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Friday 31 July 2015 | 07:16 AM    

Is there are a chance that BCP can still be part of UDC?

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Parliament gravy train leaves out public officers

26-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Reporter

Sunday Standard investigations have turned up fresh information revealing the full extent of the Parliament snout in the trough culture and how parliamentarians have over the years voted themselves hefty salary and allowance increases while giving paltry increases to the civil service. The result is that, while civil service earnings increased by up to 35% in eight years, parliamentarians salaries...


Two more boilers for Morupule B

26-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Reporter

Bidding has closed for the 300 megawatts (MW) Morupule B Phase II Project and in all, three foreign companies are in the running. According to Ditapole Chibua-Tsheboeng, the Public Relations and Education Manager of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board, the bidders are Marubeni Corporation, Cennergy and the Korea Electric Power Corporation consortium. A fourth company (which she would...


Swedish consultant gave Block 7, 8 controversial Setswana names

26-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Reporter

While the Minister of Health, Dorcas Makgato, has laid the blame of controversial neighbourhood names at the feet of the former Gaborone mayor and current Gaborone North MP, Haskins Nkaigwa, the latter has shifted the blame to the minister’s own party. During the course of a debate on the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources Bill, Nkaigwa asserted that Botswana characteristically...


Security minister expands his mandate to policing phonetics

26-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Reporter

Years ago when the State House would host the media around Christmas time, then president and host, Festus Mogae, remarked at one of these shindigs that journalists’ mastery of English was woefully wanting. One example he gave was that they couldn’t pronounce the word “determine” properly. The proper pronunciation is “de-tar-mean” but one too many non-native speakers pronounce the word as “de-tar-mine”....


Nkaigwa has ‘no confidence’ in Molatlhegi as Speaker

26-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Reporter

Days after complaining bitterly about the impartiality of Kagiso Molatlhegi as parliament speaker, the Gaborone North MP, Haskins Nkaigwa, says that he is exploring ways to table a motion of no-confidence in the former. However, even with such conviction and intent, the MP realises that the odds are stacked against him. “To table such motion, I will have to consult him and I don’t see him allowing...


Greater Gaborone to go four days a week without water

26-07-2015 - Phaladi Letswamotse

As the water situation in Botswana worsens, Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) will increase water rationing days in the Greater Gaborone area from three days to four days a week – and the situation is expected to get worse before it gets better. The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) is already bracing for the worst case scenario in which Bokaa Dam and the North South Carrier fails resulting in...


Documents reveal how Molale allegedly rigged BDP primary elections

26-07-2015 - Khonani Ontebetse

Documents passed to the Sunday Standard introduce vivid detail on how Presidential Affairs Minister Eric Molale allegedly rigged the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) primary elections which were held in Goodhope/Mabule on 18 July 2015. The documents which formed part of a High Case against the BDP and Molale which was later withdrawn by one of the contestants Kenaleone Fankie Motsaathebe provides...


DISS / BOCRA blunder costs government P50 million

26-07-2015 -

The multi – million pula Prepaid Card Registration (USPR) contract, which has attracted controversy as pork barrel politics may cost government P50 million even though no SIM –card has been registered under the project. Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) is facing a P50 million bill from BOPHOSE, a contractor who was engaged by the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services...


Results of alcohol studies by UB and MoH differ significantly

26-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Reporter

Two studies on the effect of the alcohol levy, one conducted by an American exchange student at the University of Botswana and another by the Ministry of Health (MoH) have produced markedly different results. When Mogoditshane MP, Sedirwa Kgoroba, asked the Ministry of Health “to give statistical evidence indicating that the introduction of the levy has decreased consumption of alcohol”, the answer...


Clash of Setswana and western cultural values at High Court hearing

26-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Reporter

The collision was not audible at all but for two brief moments at the Gaborone High Court this past Friday, Setswana and western culture butted heads inside one of the courtrooms. A Molepolole man, Boykie Kolare, is suing Kgalalelo Monthe, a senior attorney for breach of fiduciary duty which is supposed to have happened some five years ago. Stephen Vivian, a South African advocate who is representing...



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