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Monday 28 July 2014 | 06:26 PM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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“Maybe Kruger Simonvelt is right about DIS”

28-07-2014 - Gofetile Keotshwaetse

I have been following with great enthusiasm the media reportings on the state of affairs in Botswana. I must confess it has been an eye opener that this country has evolved to this level. The current discussion and reporting on the directorate of intelligence and security in Botswana is my point of interest which has aroused in me a desire to pose these small set of questions. About two weeks ago...


The Role of Dependent Personality Disorder in Crime

28-07-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

DEPENDENT PERSONALITY DISORDER EXPLAINED Dependent Personality Disorder is one of the personality disorders that regularly rears its head in criminal events, even though it is one of the lesser-known personality disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM V as it is commonly known. Personality disorders are generally defined as having personality traits that are...


HIV/AIDS - Sex Money and Power: Gender, Culture and Inequality, the Nation at Cross Roads

28-07-2014 - Thabo Seleke

Sometime last year the social media was awash with allegations of a sexual orgy scandal that rocked the entire city. It was commonly referred to as “The Three some affair”. A sexual cleansing ritual used barbarically on vulnerable un-suspecting girl child as a status symbol predominantly driven by lust, money and power. Those in the know how, however, state that there was nothing unusual about such...


The Fifa dilemma; how Khama’s bravado led him into the opposition trap

28-07-2014 - The Watchdog

Word is out that Botswana Government is not going to give in to FIFA demands to stop political meddling in football. Botswana government feels that being an election year, constituency league is too precious an electioneering item to give away just a few months into elections. Thus our strongmen in government feel that they would be perceived as weaklings were they to do the right thing by handing...


Establishing a Human Rights Commission is an idea worth debating

28-07-2014 - Sunday Standard Commentary

Many countries across the world have moved along the line of establishing a national human rights commission. Where they exist such organisations have helped in complimenting government efforts to empower citizens by way of guaranteeing and safeguarding their rights. Very often, the reason given as not establishing such bodies especially for countries that have moved ahead in establishing their democracies...


Open letter to BNSC boss

22-07-2014 - Olebile Sikwane

Open letter to BNSC boss Olebile Sikwane I read a very disappointing rather, very arrogant and vicious attack on politicians by one Solly Reikeletseng of Botswana National Sports Council. I think I must brief Solly. The fact is that Constituency League was formed by a politician, President Ian khama. You do not need to be a genius to establish that Ian khama is a politician. Solly must know that this...


Is Oscar Pistorius Suffering from Pathological Stupidity?

22-07-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

Reading through my Twitter feed this week I was dumbfounded to come across a story recounting how murder accused Oscar Pistorius was out on the town with "tow truck baron" Craig Lipschitz, a controversial figure linked to and charged with violent crimes in the past. During the evening Pistorius became involved in an altercation in a Sandton nightclub, the VIP Room, last Saturday night. Unnamed witnesses...


More resources needed for anti–poaching efforts

22-07-2014 - Sunday Standard Commentary

Africa is under siege as poaching of wild animals, especially rhinos and elephants has now reached unprecedented heights. Naturally Botswana is especially a prime target. This is because owing to our conservation success as a country over the years, these species have grown in numbers much more than is the case elsewhere in the continent. Inevitably the poachers look at Botswana as a country that...


Let us be happy for Khama for a moment

22-07-2014 - Lediretse Molake

Imagine a situation where two days in a year are set aside for people to honour you, and they invest that time in bashing you or reminding you of their opinions about your failures and shortcomings. It will by any measure of imagination be a terrible two days. In Setswana we sometimes fight and hate each other but there are times when we forget our differences and have fun. It is in this spirit that...


Phandu Skelemani: how a once promising nationalist lost his way into no man’s land

22-07-2014 - The Watchdog

For the last few years veteran politician Gilson Saleshando has been fighting a one-man war for the rights of minorities. Ordinarily, Saleshando would have expected at the very least, some kind of moral support from such established figures in cabinet like Phandu Skelemani who are themselves not just members of the minorities whose cause Saleshando is championing, but have in the past also forcefully...



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