Room50two hotel promises first class service the corporate world

27 Mar 2017

Iconic architecture often contributes to the publicizing of many cities across the world, with many countries becoming synonymous with their iconic buildings. Not only do these structures provide for the practicalities of commercial or residential space, but they leave an imprint on people, they evoke emotion and they make citizens proud.

Botswana’s retail rent is lowest in SADC

14 Oct 2015

At US$24 per square metre per month, Botswana has the lowest prime rent for retail space among Southern African economies surveyed by Rand Merchant Bank for its 2015/16 Where to Invest in Africa report. 

An Investor’s dip into the local stock market

23 Aug 2015

The current low interest environment in the banking sector, as reflected by ill-favoured rate of return to depositors on money that they have parked in bank coffers, is said to be good enough to motivate investors to explore the equity market as an alternative playing field to getting returns on money.