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Wednesday 27 May 2015 | 01:33 PM    

Is there are a chance that BCP can still be part of UDC?

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UDC lessons to learn from Morgan Tsvangirai

24-05-2015 - The Watchdog

There are many lessons that Umbrella for Democratic Change leaders can learn from a certain Morgan Tsvangirai of Zimbabwe. Until he crashed into oblivion the entire world had earmarked Tsvangirai as a crown prince who was going to wrestle power from Zimbabwe’s ageing dictator, Robert Mugabe. In Botswana where he once sought asylum following periodical madness that invariably always descends on Zimbabwe...


The hope and challenge of immunization: What Bazezuru community fail to understand

24-05-2015 - Thabo Seleke

Vaccines have had made a major contribution to public health, including the eradication of one deadly disease, small pox, and the near eradication of another, poliomyelitis. Through the introduction of new vaccines, such as those against rotavirus and pneumococcal diseases, and with further improvements in coverage, vaccination can significantly contribute to the achievement of the health-related United...


About Air Botswana…A letter to Batswana

24-05-2015 - Captain Dick K. Mulalu

Bagaetsho.  I have been postponing to write this letter to you all for a while, in my mind, that is…. I have served our national airline, for over 20 years and would like to share my experience and thoughts of what perhaps causes the “muddle” at Air Botswana. By this time, i sincerely believe that any sensible, caring and responsible Motswana is fully aware that our national airline is in disarray,...


A letter to Botswana

24-05-2015 - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

A friend in Gaborone sent me a text message saying: “Your president is here for two days, what do we do with him?” That was cruel! I would have suggested sending Robert Mugabe to my home village of Dukwi, via the Francistown Center For Illegal Immigrants, hoping that the old animal might see how disastrous the choices and decisions he and his fellow African leaders make are to Africa. Every African...


Just how do you let go of Professor Roman Grynberg?

22-05-2015 - Sonny Serite

We are a country that never loved itself. We don’t know what’s good for us. We don’t appreciate what’s positive for our country. Late last year reports started circulating that renowned development economist Professor Roman Grynberg will be packing his bags and heading for Namibia because Botswana doesn’t seem to appreciate his immense contribution. At the time I just thought to myself, “well someone...


Sereetsi sings of Ngwetsi e e bidiwang Robete

22-05-2015 - The Linguist Chair

His band is called “Sereetsi and the Natives” and the title of the album is Four String confessions. I don’t know why they call the other chaps the natives…I suppose they are natives of some land – certainly they don’t reside in no man’s land. Sereetsi is a former Mmegi newspaper editor and a subsequent employee of BIUST who plays a guitar – a four-string guitar, the same way that those who came before...


UDC Statement on the Political crisis in Burundi

22-05-2015 - Dr. Prince Dibeela

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) is deeply concerned at the deteriorating political situation in Burundi. The insistence of President Pierre Nkurunziza to run for a third term is a retrogressive step in what has been considered a growing democracy. The tendency by African leaders to either seek to change constitutions of their countries or find constitutional loopholes in order to enable themselves...


Outsiders’ view of Botswana is as important as our view of ourselves

22-05-2015 - DON-MARTIN WHANDE

Botswana still has an opportunity to reshape its political landscape and depart from the past practices. Sad to recall is the mounting culture of impunity, an issue that I addressed in one of my articles last year. Botswana must sit up and deal with all issues, not to please foreigners but to make Batswana part of the country, part of the players and show the people, at home and abroad, that Botswana...


Electricity crisis will turn Botswana into a wasteland

22-05-2015 - The Telegraph Commentary

Very few if any of the Ministers of Government want to take part in a conversation that steers towards  electricity shortage in the country. Electricity – or the lack of it is a taboo subject. Nobody in government wants to talk about it. Not even the Minister responsible for electricity. It is like they hope by making no mention of the situation, the troubles will on their own go away the next...


Are we becoming a Mafia state?

22-05-2015 - Kaelo Molefhe

Before I dwell on the subject matter for today, I find it in order to congratulate His Excellency, Ian Khama, for his uninterrupted fourth win in the Khawa Dune challenge on the wildebeest category of the quad bikes over the weekend. That Khama is a sport fanatic cannot be overstated. He has this penchant for adventure that comes only second to his counterpart the other side of the world. Yes, I am...



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