Signs of decadence on the judiciary do not bode well for our democracy

11 Mar 2019

The Judiciary is headed for the dock, and its moment of truth is fast approaching.

Not too long ago, the Chairman of Law Society of Botswana made a serious statement against the integrity of the judiciary.

He said some Judges are receiving bribes – pretty much.

That is a serious indictment on the integrity of the judiciary.

With all plans now laid, Masisi should show the will to deliver

24 Feb 2019

A sluggish national economy, uncertain world economy and a restive ruling party were always going to hinder a smooth landing for a President who is just coming in and still struggling to find a correct footing.

But President Mokgweetsi Masisi needs to be bold in his decisions.

Addressing meetings forever will not bring jobs.

More transparency needed in all deals, agreements between Botswana Government and Development

14 Feb 2019

Corruption thrives in darkness. It is appalling that in this day and age a government purporting to be democratic and a company feigning openness and transparency could see nothing wrong keeping away from public scrutiny the contents of Agreements that have so much material impact on the economic wellbeing and even existence of a nation.

Our budget should make provision for public infrastructure maintenance

11 Feb 2019

On Monday Finance and Economic Development Minister Kenneth Matambo presented what is possibly his last budget speech to the nation. Our interest was drawn towards the infrastructure development by the government – being part of a strategy to make a conducive operating environment for the private sector.

South Africa and its people are strange

11 Feb 2019

South Africans are the strangest people one can come across on the African continent. Most of them think they are better than Africans from other parts of the continent. For example, they call their fellow African brothers and sisters “Grigambas” and “Makwerekwere”. But they never refer to Europeans and Asians by these derogatory names.

Okavango Diamond Company should be strengthened

03 Feb 2019

Botswana Government must aim to get the maximum benefits out Botswana’s relationship with De Beers.

Days of extolling a unique public-private partnership when the benefits to Botswana are not what they should be are over.

There is no doubt relocating De beers operations to Botswana was overly hyped.

De Beers using Batswana as smokescreen

13 Jan 2019

News that a senior executive who is a citizen of Botswana was recently fired by De beers after refusing to fudge and cook the figures relating to diamond beneficiation would come as a source of disappointment but not surprise for many people familiar with the history of De Beers.

Business Botswana needs to be a more creative and proactive

06 Jan 2019

In the same way that Government should not be expected to create wealth, it would be wrong for us as a nation to expect  Government to create jobs.

That role, in our view belongs to the private sector.

But for the private sector to be so empowered, it needs to be better organized than is currently the case.

Botswana needs an indigenous-owned bank

07 Dec 2018

When it comes to citizen economic empowerment, commercial banks in Botswana have been a weak link.

They have actually undermined several key government policies, while continuing to benefit big time from government business and patronage.

Visa on arrival: a long awaited tourism revolution

30 Nov 2018

Hints coming from the government side are that Botswana will soo introduce a visa on arrival policy.

If that becomes a policy this will mean that means that people visiting Botswana will not have to make applications before arriving, which is time consuming and terribly inconvenient.