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Thursday 03 September 2015 | 04:48 PM    
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Gaborone University College of Law holds 2010 graduation



Established in 2006, the Gaborone Universal College of Law (GUC) recently held a graduation ceremony for 2010.

Speaking at the event, the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Peter Siele, commended the efforts of GUC for contributing to the development in the field of law.

“Today’s graduation is an indication of the efforts that are being made not only by Government but also other partners,” said Siele. “I appreciate that the GUC has strengthened its credibility by going into partnership with the Midlands State University in Zimbabwe.”

He encouraged the management of the college to use the opportunity to grow and be able to introduce other courses that can lead to attaining a law degree.

“I am happy to welcome you graduands, to a new world. A world that is different from the world you have previously lived, and the certificate you are getting brings with it responsibility,” said Siele.

The spokesperson for the college, Dr. Antony P Joseph, who is also the Managing Director of the college, gave an overview of the college.

“GUC aims to train highly capable individuals, who will contribute positively towards the development of the nation. Gaborone Universal College of Law is also committed to total quality vocational training in Botswana while upholding and instilling professional practice to stakeholders while creating equal opportunities to all people,” said Joseph.

He continued: “We offer high quality and valuable education, which builds the trainees into committed and responsible leaders who have an entrepreneurial spirit to benefit the industry and society. We aim to contribute to the growth, global competitiveness and development of Botswana’s economy through providing valuable human capital that the local and global market can rely on,” he said.

A total of 250 students graduated.

GUC offers a variety of programmes and mainly focuses in law, and has recently been playing an active role in social responsibility by assisting SOS Children’s Home and awarding scholarships for residents.

It currently offers BOTA accredited certificate courses to students from government, parastatals and the private sector.



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