Tourist numbers not accompanied by infrastructure investment is a risk

14 Oct 2019

Botswana needs tourist numbers if it is to provide a truss to its sagging economy.It is however a paradox that such volumes will bring a strain to an already weak infrastructure.The solution does not lie in throttling numbers, but in investing more in infrastructure that carries and brings the tourists into Botswana

Botswana’s fuel delivery routes should be diversified away from South Africa

30 Sep 2019

Recent attacks in South Africa highlight the need for countries like Botswana that rely so much on South Africa for their trade and economic survival to plot an alternative course – at least in the medium term.South Africa is an ongoing political risk.Because of the history of that country, South Africa is potentially an explosive powder keg.Botswana is one of the countries that could not survi

New investments in infrastructure needed

23 Sep 2019

To prop the stagnant and even sluggish economy, government might have to postpone efforts to reduce budget deficit and instead spend more, especially on infrastructure.

Botswana’s infrastructure needs to be revamped. There is need for new infrastructure as well as for maintenance of existing one.

That bill would no doubt run into billions.

Botswana`s 4th Industrial revolution should not be left to “chance”

16 Sep 2019

The world’s shift towards automatisation and computerisation in the workplace during the previous industrial revolution created many fears similar to those emerging today.

Air Botswana schedule fiasco killing travel in and out of Botswana

02 Sep 2019

For months now, too many people have been inconvenienced by Air Botswana’s inability to be on time and on schedule.

There is no doubt that the airline is in distress.

Just why the management and the board are not calling May Day remains a mystery.

It is a fiasco that has been allowed to get out of control.

Reforms should happen faster than is currently the case

26 Aug 2019

Botswana’s economic model is due for reforms.

That should happen chiefly by drafting an Industrial Policy that is rooted on exports.

If that is to be, productivity issues need to be addressed.

As are inputs costs that include labour, power, electricity and indeed communication and or transport.

Botswana has had enough of politics of patronage and cronyism.

Gov’t must address citizen economic empowerment with the speed it deserves

19 Aug 2019

The thorny issue of citizen economic empowerment must be addressed with utmost urgency. There is no justification why Botswana after more than 50 years of independence has not yet produced a large pool of citizen bred millionaires despite the economic success story that the country is renowned for.

Public expenditure can no longer be the driver of economic growth

11 Aug 2019

A way has to be found to wean Botswana away from public sector inspired growth.

That means growing the private sector and also reducing the wage bill of government.

The current budget deficit, unless our economic priorities change is set to grow.

And that is not in our best interests as a country.

The proposed P3000 minimum wage suggested by UDC warrants a through public scrutiny and debate

05 Aug 2019

The Umbrella for Democratic Change manifesto has come up with a key suggestion that needs isolating for further diagnosis and scrutiny.

That proposal is an introduction of P3000 minimum wage.

At face value it might sound like an innocuous proposal made in the heat of heightened political theatrics.

But that is not so.

There is need for clarity on Pemandu Report

29 Jul 2019

Government and the ruling party under President Mokgweetsi Masisi do not have the luxury to campaign for elections without engaging the public sector Trade Unions on the distractions posed by demands for salary hikes.

The Unions want those demands met before elections due in October. Or else there will be blood!