The Dawn of an Era in Botswana

01 Apr 2019

By Shirley Segokgo

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders.

And he will be called Mokgweetsi (Driver), Eric (Ruler), Keabetswe(it is given to me), Masisi (Meticulous, Circumspect).

Of the greatness his government and peace there will be no end.

Masisi should do more for ex-soldiers

01 Apr 2019

By Richard Moleofe

In the past years retired soldiers never looked with any anticipation toward the beginning of any financial year. But the current president has brought in some glimmer of hope into the dark pit where these men remain at the moment.

Staring down the barrel; Why Botswana can’t afford two centres of power

25 Mar 2019

The law is an ass, so wrote Charles Dickens in his novel Oliver Twist.

But then so too is democracy, he should have added.

One of the main reasons why Botswana’s democracy has successfully endured has to do with the fact while allowing for multiple political parties, and a dejure independent parliament, in effect there has been only one centre of power – the presidency.

The 2019 BDP congress offers a choice between good and evil!

25 Mar 2019

They can yap, shout, scream, lie or hobnob with the powerful nations or showcase their connections with the underworld of organized criminality but surely the reasonable people of this gifted country are biding their time to take back their country from the jaws of pompous predators and take it on the right path towards justice and fair play.

The false promise of meritocracy: The case of “The Bangwato King”

25 Mar 2019

Advocate Sydney Tshepiso Pilane once said “We have a monumental ego for President” (see Sunday Standard May 29 2011). Revisiting Pilane’s opinion piece, one can easily conclude that we now have a monumental ego for an ex-president.

SADC Militaries in the eye of the storm

25 Mar 2019

By Richard Moleofe

The description of the disaster that has hit Mozambique and Zimbabwe is of unprecedented proportion. The effect of cyclone Idai has gone beyond the disaster of 2000 that hit Mozambique with such awesome force that it is still unforgetable.

Venson’s last throw of the dice: are the numbers adding up?

18 Mar 2019

It looks like it will go down to the wire, pretty much.

And probably that is a good thing.

Any attempt to settle it by negotiations was misplaced.

It will require an election to settle all the phony noises.

There is no longer any hope of a ceasefire.

In fact the war has to be fought to the end so that there is a clear winner and a clear loser.

Khama or Country?

18 Mar 2019

By Richard Moleofe

The feud between the president and his predecessor is continuing and has been elevated yet to another level. The recent trip of the former president to India to meet up with the Dalai Lama has brought the matter of the feud to the fore in public discourse.

Oh, No! What have we done, Zimbabwe?

18 Mar 2019

I only noticed the teardrop that had made its way down my face after the short video clip had ended.

I had been watching a woman on the screen, tears dripping down her chin, as she patiently explained her problem, a nation’s problem.

Masisi is taking Botswana forward

15 Mar 2019

In a battle of ideas, just like in war, it is to be expected that the first casualty will be truth – objective truth. Individuals are creating their own truths.