There is need for clarity and honesty on Energy Plan & Security

26 Jul 2018

There is need for more policy clarity on energy supply, including and more especially on solar and renewable.

That can only be achieved through publishing a document plan that is made available to the public.

The plan once published should be comprehensive and realistic enough to be achieved.

It should set targets and time frames.

Former President Khama needs psychiatric counseling

22 Jul 2018

The topical issue really is the crisis besieging the Umbrella for Democratic Change.

Surprisingly, nobody seems to want to address directly that which ironically is the centre of the crisis; the legitimacy of the Botswana Congress Party membership of the UDC.

Unless this matter is honestly addressed, the UDC will continue to slide down the abyss.

Botswana’s future lies in ability to embrace the Digital Economy

22 Jul 2018

What efforts are in place for Botswana to transform itself into a fully-fledged digital economy?

The true answer is “Not much.”

Yet that really is where the world is moving.

The good thing for Botswana is that not all is lost.

It is also not too late.

Most fundamentals are already in place.

What the hell do ‘election observers’ do?

22 Jul 2018

As is usual when something is happening in Africa, nations outside our realm send their own people as “observers” in what they say is a mission to record what is going on in the target country.

There are thousands of such missions currently in Zimbabwe to observe the elections of July 30th.

Internal conflicts, a cause for nightmare and disaster in Botswana politics

22 Jul 2018

Perhaps it is happening elsewhere, but for sure it is an integral part of Botswana politics today. The internal wrangling  in political organisations is the cause for nightmare and disaster that have besieged political parties in Botswana.

Without a decisive leadership, UDC future is bleak

22 Jul 2018

Whilst parties wishing to have a major stake in the upcoming General Elections in October 2019 are busy sweet talking voters into choosing them as future government, the Umbrella for Democratic Change, my party, seems to be in no hurry to do so.

UDC leader flying too close to the sun

16 Jul 2018

The Umbrella for Democratic Change seems to be in a bind – going nowhere.

History shows that every time attempts at opposition coalition collapse in Botswana, progress in opposition politics is set back by no less than twenty years.

The same history also shows that attempts at renewing such coalition later is much harder than it was the previous times.

Our cabinet ministers have developed a workshop or foreign trips mentality to maximize per diems and live high on the hog!

16 Jul 2018

It has become customary to recess Parliament on account that Cabinet Ministers did not show up to answer pre-noticed questions and respond to motions presented by Members of Parliament. In most occasions Cabinet Ministers would either be outside the country on official business or would have undertaken some field trips to the serene countryside that offers opportunities for leisure.

President QKJ Masire – gone, but must not be forgotten: Open Letter to President M E Masisi

16 Jul 2018

Dear Mr President

Do you know that the names Tshosa and Tshane are types of spears?

12 Jul 2018

One of the privileges of being a lexicographer is that you tend to find out language issues which other people take for granted. In the past few years I have gained much fascination from the history of words, that is, where they come from. The Setswana that we speak has gone through much change over the years.