De Beers using Batswana as smokescreen

13 Jan 2019

News that a senior executive who is a citizen of Botswana was recently fired by De beers after refusing to fudge and cook the figures relating to diamond beneficiation would come as a source of disappointment but not surprise for many people familiar with the history of De Beers.

Business Botswana needs to be a more creative and proactive

06 Jan 2019

In the same way that Government should not be expected to create wealth, it would be wrong for us as a nation to expect  Government to create jobs.

That role, in our view belongs to the private sector.

But for the private sector to be so empowered, it needs to be better organized than is currently the case.

Botswana needs an indigenous-owned bank

07 Dec 2018

When it comes to citizen economic empowerment, commercial banks in Botswana have been a weak link.

They have actually undermined several key government policies, while continuing to benefit big time from government business and patronage.

Visa on arrival: a long awaited tourism revolution

30 Nov 2018

Hints coming from the government side are that Botswana will soo introduce a visa on arrival policy.

If that becomes a policy this will mean that means that people visiting Botswana will not have to make applications before arriving, which is time consuming and terribly inconvenient.

Inequality should be a primary concern for all of us; yet nobody talks about it

18 Nov 2018

Whichever way one looks at it, Botswana has one of the most unequal societies on earth.

Ordinarily this should be a concern for all of us, yet we live in a society where those glaring inequalities have now come to be accepted as normal.

Forward looking SONA gives Masisi political high ground

09 Nov 2018

On Monday President Mokgweetsi Masisi used his maiden state of the Nation Address to claim a political high ground that has up to now eluded him.

He used the speech to set a broad economic strategy for his presidency.

He made big and bold announcements, like setting an Investment Board that he will chair.

Gov’t treatment of Trade Unions is regressive and counterproductive

01 Nov 2018

There is a court case that is ongoing pitting Botswana government and some public sector trade Unions, chiefly BOFEPUSO and BOPEU.

This follows a government decision to derecognize the unions on allegations of non-compliance with the Public Service Act of 2013.

One of Botswana’s biggest companies, Choppies Limited is facing an existential crisis. Choppies has been a victim of own success

28 Oct 2018

For over two months now Choppies has failed to release its financials.

A behemoth by Botswana standards, it was always clear that Choppies had feet of clay.

It was a one man show – with the CEO running the chain store by a hand set – from suppliers all the way down to the cleaner.

Government should honestly clarify official position on Alcohol Levy

18 Oct 2018

The last time we heard of it, the official position of Government regarding the Alcohol Levy was that there will be a nationwide consultation to determine whether to keep it, reduce it or anything.

The ball was on the public court, so said the Government.

This is a similar position as adopted towards Hunting Ban.

And we took them at their word.

Gov’t should be more transparent on true costs of financing its debt

14 Oct 2018

There is need for reform on how government manages and reports on its debt; both local and international.

Given Africa’s booming indebtedness, it is important for Botswana to embrace reforms that would once again see the country escape a trap that has  previously been the source of so much misery for other African countries.