The proposed P3000 minimum wage suggested by UDC warrants a through public scrutiny and debate

05 Aug 2019

The Umbrella for Democratic Change manifesto has come up with a key suggestion that needs isolating for further diagnosis and scrutiny.

That proposal is an introduction of P3000 minimum wage.

At face value it might sound like an innocuous proposal made in the heat of heightened political theatrics.

But that is not so.

It is time for Chamisa to work with Mnangagwa

05 Aug 2019

There is no doubt that Zimbabwe has gone through extremely difficult decades of mindless abuse caused by bad governance, corruption, ineptitude and downright inability to govern.

The mediocrity of Zimbabwean politicians, in and outside of government, has been on public display for decades.


05 Aug 2019

By Tebo Kacho Dikole

The Botswana Defence Force is compelled to respond to a misleading article which appeared in the Sunday Standard newspaper of 28 July - 03 August 2019 titled “Homosexuality and the Military Debate-Part II” authored by retired Captain Richard Moleofe.

Our politics resemble a house of cards!

29 Jul 2019

Botswana’s electoral campaigns are no doubt providing a political theatre to all the players.

At face value, almost all political parties are in turmoil.

Stagnation, paralysis and confusion run deep.

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party is fighting to find traction.

The creation of a new party, Botswana Patriotic Front has totally disemboweled the BDP.

Homosexuality and the Military Debate-Part II

29 Jul 2019

By Richard Moleofe

There is need for clarity on Pemandu Report

29 Jul 2019

Government and the ruling party under President Mokgweetsi Masisi do not have the luxury to campaign for elections without engaging the public sector Trade Unions on the distractions posed by demands for salary hikes.

The Unions want those demands met before elections due in October. Or else there will be blood!

The BDP is dead but the opposition can still save it from losing state power!!

29 Jul 2019

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) probably has the best election manifesto for the 2019 general election - a manifesto that talks to the needs of the ordinary Motswana, entrepreneurs, the working poor and millionaires; a manifesto that is anchored on inclusivity and promises to rejuvenate the dreams of those who had resigned to subsisting on occasional soup and bread festivals emceed by

Kgafela’s prolonged absence is now a national security issue

21 Jul 2019

Everyone, it now seems wants a piece of Kgosi Kgafela II.

While everybody wants him back, no two people can agree on when or how to bring him back.

Everybody has been sucked into the political maelstrom that are efforts to bring Kgafela back.

SADC is ‘cooking baby goat in its mother’s milk’

21 Jul 2019

The issue of Zimbabwe is not going to go away anytime soon.

Regional presidents may look the other way as much as they want but Zimbabwe and the internal problems it has with its people and the region still beckon.

Zimbabwe is not going to be wished away by any country, organization or president.

Decimated by Ebola, the DRC needs international assistance; but peace more

21 Jul 2019

The DRC is in the clutches of a man made tragedy.

War, poverty and disease are an Unholy Trinity eating away the DRC.

Right from inception, the DRC had too many factors conspiring against the success of that country.

Colonialism brought misery.

When they left, the colonizers did not allow for a smooth transfer of power.