Opposition’s desperation to win the 2019 general election is a recipe for another all night miss!

15 Jul 2019

It is an election year and Botswana is gripped by crazy politicking characterized by deceit, lies, irrationality and stupid hostilities. Essentially, a notable trend in Botswana politics over the past elections has been the rise of a lack of purpose.

Botswana tourism needs to invest in diversity

15 Jul 2019

It is now abundantly that in Botswana, the tourism sector has continued to spurn diversity.

If the industry is to continue being relevant and also to enjoy public goodwill, the balance of power needs to change – swiftly and aggressively.

It has to include the hitherto excluded communities and societies.

Masisi Should Pull off the Plug on Khama

15 Jul 2019

By Richard Moleofe

This country has been thrown into a very unstable situation. We have never experienced this amount of uncertainty in our fifty-three years of independence. And when situations get this ugly, how I wish Rre Masire was here. In his old age he was spew absolute wisdom at every junction.

Botswana is in the clutches of a new brand of capture!

07 Jul 2019

Botswana needs to be defended against its growing list of enemies.

Many of these enemies are home based, in politics and working in cahoots with their foreign masters.

A common thread among them is an ever growing disloyalty to the country.

If they are allowed to have their way, their agenda will in future have immense ramifications for Botswana.

When non-interference becomes a criminal act

07 Jul 2019

Unfortunately, not stopping a crime is not a crime. I have no obligation to call the police or alert anyone when I see a person or persons trying to break into any building.

As I walk by and witness a murder, it is not a crime to mind my own business and continue walking.

The Ignored Pandemic: Corruption in Health Care Service Delivery

07 Jul 2019

It is almost two decades ago since the then World Bank President James Wolfensohn, in his address to the Board of Governors said: ‘We have seen how corruption flourishes in the dark, how it prevents growth and social equity, and how it creates the basis for social and political instability’.

Understanding Kgoroba’s BDF Campaign

07 Jul 2019

By Richard Moleofe

The Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane Sedirwa Kgoroba is currently circulating a petition for members of the community to sign. The petition is directed at raising awareness among members of the public about the growing levels of crime and as well as twisting the arm of government in implementing what the petition is calling for.

UDC should treat citizens with dignity, honesty and civility

01 Jul 2019

“Tell no lies, claim no easy victories.”

That is a dictum coined by Amilcar Cabral.

President Dr Masisi cannot afford to behave like a celebrity delinquent!

01 Jul 2019

A few weeks back, Mmegi reported that while launching his Vice-President Slumber Tsogwane in Rakops, President Dr Masisi told the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) that he was about to spill the beans on former President Dr Khama.   It is reported that President Dr Masisi had said, ‘ke tloga ke phantsha’, loosely translated to mean that he could divulge some secrets.

Our country is being sold on a broad day light

01 Jul 2019

By Cosmos Moenga

June 25 to 26, 2019 will go down in history as the dates when some Batswana political leaders sold our country for a mere twenty million pula while Palestinians political leaders rejected to sell their country for fifty billion US dollars.