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Wednesday 01 October 2014 | 06:16 PM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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Sleaze and dirty tricks in Botswana arms deals

30-09-2014 - Sunday Standard Reporter

A confidential report by former Botswana Defence Force commander, Lt Gen Louis Fisher provided a peep show into the sleaze and dirty tricks in the Botswana arms deals. The then Chairman of the Defence Council Lt gen Mompati Merafhe found himself investigating reports that suppliers were bribing the army command (known to this paper) and depositing millions of Pula into their foreign bank accounts...


Khama’s popularity drops ahead of elections -report


President Ian Khama’s popularity has dipped 10 percentage points ahead of the forthcoming elections slated for October 24, a report released by the Afro Barometer on Friday has shown. The report shows that 67 percent of Batswana trust the president in 2014 adding that this presents a 10 percent drop from 2008. The Survey conducted at a time when the country is heading towards the general elections...


BDP uses Ipelegeng money to fund election campaign – claim


The Gaborone West Police Station and the Gaborone City Council (GCC) are sitting on reports that a man linked to one of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) candidate for the 2014 election was paid by Ipelegeng to push the party campaign in Gaborone Bonnington South constituency. Sunday Standard investigations have turned up information that a number of Ipelegeng employees made sworn statements at...


Skelemani’s Ministry is the most secretive


Foreign Affairs and International Corporation Minster Phandu Skeleman’s Ministry has been ranked as the most secretive public institution in Botswana by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Botswana. MISA Botswana researchers found that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the most secretive institution for this year, with a total of six out of 20 points. “This was the lowest score followed...


Corruption doesn’t always deter FDI

30-09-2014 - Bashi Letsididi

If, as the Minister of Lands and Housing, Lebonaamang Mokalake believes, “high levels of corruption would scare away prospective investors”, why then did 10 African countries with higher corruption levels than Botswana attract more foreign direct investment (FDI) in the last two years? The minister’s statement assumes a negative relationship between FDI and corruption but the reality is that, in absolute...


Government repossesses CBD plots


Influential personalities in the private and public sector have started lining up to grab chunks of land at the new Gaborone Central Business District. This is after the Botswana Government, through President Ian Khama recently seized chunks of land held by property developers at the CBD. The planned land seizure was announced in the Government Gazette, dated 12th September 2014, signed by President...


HIV prevalence higher amongst married males-Report

30-09-2014 - Arnold Letsholo

HIV prevalence in Botswana is higher amongst married males; estimated at 26.3 percent compared to females at 18.7%, a report released by Statistics Botswana and the Ministry of Health has revealed. Titled, ‘BAIS IV 2013 BOTSWANA AIDS IMPACT SURVEY ’, the report also indicates that prevalence is also higher among never married females at 22.0 percent compared to their male counterparts (12.6 percent)....


US rejects Botswana’s multibillion fighter jets deal


The U.S. is reported to have rejected a proposal by the Botswana Government to procure a multi-billion Pula MF 16 fighter jets saying this could spark an arms race within the SADC region. Sunday Standard was unable to establish what could have prompted Botswana’s interest in the proposal of the MF 16 fighter jet believed to be of one the most expensive modern military aircraft in the world. Sources...


Govt sets up terrorism spy agency to hang suspects


Government is in the process of setting up a counter-terrorism spy agency that will see suspected terrorists executed and sentenced to life imprisonment without being given a fair trial. The proposed agency which will be under the direct control of the State President will usurp the powers of the judiciary; under the terrorism Act, courts shall not question the adequacy of the grounds of declaring...


Ngamiland residents still feel effects of Angolan civil war

30-09-2014 - Bashi Letsididi

Decades of independence and civil war in Angola are the reason why some people in the Ngamiland of Botswana have lost their lives and property to floods. That statement doesn’t make sense until David Lesolle, an environmental science at the University of Botswana, connects the dots. For a long time (26 years, four months, three weeks and three days) Angola fought a bitter civil war and as a result...



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