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Friday 04 September 2015 | 05:28 AM    

Is there are a chance that BCP can still be part of UDC?

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Just as BTV took BDP up, the station is now taking the party down!

30-08-2015 - The Watchdog

Botswana Television, a national institution that promised so much when it was launched, has tragically been allowed to slide into an embodiment of all that is wrong with our public service. A little less than twenty years ago, every young graduate from a media school wanted to work at Botswana Television. Today, not a single one would even want to be seen anywhere near the entrance halls of that public...


Opportunities and chances lost: a tęte–ŕ–tęte with President Khama

30-08-2015 - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

President Khama, I salute you, Your Excellency! I hope this message of mine finds you in good spirits, seeing as I do that you just landed the SADC Chairmanship. Congratulations! The morons at SADC finally saw the light, did they not? Your country hosts the SADC Headquarters yet they made you wait a long time to sit in that beautiful official chair, probably made by those pesky but enterprising...


Botswana Government needs to get clean on its Immigration Policy

30-08-2015 - Sunday Standard Commentary

As a country we need to clearly spell out to the world just what it is that we stand for. This does not only apply to the values for which we stand, but also to what kind of an economy we want to build for ourselves. Our Immigration Policy is sending out mixed signals. While publicly we tell the world that we are open for global business, our actions and behavior at home tell a different story. We...


Why non-profit newsroom is the future of journalism

30-08-2015 - Joel Konopo

Former BTV director Chris Bishop was apt when he observed that investigative journalism is a bit like a sausage. If you like either of them, you should not look too closely at how they are made. Investigative journalism can be rough. The journey from pig carcass to sizzling frying pan, you really do not want to know about. But unlike making that lip-smacking sausage, preparing a high quality, high...


“Review Education Policy to solve education problems”

30-08-2015 - Justin Hunyepa

The Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) considers education as the most critical sectors in Botswana. UDC strongly believes that quality education can solve the socio-economic problems that Botswana is facing now. Education can help resolve the challenges of unemployment, poverty, diseases, corruption, and economic stagnation. This explains why UDC sent a delegation of three central committee members...


Dikgosi are basically saying “voetsek ” to BDP

27-08-2015 - Sonny Serite

Some three years ago, July 2012 to be precise, I sat down with Kgosi Maruje III Masunga for an interview that was published in the Sunday Standard.  I asked him to explain the role, the relevance and the importance of a Kgosi in the society. He described a Kgosi as someone who should instil the spirit of oneness amongst his subjects. He said a Kgosi must instil the spirit of community over individualism....


How do you name a place Ragoleajewa or Tonkieasotega?

27-08-2015 - The Linguist Chair

I have so far written a couple of columns on the subject of names and many have wondered if there is a formal study of names in academia. And the answer is yes. The study of names is known as Onomastics. The word, like many others, is of Greek etymology. It is traced to the Greek word onomastikos meaning of naming. The study of names is also known as onomatology, the study of names. While so far all...


SADC citizens are finding it hard making sense what the organisation really stands for

27-08-2015 - The Telegraph Commentary

The whole of last week, roads in Gaborone were clogged with traffic, with sirens ringing from every direction. The city was host to the annual summit of southern African Heads of State. They make for a funny mix. Among them are democrats, half-hearted democrats, dictators, pseudo-dictators, absolute monarchs and semi-military leaders. Once every year they meet to renew their vows of commitment to...


Patriotism must remain above partisan politics

27-08-2015 - Don Martin whande

There are times when the sense of reckless entitlement among corporate heads of quasi-governmental institutions prompts ordinary citizens to ask for the fundamental re-definition of patriotism. A patriotic person is bound by duty to support his or her country. Likewise, the problem we are having in Botswana is that patriotism is now defined by the political party you support instead of loyalty to...


Zero marks to the judiciary

24-08-2015 - The Watchdog

Over the past decade it has been absolutely necessary for this column to defend and take sides with the judiciary. During that time, we deemed irrefutable that the judiciary had to be cushioned against the encroaching politicization and sometimes not so subtle attacks from the executive. That loyalty to the judiciary, that has often come across as unconditional will however not stop us from expressing...



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