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Tuesday 02 September 2014 | 11:39 PM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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Is Ditshwanelo Human Rights Group using unconventional means to stay relevant?

01-09-2014 - Sunday Standard Commentary

A few years ago, Stephen Corry of Survival international said he could not entrust local Non Governmental Organisations with the responsibility to lead the fight on behalf of Basarwa. Corry said many of Botswana’s NGOs were inherently discredited, with some of them too close and others literally on bed with government. With such a relationship, said Corry, the NGOs were too compromised to be able...


The need for ethical policing

01-09-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

In the last month I have had the misfortune of personally encountering questionable ethical conduct from both officers in the Botswana Police, the South African Police Services and South African Traffic or Metro Police. The incidents were all of a fairly similar nature and all, more than a little concerning. Just outside the Tlokweng border post I was pulled over for allegedly speeding. I was apparently...


Our fate lies in our young. And women too!

01-09-2014 - Lediretse Molake

I recently heard in the news in one of our local radio stations that nearly 40% of those registered to vote are our young and that females make up about 30% and males the remaining 30%. This suggests that the people who will determine who wins elections this year are our young. The female vote will of course make a difference, but the males really do not matter that much. Even though males are in...


Isaac Kgosi speaks! (Part I)

01-09-2014 - Seabelo Isaac Kgosi

I have in the last several weeks watched with utter horror how the media has day after day and week after week accused me of great crimes tried me of those crimes convicted me of those crimes and lynched my character in public square. It is unclear to me why anybody who had cause to suspect me of having committed acts of corruption should prefer to report them to the media and not to law enforcement...


Opposition parties are irresponsible to say there is no state funding of political parties

01-09-2014 - The Watchdog

In a few days one of Africa’s wealthiest businessmen, Patrice Motsepe will grace a fund raising event of the Botswana Democratic Party. It will be an occasion resplendent with glamour, splendor and money spinning. By the time you read this piece President Ian Khama would by many accounts have flown to South Africa there to personally meet Motsepe as part of preparations for the fundraising dinner in...


Madonsela: a woman’s work is never done!

01-09-2014 - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

There are some people who just standout, seemingly without making an effort to do so. There are people who are bad and who the world would rather not hear about and there are good ones hardly known to the world. In the last couple of weeks, two women have camped in my mind, each for different reasons. They are so apart in appearance, intellect and vision that it made me wonder if this was God’s attempt...


So much to write about and so little time before elections!

25-08-2014 - The Watchdog

Initially one had intended to write about the recent badgering of trade union leader Johnson Motshwarakgole by Botswana Congress Party and their leader. Motshwakgole’s crime, we are told is that he never went to school. That is only an alibi. It is a pretext. A failure by one man to go to school can hardly become such a big political crime as to be campaign fodder for a political party that fancies...


Load-Shedding Modubule’s Parliamentary Hopes

25-08-2014 - Raphael Dingalo

Back in the days when I visited Bobonong as a primary school going kid, there was a widespread lingo ‘Legadanga” singular and “Magandanga” plural. I had the courage to ask Uncle Key what “Magadanga” were all about. He quickly produced a picture portraying Legadanga, a creature in camouflaged codes, caped in a beret. Uncle explained that Magadanga are freedom fighters waging a liberation war to topple...


Sexual reproductive rights; putting unsafe abortion in the policy agenda

25-08-2014 - Thabo Seleke

I wish to start with a disclaimer. I am not a demographer nor am I a human rights activist, I am not a feminist. Yes, Men can be feminists. I do not play any role of advocacy on women and health issues. I am just an academic, a scholar and researcher with back ground training in International Health Policy and Management from USA through the Fulbright Scholarship. I am also a recipient of the Global...


Identifying and Treating the Conduct Disorders of Childhood!

25-08-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

The conduct or behavioural disorders refer to a variety of disruptive behaviours of childhood and adolescence, which often give rise to social disapproval because of their antisocial qualities. These behaviours are deemed antisocial because they are explicitly harmful or disturbing to others or in some way have an adverse affect on the environment. The problems range from legally-defined delinquent...



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