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Sunday 23 November 2014 | 02:11 PM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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BCP must just take a chill pill and heal

21-11-2014 - Sonny Serite

The Botswana Congress Party (BCP) must be told, without hesitation, that at times you need to accept that you are sick in order for you to react well to medication. Some of us had intended to give the BCP some space and time to heal, introspect and come to their senses after their humiliation at the recent general elections. That the BCP didn’t take their loss kindly and came out with guns blazing,...


Pushing the BCP too hard may lead to its breakup; that’s hardly what anybody needs now

21-11-2014 - Spencer Mogapi

In a very real sense, the Botswana Congress Party is for now breathing with the aid of life support. Human nature implores us to show them empathy, but more importantly to accord them enough space to grieve in private – so to speak. Following what happened at the polls the party is for now grappling with a mammoth task of rebuilding from scratch. For them performance at the polls has not only been...


Ngaka is not a doctor

21-11-2014 - The Linguist Chair

In our haste to translate a word from one language to another, we make translation blunders that usually stay with us for a rather long time until they are disputed or challenged. Today I consider how we have over time translated the word ngaka into English and how we have translated the English word doctor into Setswana as ngaka. It is important to observe that words gain meaning from specific cultural...


Gender based violence remains a scourge against humanity

21-11-2014 - The Telegraph Commentary

One of the greatest scourges against humanity is gender based violence. Across the world millions of women are subjected to this kind of violence. This is not to say men do not suffer the same. But disproportionately, it is often women who are victims. Since time memorial, gender based violence has left indelible emotional scars on many people. Culture and also religion are just a few excuses that...


Too early to claim victory against BDP, too late to know it


Margret Nasha fell because she did not understand that no matter how smart you are, you should not try and outsmart the master.  Madam speaker’s loss was for me a painful reminder of how cruel politics can be if you do not understand the balances of power as well as the conditions for victory. I believe that the majority of the population wanted her to win, and she must have known that, and she must...


What went wrong in these elections: The BCP’s side of the story

21-11-2014 - Kaelo Molefhe

Post election period has arrived and, as expected from any serious organisation, post mortem has begun in earnest. The primary purpose of this exercise is to assess where things went wrong, in case of the losing parties, or right for the winning one, and chart the best possible way forward. In politics, unlike business organisation, the process is often a delicate and complex one. Complex as this...


DIS, not the media undermine Botswana’s interests at home and abroad

17-11-2014 - Sunday Standard Commentary

It was never the intention of this newspaper to choose a topic based on the State of the Nation Address. We have long given up on potential efficacy of the State of the Nation Address to add any meaningful changes to the lives of our people. We did not want to use the State of The Nation Address as a theme for our editorial because it is our belief that increasingly Batswana do not take the address...


We are doomed –thankfully we have ceased to be a one party state

17-11-2014 - The Watchdog

For close to twenty years now, Ian Khama has literally occupied the space of a rain maker inside the Botswana Democratic Party. For a political party to allow itself to be dominated by someone so innately anti-political is to say the least perplexing. Under Ian Khama, the BDP has become intuitively contemptuous of its most talented members, many of who have since chosen to walk away as happened during...


Khama and Tafa have killed BDP

17-11-2014 - Ntoloki Zebe

We supporters of the BDP will one day look back on the run up to the 2014 general elections and the resultant dismal performance as signs of the beginning of the end of our party. The disastrous showing is an outcome directly attributable to the leadership of Ian Khama. One wonders how a man so barren of professional accomplishment fascinated us to the extent that we believed he could lead a movement...


Brutality in schools is regrettable: BTU

17-11-2014 - Ibo Nana Kenosi

Recently there have been disturbing reports pertaining to the issue of child abuse in our schools to the extent that some students ultimately got brutally abused by teachers. Any heinous and gruesome abuse of students by teachers and vice-versa is highly regrettable and should be rebuked in the strongest possible terms. Any form of violence directed at students as people in a lesser position of power...



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