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Tuesday 22 July 2014 | 07:18 AM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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Utlwa means more than hear in Setswana

17-07-2014 - The Linguist Chair

This column shares some of the contributions of my colleague and mentor Prof. Andy Chebanne. I first encountered Chebanne as an undergraduate. Little did I know that he would shape some of my views and work in African languages linguistics and lexicography. In this column I discuss the verb utlwa which is highly polysemous. A closer look at utlwa indicates that it is one of those verbs that in the...


Dear Mma Isaac

17-07-2014 - Sonny Serite

Dumela nkuku. Ke solofela fa le tsogile sente ko Matsiloje ebile dinonyane di sa le tshwenye ko masimong. I know Matsiloje is prone to these things that hinder prosperity in agriculture. If it’s not foot and mouth wiping out the cattle, then it’s qualea birds causing havoc at the fields. It shall be fine nkuku. I’m just waiting for harvesting time then I will pay a visit to indulge in watermelons,...


Botswana Opposition offer only criticism

17-07-2014 - MacDonald Peloetletse

It has become fashionable for everyone outside the BDP, including some media houses, to criticise the ruling party, and President SKI Khama has also become a target of criticism and attacks because he heads the BDP. This thing of criticising the BDP started a long time ago, even during the time of Sir Seretse Khama. Their conduct even angered President Sir Seretse Khama so much so that he referred...


Gains made in the fight against HIV/AIDS should not be allowed to be eroded

17-07-2014 - The Telegraph Commentary

It is an often acknowledged benefit of political will and hands-on leadership that Botswana’s success in its fight against HIV/AIDS is today an envy of many countries. That success today faces the biggest test yet. Last week we reported that on account of dwindling sponsorships, ACHAP which is perhaps the last remaining foreign financed flagship in the fight against HIV/AIDS faces an uncertain future....


We need a breath of new life into our public institutions

17-07-2014 - Kaelo Molefhe

In the last instalment I focused on centrality of institutions in the development process. Today I will also like to continue with the same theme, and the motivation for the same is simply explained by endless newspaper reportings on suspected corrupt activities by senior members of our community. Before dwelling on the subject matter for today, which still talk more about institutions, I find it useful...


We call on all patriotic citizens to boycott President Day celebrations

14-07-2014 - Kenneth Dipholo

Every year on the third Monday of July Botswana celebrates what is called Presidents Day Holiday. In 2014 the holiday is scheduled for 21st July and as excitement build up and businesses capitalizes on the opportunity provided by the holiday, I find myself a bit befuddled and offended. To many of us the observance of Presidents day has always gone very much unnoticed largely because we are content...


BNSC is bonkers to criticize people wading into the FIFA position against Botswana

14-07-2014 - Sunday Standard Commentary

A few weeks ago the world football governing body, FIFA made it known that it would take steps against Botswana if no remedies were put in place to rectify what the organization has correctly interpreted as political meddling in football matters. Quite rightly FIFA has chosen to identify constituency league as a kind of meddling that will not be tolerated. This is because the constituency league, which...


Oscar Pistorius trial draws to conclusion

14-07-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

On Monday morning, the 30th of June 2014, the trial of Oscar Pistorius resumed in the North Gauteng High court in Pretoria, South Africa. The day kicked off with the unanimous findings of the three psychiatrists appointed to evaluate Pistorius, during a 30 day evaluation period at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital, being read into the record. It was found that Mr. Pistorius, understands right from wrong,...


My grain on Isaac Kgosi and Botswana’s teething intelligence organ

14-07-2014 - Kruger Simonvelt

Though a foreigner, I am hoping that I will be allowed to air my expression. I will attempt to use the very basic language here so that I am able to drive my point home. Let me put it on record that I have 23 years in the Intelligence and Security field having first been recruited at the tender age of only 22 by my late uncle who also served as an intelligence contractor. I have observed with great...


Power, Passion & Politics: Looking Back and Moving Forward in the Fight against HIV/AIDS in Botswana

14-07-2014 - Thabo Seleke

In their exchange in 2007 Paul Farmer from Partners in Health (PIH) and Garret Laurie stated that success in the delivery of health services is possible with the right program. Laurie had argued on the contrary that the influx of AIDS funding does not really translate into success stories. In support of statement Laurie noted that less than a decade ago, the biggest problem in global health seemed...



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