Zimbabwe opposition parties are an embarrassment

18 Jan 2016

I have lost count of how many political parties we have in Zimbabwe but any day now, the country will play mid-wife to yet another new political party.

The speed at which Zimbabwe is churning out political parties has simply become laughable and this is all because of the current leadership void so evident in government, in the ruling party and in all opposition parties.

Untapped Opportunities in tourism

14 Jan 2016

Two years ago I made a decision that I will travel to see different parts of Botswana every December. The principal idea is to educate myself about the country, its cultures and its people. However these first three years I am touring the country to see places first and see what they offer. I have held back the desire to study the languages and peoples of the different regions.

BCP disowns Rakgare

14 Jan 2016

Botswana Congress Party (BCP) wishes to distance itself from the words and interview attributed to Youth League Leader Tumiso Chilliboy Rakgare in a weekend newspaper. Below is the official position of the BCP. Members of the BCP, the UDC and Batswana are all urged to disregard the interview altogether.

Rakgare’s Personal Capacity: 

Marenga misdirected himself

14 Jan 2016

It’s a new year and, as is the norm, allow me to pass my regards to fellow Batswana. The hope is that we used holidays to rest in preparation for 2016. No one can deny that 2015 was a draining year, physically and otherwise. I need to make it clear from the onset that going forward, I will try to avoid engaging on negatives. My plan, similar to many of us, is to make 2016 a memorable year.

Botswana! You lucky people, you.

21 Dec 2015

Another year has come to an end. The problems we brewed during its tenure await us. And there will be new and worse problems as well.

It is like that not only in Botswana, Zimbabwe or South Africa but the whole world over.

Another year is going past us, leaving us with our heads bowed in humble admission that we are mere mortals who need guidance from elsewhere.

Vision 2036 Committee lacks moral authority

07 Dec 2015

Starting some three weeks ago, the whole nation has been invited into believing in the moral authority of the current Government to determine our long term path into 2036.


The Head of State announced the appointment of a Committee that will draft the nation’s new blueprint to be called Vision 2036.


Does the BDF attach premium to Chaplains?

07 Dec 2015

The print media in September 2015 was awash with an ad hominem response, by someone using the pseudonym Lieutenant Godfrey Letsholo  against  the Mmegi columnist Moleofe titled “Retired Chaplain Moleofe – You Know Nothing About BDF”  (http://www.mmegi.bw/index.php?aid=54261).

Private tertiary institutions should not be allowed to become money laundering schemes

07 Dec 2015

We should perhaps state it upfront that we believe there is space and indeed role for private institutions in Botswana’s education system.

If well run, in fact private tertiary institutions could augment and indeed provide education that compares if not that is better than that provided by the state.

"Forget Society; privatise the football clubs"

07 Dec 2015

By the time you read this article, Township Rollers supporters would have been coerced into making a decision they themselves do not know or understand. The word they use there is investor! Look, Orlando Pirates last had elections in 1992.


Political correctness lulls us into a false sense of security

07 Dec 2015

Sometime this year, a Member of Parliament in Botswanachose‘wrong’ terminology in reference to the Bushman, the San, Basarwa, First People of the Kgalagadi, etc.

Political correctness seems to be the “in thing” worldwide yet this has negative effects on those people who want to be recognized in some other way.