Our Wealth or Their Lives? The Patenting of HIV/AIDS Drugs

21 Oct 2018

When Jonas Salk, who developed the polio vaccine was asked who owned the patent, he replied, “Well, the people, I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Do the rich world’s patents abandon the poor to die.?

Dr Khama poses a bigger threat to Botswana’s democracy as former president than when he was a sitting president!

21 Oct 2018

A recent Afrobarometer study revealed the extent to which former President Dr Khama almost turned Botswana, the erstwhile model of democracy in Africa, into a dictatorship.

Government should honestly clarify official position on Alcohol Levy

18 Oct 2018

The last time we heard of it, the official position of Government regarding the Alcohol Levy was that there will be a nationwide consultation to determine whether to keep it, reduce it or anything.

The ball was on the public court, so said the Government.

This is a similar position as adopted towards Hunting Ban.

And we took them at their word.

Landau’s translation headaches

18 Oct 2018

My comments for today are restricted to Paul Landau’s Chapter three of Popular Politics in the History of South Africa, 1400-1948 entitled Translations (Missionaries and the invention of Christianity) where he explores the struggles faced by missionaries in attempting to translate the biblical text into Setswana.

Drastic Increase of Fuel Price to Hit the Poor   

18 Oct 2018

The Botswana National Front (BNF) is concerned by the latest drastic increase of fuel as announced by the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security. The increase is a direct effect of the recent corruption allegations involving top government officials, including cabinet Ministers and the Office of the President.

50+ executions, 50+ excuses

18 Oct 2018

Not many people will sympathise with a person on a death row, perhaps understandably so, considering that in most cases such a person would have committed gruesome acts on other persons. It is this assumption, on the backdrop of a surge of support for capital punishment, that makes speaking for the rights of death row inmates almost unthinkable.

For how long do we intend to remain a “Hand to Mouth” Nation...?

15 Oct 2018

Until recent years, Botswana has been exceptional among the African nations in so many ways. The country has perhaps merited the most admiration globally for its unique ability to direct revenue from minerals towards development and economic advancement during its early years of independence, or rather soon after discovery of minerals more especially diamonds.

Masisi’s open society should be backed by action; or there will be revolt

14 Oct 2018

A few days before Independence Day celebrations we attended a National Democracy Symposium organized by the Office of the President and also the University of Botswana.

Cabinet ministers, senior government officials and also non government officials attended.

Vice president Slumber Tsogwane, who was acting president at the time officiated.

Gov’t should be more transparent on true costs of financing its debt

14 Oct 2018

There is need for reform on how government manages and reports on its debt; both local and international.

Given Africa’s booming indebtedness, it is important for Botswana to embrace reforms that would once again see the country escape a trap that has  previously been the source of so much misery for other African countries.

Lest we forget, here is what is at stake – what everybody is playing for!

07 Oct 2018

For Botswana it was a magical era – repeated year after, non-stop, until one day Ian Khama arrived on scene.

The year was 2008.

Khama’s arrival brought a long running golden age to an abrupt end.

To be fair to him, he was not all to blame. But he played an oversized big part in it all.