Bootlicking suppresses objective thinking

23 Sep 2015

Bootlicking is a dangerous trend in politics as it results in people seeking favours, whilst at the same time blocking objective thinking and informed discourse. Bootlickers hardly look at things objectively because their main goal is to please their master at any cost. Africa is awash with examples of bootlickers.

Saleshando wants fair deal! What fair deal?

23 Sep 2015

Nna nka swaba! Honestly, if I was Dumelang Saleshando I would be ashamed to ask for any fair deal in opposition cooperation after squandering all the bargaining power that I had and failed to utilize.

Kgosi Chronicles Part 3: Monngammu without mmu

23 Sep 2015

In this column I comment on the change to the power of bogosi. Centrally I argue that the powers of the kgosi have been eroded by multiple factors over a long period of time and largely through the cooperation of the dikgosi themselves. I contend that much of the power of dikgosi rested on the ownership of land by merafe, whose power was vested in the kgosi.

Judicial crisis: A test of how far we have deteriorated as a country?

23 Sep 2015

Sometime last week I struggled with sleep. This was not the first time in as many days that worry had come to take control of my life. I felt helpless, but hope carried me beyond my physical limits. But on that fateful night – nothing and I mean nothing, including spiritual intervention could provide immediate remedy I much needed. It was a moment of pain and suffering for me.

How are we doing in relation to attaining Vision 2016 goals?

23 Sep 2015

With a few months left before the dawn of 2016, there is a pertinent question that we must unashamedly be asking ourselves as a nation: Are we still on track to attaining the lofty goals as spelt out in the Vision 2016 blueprint?

2016 is the year in which we will celebrate 50 years of independence.

Restoring dignity and integrity of Office of the President should precede any efforts at national revival

20 Sep 2015

Our country has progressively degenerated into a theatre of madness.


We are a broken people living in a broken country that has stumbled from one calamity to the other.


Every time we think we had reached rock bottom, something really bad happens, and it suddenly dawns on us that we actually had been better off before.


Are Africans Inherently More Corrupt than other people? Professor H K Prempeh Asks!!!

20 Sep 2015

Many of us think we know what corruption is or looks like; such as for instance, a cabinet minister digging his dirty fingers in the treasury and amassing ill-gotten wealth, an illicit deal carried out by politician(s) or purchasing a P46 000.00 fridge and P300 000.00 furniture, a government official or civil servants taking a cut in a deal, a policeman harassing and or conspiring with perpetra

What has happened to money from the alcohol Levy?

20 Sep 2015

It is now almost eight years since Botswana government decided to introduce the Alcohol Levy.
That time is long enough to allow for a detailed review and reevaluation of that policy.
Right from the beginning the Alcohol Levy was divisive.

President Khama’s incompetent and uninspiring administration is the cause of Botswana’s calamity

20 Sep 2015

In his farewell address in Serowe, immediate past Botswana President Festus Mogae remarked that ‘we have heard that there are people in the opposition who have vowed to make things difficult for him (Ian Khama) but they will not manage’. I was reminded of these remarks by the apparent indolence and paralysis gripping this formerly versatile and tenacious nation.

Ensuring Accessibility of Tuberculosis Drug: Did You Know?

06 Sep 2015

We are at a critical moment in the struggle against tuberculosis” and many countries experiencing an epidemiological transition of having to fight the double disease burden of Infectious and non-infectious diseases.