Mr. President you have a country to run

07 Dec 2018

If you listened to a certain section of the media, you would think there was some kind of national crisis. You would assume that we have a constitutional crisis. We don’t! There is only one president and his name is His Excellency Dr. Eric Masisi. Fullstop. He has the full powers of a sitting President. Ga se motshwareledi.

New Jerusalem behaving like a secret society

03 Dec 2018

President Mokgweetsi Masisi risks being distracted, even derailed by a fringe and shadowy secret society-like movement that calls itself New Jerusalem - if he pays any attention to them.

Access to Hepatitis C Treatment: A Global Health Problem

03 Dec 2018

Some years back, whilst I was still studying Global Health Policy and Management in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, I received an invitation to write two papers on former President Ian Khama’s response to the Country’s health challenges. I gladly accepted the invitation. 

Botswana’s ex-miners need good standard, veteran treatment

03 Dec 2018

By Richard Moleofe

Anyone who lived in the 1970s and 1980s would never had imagined that there would today be no Botswana miners working in the South African mines. But that’s the reality on the ground. The migrant labour export has total come to an end

Former President Dr Khama’s tribal politics poses a real and imminent threat to national cohesion

03 Dec 2018

When the fall out between His Excellency President Dr Masisi and immediate past former President Dr Khama became public, many people were made to believe that Dr Khama’s intransigent behaviour owes its origin to the government’s unlawful decision to withhold some of his benefits as spelt out in the President’s (Pensions and Retirements) Benefits Act.

Visa on arrival: a long awaited tourism revolution

30 Nov 2018

Hints coming from the government side are that Botswana will soo introduce a visa on arrival policy.

If that becomes a policy this will mean that means that people visiting Botswana will not have to make applications before arriving, which is time consuming and terribly inconvenient.

Anglicising Setswana names

30 Nov 2018

One of the finest statistical linguists and philologists was George Kingsley Zipf. He was a Harvard based linguist whose major interest was statistical linguistic distributions. He developed what has now become known as Zipf’s law. Its claim is that while only a few words are used very often, many or most are used rarely.

Apathy in voter registration; a disturbing trend

30 Nov 2018


Whose story between Masisi and Khama to their stand-off is convincing and believable?

30 Nov 2018


Somebody has to stand up to the Khamas

27 Nov 2018

As a country we are engaged in a totally weird and wrongful conversation.

And more than anybody else, the media is to blame for it.

Batswana are hurting, economically.

They are interested in seeing their economy get back on track.

They are interested in seeing that same economy creating jobs for them.