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Tuesday 03 March 2015 | 02:21 PM    

Is there are a chance that BCP can still be part of UDC?

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Be careful what you wish for…


While at primary school, I served Mass as an “altar boy”. It felt good and pure and I loved it. We recited litanies of praise and worship in memorised Latin as we kept in synch with the priest who spoke the same. But while all looked fluent, there was a difference. Saying Mass in Latin in front of bare-footed worshippers, who hardly understood English, let alone Latin, seemed exotic. Yes, it did. I...


Bringing BCP into the fold does not deserve to be among UDC top priorities

03-03-2015 -

The palpable unhappiness among a growing number of Botswana Congress Party activists cannot for ever be attributed to a hostile coterie of journalists who the party leadership continues to accuse of all kinds of crimes including poor showing at last year’s General Elections. Very soon the party leadership is going to have to contend with the fact that members are actually unhappy with their leadership. For...


Rebuttal- “BDF Intelligence briefs depict an army in crisis”

03-03-2015 -

The BDF wishes to express shock at the recent article published in the Sunday Standard newspaper of 22 - 28 February, 2015 dubbed “BDF intelligence briefs depict an army in crisis” authored by an unnamed reporter. The BDF is disturbed by the contents of the afore-mentioned article which depicts the BDF as “an army in crisis.” The article carries a lot of inaccurate information and distorted facts...


Sealing every leak on the Education Pipeline

03-03-2015 - ENOLE DITSHEKO

Our crop of politicians continue to show sparkle in their parliamentary debates. When [the] Member of Parliament for Francistown West Honourable Ignatius Moswaane made his contribution this past week, he lamented the under-utilisation of facilities and resources particularly that belong to the taxpayers for expansion of knowledge for personal development and education. This is so true to be disputed! When...


Botswana must manufacture synthetic diamonds to avert the threats posed to our diamonds

03-03-2015 - Tshwaragano Mmereki

The Botswana Guardian article ‘synthetic diamonds a threat-de beers’ ( has stimulated this rejoinder. Since March 2014 a number of newspapers carried stories about the BIDPA research on the threat of synthetic diamonds to Botswana. But for me what stood out in the debate around the threat by synthetic diamonds...


President Khama should intervene to bring back sanity to BDF

03-03-2015 -

When he became President in 2008, among other things Ian talked of discipline. Those citizens who had not served in the army were worried that he wanted to bring a military-like regiment to civilian population. Over the recent past there have been many warnings that Botswana Defence Force is losing its traction. Discipline seems to be eluding the army – the very institution where President Khama cut...


Khama behaving like a …. ‘woman’

25-02-2015 - Sonny Serite

I will explain the motivation behind that headline later. First things first. Reports from within the ruling BDP indicate that President Ian Khama was instrumental in the sudden U-turn made by MP Biggie Butale over a very noble motion he had intended to table in parliament. Butale had wanted the Botswana Government to honour the late Motswaledi by naming one national institution after him. He had...


Budget reforms will enhance integrity of public finances

25-02-2015 - The Telegraph Commentary

That the public has lost faith in the budget is there for everybody to see. Where it used to elicit excitement and create anticipation, today the budget speech invokes derision, apathy and ridicule. Many ordinary people view it as a non-event. This stems mainly from the fact that ordinary Batswana are not able to relate the budget speech to their daily struggles, their ambitions, their aspirations...


Is there space for local governments in our development processes?

25-02-2015 - Dan Molaodi

I have in the past argued on the importance of local governments in the process of service delivery for any country and that global trends today seem to be for empowering and giving local governments more responsibilities and the requisite resources necessary for efficient and effective service delivery. I wish to add slightly to those arguments and explore further why I am convinced that local governments...


Absence of Ebola is a call for war against it

25-02-2015 - DON-MARTIN WHANDE

The world is currently on the precipice as people now sleep with one eye open, consumed by the fear of the silent crawl of the Ebola disease. The Ebola crisis has placed the world on a nervous trajectory never seen before, with menaces such as Boko Haram being pushed to the sidelines to pave way for a no holds barred confrontation with Ebola. When it comes to the Ebola virus, everyone has a stake...



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