Protecting the Integrity of the Public Office

19 May 2016

Amongst the many issues debated for years in the practice of both politics and public administration has been how to protect the integrity of the public office, especially in democracies that cherish protection of the public interest.

Oxford launches an Online Setswana-English dictionary

19 May 2016

Oxford University Press (UK) has launched the first online bilingual and bidirectional Setswana-English dictionary. The dictionary went live online on Thursday May 12, 2016.

The BCP, not Sydney Pilane is the real menace to both the UDC and BMD stability

16 May 2016

A big meal has been made of the risks posed by the lawyer Sydney Pilane to the stability of the Botswana Movement for Democracy and by extension to the Umbrella for Democratic Change. There is even talk from some quarters that BMD could be calling a Special Congress to settle the Pilane question once and for all.

The Presidency of Ian Khama: Disciplinarian or Dictatorship!!!.

16 May 2016

Let me state from the onset dear reader that I love my country Botswana and I am a very patriotic citizen lest I start attracting horrible names and labels.

President Dr Khama can compensate for his pathetic presidency by making good on his last two years

16 May 2016

Since its inception this column has consistently criticized President Dr Khama’s leadership for paralyzing the Botswana economy, being vindictive, divisive and personalized.

There is need for an Infrastructure Fund in southern Africa

16 May 2016

All across Sub-Saharan Africa, there is a huge dearth when it comes to investing in infrastructure such as roads, telecommunications, bridges, dams and related utilities. Billions of dollars in investment are needed not just to build new infrastructure but also to refurbish existing ones.

Let us not conceal the truth behind the so-called botho

12 May 2016

About two years ago I wrote in this space and reminded one cabinet minister who had lied in parliament that there is no pride in lies. In fact I had written in the vernacular so that the message could sink deep in his head. I had informed the minister that “maaka ga se bokwete”. Ulala! You should have seen the bullets that I had attracted my way.

Sebina saga is a reminder that more of our children are still sexually abused

09 May 2016

Abuse is everything that is contrary to good order estab­lished by usage, immoderate or improper use, physical and mental maltreatment, defilement, dishonour, indecent assault, molestation and perversion.

The World Needs Donald Trump as USA President

09 May 2016

Real politicians speak from both ends of their mouths. They say this when they mean that. They tell lies all the time. And they are in their overwhelming majority. Donald Trump detests lies. And that makes him less of a politician. But still, he is the rightful leader a powerful nation as the United States of America deserves. Mr Trump does not care about political correctness.

Botswana and SADC countries, be ready - the ‘Zim Dollar’ returns!

09 May 2016

Looking around for a foreign exchange rate in any bank is a force of habit for‘foreigners’, wherever they might be.

For my decade-old stay in Botswana, I always took a glance at the currency board every time I walked into a bank.

And so did locals with relatives outside Botswana.