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Wednesday 20 August 2014 | 04:49 AM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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Exploring Narcissistic Personality Disorder

18-08-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

During the Oscar Pistorius trial we have heard the term narcissism and more specifically Narcissistic Personality Disorder reared its head a number of times. ,In fact I was one of the first people to publicly express the opinion that Mr. Pistorius exhibited many traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder when interviewed by Deborah Patta on 3rd Degree in February 2013. This disorder is not uncommon...


We should count our blessings that we still have such people like Masire and Mogae in our midst

18-08-2014 - The Watchdog

For some time the vultures had started circling too low for the comfort of many. From the look of things it is now clear that they have landed. And it will not be long before what only a short while ago was a wholesome carcass is reduced to bare bones. It is a chapter that has taken too long to unfold. Public disapproval of Ian Khama has been building for some time. The leader, like his BDP is now...


We gave Masire and Mogae courage

18-08-2014 - Lediretse Molake

I read with interest some of the reaction to what Rre Masire and Rre Mogae have said recently about this beautiful country of ours. Most comments seem to suggest that these gentlemen are father figures or elders and that their views must therefore be accorded some weight. Some suggest that Rre Masire was endorsing the UDC and others that Rre Mogae was echoing what Rre Masire had said at the funeral...



18-08-2014 - Sidney Pilane

I thought that I should wait for those more worthy than me to pay their tribute to a fallen hero ya Mokaulengwe. Perhaps I now may. In the Domkrag politics of the 1990s, I was of a different faction than was Sir G, but you would never ever have thought so from his attitude towards me, and to those of my faction. He was of such noble birth he almost was apologetic for belonging to another faction, not...


Can Africa still dial ‘911 Botswana’ for political rescue?

18-08-2014 - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

I am a sad, old padre who has seen more than he needs to understand about African politicians. I have lived on all continents except South America yet I survive on the pulse of the continent that made me. Africa is a gem but Africans are not. Therefore, my answer to the question above is that the people of Africa are marooned and with no rescue coming. I no longer believe that there is a 911 number...


Thank you to the people of Botswana

18-08-2014 - Ndaba Gaolathe

The Botswana Movement for Democracy of the Umbrella for Democratic Change wishes to report that its remarkable leader Gomolemo Motswaledi who met his untimely demise on 30 July 2014 was laid to rest in Serowe on Friday 8 August 2014. The outpour of grief, condolences and words of encouragement from people of all life stations is a testimony to the idea that the people of Botswana cherish the ideals...


Khama lacks something. I don’t know what it is

14-08-2014 - Sonny Serite

In my effort to try and find out what could be the reason President Ian Khama behaves and rules the way he does, I opined that his shady academic credentials could be the real source. His people nearly ate me alive. One of his crazed followers came out with guns blazing. Instead of assuring me that Khama’s educational background has got nothing to do with his leadership style, the die-hard fan questioned...


Quett Masire’s speech was about his dream of a perfect republic

14-08-2014 - The Linguist Chair

In this column I consider Sir Ketumile Masire’s speech delivered at the Gomolemo Motswaledi’s funeral in Serowe. The speech has been a subject of much discussion, with some arguing that it was Quett Masire’s endorsement of the UDC. In this column I argue that Quett Masire’s principal message was about rediscovering the national ideals of democracy, unity and nation building. I argue that once he had...


“Motswaledi cherished peace” - UDC

14-08-2014 - Moeti Mohwasa

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave it support in whatever form during the time of its mourning for one of its leaders, Cde Gomolemo Motswaledi. He was one of the most outstanding and illustrious sons this country has ever had. Cde Gomolemo Motswaledi though departed, will not be forgotten. He impacted on the lives of everyone and...


We need reconciliation more than we need elections

14-08-2014 - The Telegraph Commentary

Long before Gomolemo Motswaledi’s untimely death it was clear that Batswana had become more divided than at any point in our history. It was also becoming increasingly clear that those objects that had previously united us had either been eroded or were getting weaker. Any claims at national unity were either acts of irresponsible embellishment or in some instances outright lies. Those who pretend...



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