Gov’t must expedite land allocation to applicants on the waiting list

24 Jun 2019

The inordinate allocation of land to applicants for various uses ranging from  residential, commercial, industrial to other uses is a serious blight to Botswana's economic development agenda. The delay of allocation is a ticking time bomb that should be diffused without any further delay.

Congratulations on OBRS CIPA …. But, please do not join the “System e down” cohort

17 Jun 2019

There is a common phrase at the government enclave – “System e down” (The computer system is not operational or is offline).

This is a popular, yet not so sweet response usually uttered by front desk officers at government departments and some state-owned agencies when giving feedback to customers, mostly members of the public

Time for beneficiation and processing to top economic agenda

10 Jun 2019

With the economy literally down on its knees characterized by massive job losses on the back of the closure of a number of mining houses especially in the northern part of the country, beneficiation and down-stream processing should be brought back to top economic diversification agenda.

Standard Chartered Bank is undermining Government policy of financial inclusion

07 Jun 2019

Some months back, Standard Chartered closed hundreds of banks accounts across the country.

The reason given was that the accounts were not able to derive P500 000 a month.

That, according to Standard Chartered made these accounts too costly to operate.

Whatever moneys were left were issued out for cashing or transferring to another bank.

This was a scandal.

Government should do much more to curb effects of drought

26 May 2019

It is now official; we are fully in a drought year.

The long awaited Government assessment has come to that conclusion.

They have also come up with array of counter measures.

According to press release from the Botswana Government, government will subsidise livestock feed and medicine by a further 10 percent to 35 percent.

Air Botswana schedule inconsistencies killing travel in and out of Botswana

13 May 2019

It is no longer a laughing matter. Something has to be done to save Air Botswana, including from itself.

The airline is giving the country a bad name and in the process making itself and the country a laughing stock.

The airline still keeps a schedule, but does not follow it.

This is causing travelers untold emotional misery, inconvenience and also money.

Is BPOPF transparent enough given its size and potential risk to the overall economy?

08 May 2019

The amount of money lost by BPOPF (Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund) over the last few years should make us as a nation to pause, introspect and start and a national debate over the future of this exceedingly important national asset.

BPOPF needs to become more ambitious in reforming itself.

Otherwise it will have to face extinction.

Masisi should restore the dignity of the Rhodesian War veterans

29 Apr 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Pay day at Botswana Defence Force barracks was like a day of celebration. All officers and the non-commissioned cadres were in a jovial mood. April 26th was the day many were looking forward to as it was the official payday.

Kang has turned out to be a hoax equivalent of Y2K – but the real storm is on its way

22 Apr 2019

After Kang, the salvoes have silenced down – somewhat.

It’s important however to highlight that it will not be for long.

For now it seems like the much predicted and anticipated Armageddon was a wild exaggeration.

The ruling party went to Kang and came back from Kang in one piece.

No apocalypse happened.

The much predicted end of earth has not happened.

Synthetic diamonds spell difficult future for Botswana’s economy

22 Apr 2019

According to research statistics, lab manufactured diamonds account for only 2 percent of the global trade that stands at over $US 17billion.

Estimates are however that by 2023, jewellery from synthetic diamonds could reach USD 5 billion, which is 5 percent of global diamond jewellery.

Clearly this is an industry on an upswing trajectory, eating exactly on natural diamonds.