirit of oneness amongst his subjects.

How do you name a place Ragoleajewa or Tonkieasotega?

26 Aug 2015

I have so far written a couple of columns on the subject of names and many have wondered if there is a formal study of names in academia. And the answer is yes. The study of names is known as Onomastics. The word, like many others, is of Greek etymology. It is traced to the Greek word onomastikos meaning of naming. The study of names is also known as onomatology, the study of names.

Zero marks to the judiciary

23 Aug 2015

Over the past decade it has been absolutely necessary for this  column to defend and take sides with the judiciary.


During that time, we deemed irrefutable that the judiciary had to be cushioned against the encroaching politicization and sometimes not so subtle attacks from the executive.


Why do people speak all manner of good things and grieve when a bad person dies?

23 Aug 2015

A several century-long standard practice and rule of thumb is that, of the dead say nothing unless it is kind or do not speak ill of the dead. As a result, obituaries are sugar-coated to present the dead as latter-day nobilities or world famous rain makers whose death somewhat marks the end of a better world.

Global Health in Public Policy: Finding the Right Frame

23 Aug 2015

It is very important to note that contrary to many believes and perceptions that exists one of health promotion’s major contributions has been its discursive challenge to biomedical and even behavioural models of health and illness. The concept of social determinants of health is now widely accepted by health authorities in many parts of the world.

The Khama magic has expired

19 Aug 2015

To think when we grew up we believed very unbelievable stories, among them the myth that Ian Khama could turn himself into a fly and that he was an extra ordinary soldier in that it was said when enemies tried to shoot at him their guns would release water instead of bullets. How stupid of us to have bought into such nonsense.

Botswana needs to fix dilapidated roads, not build new ones

19 Aug 2015

Anyone living in Gaborone can see that traffic congestion is a growing problem. Transport within Gaborone is a major issue and whether you are on the road or public transport, neither seems to be improving. Due to globalisation, traffic congestion has become a major source of frustration for road users in Botswana and is likely to worsen over time as towns become busier.


Current water and power cuts are symptoms of our corrupt system!

19 Aug 2015

In my last instalment, I made a promise to desist from dwelling on negative issues, which have come to characterise modern day Botswana. I took this well-defined position on a realisation that focusing more on negatives was never going to help the situation that has come to define the lived experience of many of our people. That pronouncement was also self serving.

The Kgosi Chronicles Part One: defining the problem

19 Aug 2015

This column amongst many, that deals with the matter of bogosi in Botswana. In these columns I will attempt to contribute to the broader ongoing debate on the position of bogosi in the modern democratic dispensation. I would attempt to grapple with the question of whether the kgosi deserves greater powers than he already has.

BTV is its own biggest enemy!

20 Aug 2015

Early last week, the Umbrella for Democratic Change announced that their candidate in a by-election in Goodhope/Mabule constituency would not participate in a debate that was hosted by Botswana Television.

UDC deputy leader, Ndaba Gaolathe catalogued a series of his party grievances against BTV.