A  Masisi/Khama deal has potential to create moral equivalent between a Head of State and a wayward warlord

13 Jan 2019

From the beginning it is important to state upfront that what the ruling party elders are doing in trying to reconcile President Mokgweetsi Masisi with Ian Khama is patently wrong and ill-advised.

2019: The year of elections

13 Jan 2019

By Richard Moleofe

This year is not only special to this country but to the African continent -politically speaking. It’s a year in which many states will be going for elections. Elections in Africa always seem to have a completely different rhythm as compared to other democracies.

De Beers using Batswana as smokescreen

13 Jan 2019

News that a senior executive who is a citizen of Botswana was recently fired by De beers after refusing to fudge and cook the figures relating to diamond beneficiation would come as a source of disappointment but not surprise for many people familiar with the history of De Beers.

Botswana party politics caught in a catch 22; a booby trap; a Zugzwang!

13 Jan 2019

Just as we commence our routine activities after the Christmas break to find that although 2019 is a year of general elections in Botswana, nothing has actually changed. Batswana are stuck with comical and annoying politics. Our lives remain miserable and the worst is yet to come because we are still to change the way we do things and the things we believe in.

When did Fact oppose Truth?

13 Jan 2019

The present generation is groaning in pain as social media have become powerful socialisation agents in grooming our children. The reality of what truth means has never been distorted this much and social media users have pushed the line to shun the truth while embracing fact as if the two are mutually exclusive. What happened to the simple teaching: ‘Don’t tell a lie’?

We might not know all of Venson’s true intentions; but they have nothing to do with gender

06 Jan 2019

In announcing that she will be challenging President Mokgweetsi Masisi the Minister of Local Government Pelonomi Venson said out of courtesy she had notified both the president and also the ruling party Secretary General, Mpho Balopi about her ambitions and intentions. Her courtesy however has not gone far enough.

“We are from the brink”

06 Jan 2019

By Richard Moleofe

As a young boy growing in the 1970s, the best entertainment one could look for was from radio. Radio Botswana was the only station in the country. Radio Bantu which later became Radio Setswana was the next alternative at the time.

Business Botswana needs to be a more creative and proactive

06 Jan 2019

In the same way that Government should not be expected to create wealth, it would be wrong for us as a nation to expect  Government to create jobs.

That role, in our view belongs to the private sector.

But for the private sector to be so empowered, it needs to be better organized than is currently the case.

Does the world still have any use for democracy?

06 Jan 2019

Politics is like a never-ending wrestling match in which you are fully aware that one punch or full nelson could end the marathon, yet the combatants alternately seem to inhale extra powers just when it appears that they are knocking on heaven’s door.

FG Mogae should take his share of the blame in this whole mess

17 Dec 2018

Ian Khama’s arrival into Botswana’s politics has proved an untidy enterprise – from the beginning to the end.

With hindsight, all the upheavals that Khama is causing today can very easily be traced to the manner with which he joined politics when a special dispensation was created for him.

Right from the beginning, he was treated like a rare species facing extinction.