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Wednesday 17 September 2014 | 09:30 AM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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Banging the drums of war: Why it is folly for Botswana Government to walk away from America

15-09-2014 - The Watchdog

In every way conceivable, the balance has tipped. For a long time the darling of the United States, this week Botswana opted to break the ties. The separation was silly and dramatic. It could so easily have been avoided. Some of us have long seen it coming. Botswana is a democracy in decline. It is led by an intolerant and increasingly irascible security-minded outfit that has little appreciation...


Playing political tricks will not deliver economic growth

15-09-2014 - Sunday Standard Reporter

A greater number of Batswana feel more economically vulnerable today than has ever been the case since 2008. This is of course notwithstanding the ever growing list of sponsored accolades that our country continues to attract from shady think-tanks and pollsters abroad. A few months ago for example, President Ian Khama was ranked the second best President in Africa after the President of Mali. Inside...


The Mokone/Tsimane saga is a priceless opporunity

15-09-2014 - Tshireletso Motlogelwa

The sudden arrest and detention of The Sunday Standard Editor Outsa Mokone and harassment of investigative reporter Edgar Tsimane came as a shock to not just us here at The Press Council but across the media fraternity and indeed the nation. The circumstances and manner of his arrest characterised by a disregard for constitutionally enshrined rights shows an absolute disregard for freedom of expression. Even...



15-09-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

I arrived early at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on the 9/11/2014 where a huge crowd of both journalists and the public had gathered outside court in anticipation of the judgement in the case of Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius. I had been cautioned to expect protests outside of the court and that there may be disruptions in traffic flow around the court as a result thereof. There was...


Be warned, reading dictionaries can be misleading

15-09-2014 - Lediretse Molake

Even though I am a regular contributor to the Sunday Standard newspaper and should ordinarily be annoyed by the arrest of the editor of the paper I must confess that I am rather amused. Except for the fact that Mr. Mokone had to endure the discomfort of a holding cell and being denied access to his legal representatives I think some good will come out of his arrest. I say this because a look at the...


Tonota Centenary celebrations; a Great Hurutshe reunion

15-09-2014 - Seatholo Masego Tumedi

Tonota made history last weekend when she celebrated her 100th year of existence not only with pomp but also with one of the greatest re-unions the southern region of the African continent has ever witnessed. It all started on the preceding Thursday when the descendants of one of Tonota people’s ancestors, Moatshe-a-Kgoloke (himself a descendant of the legendary King Motebele), arrived from Letlhakane...


We can make Botswana great if all worked together

15-09-2014 - Ndaba Gaolathe

The human spirit, in its quietest moments, does not need any reminding of these words: “If a nation values anything more than freedom, it will lose its freedom: and the irony of it is that if it is comfort or money that it values more, it will lose that, too.” Indeed one of the ideals that our forefathers had sought to live for and guarantee, is the idea that every citizen should be free to express...


There can be no democracy without a free media

15-09-2014 - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

When I was at university, my Journalism professor asked me if I would be returning to Africa or if I intended to stay in the United States. I told him that I was on my way back to Africa “to help in the development of our newly independent Zimbabwe”. He genuinely wished me well then asked me a question, bringing up a topic that still haunts me to this day. As a matter of fact, if I had paid a little...


BDP has no lessons to learn from Patrice Motsepe

07-09-2014 - The Watchdog

One Saturday evening in 2006 as I was driving home after a few drinks I switched on a South African Radio Station. Blaring from the radio was the voice of the then President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki. He was delivering a Nelson Mandela Memorial Lecture at Witwatersrand University. It was the vintage Mbeki; intellectually suave and quintessentially pan-Africanist. He quoted from the Holy Bible,...


“What did I say to offend the BDP?”

07-09-2014 - Sir Ketumile Masire

Three weeks ago Mr Mpho Balopi, the Secretary General of BDP published in the newspapers that he was going to drag me before the BDP Council of Elders to be grilled about what I said at Gomolemo Motswaledi’s funeral.  I am still waiting.  I wonder if he has now changed his mind.  If so, I am sorely disappointed, because failure to carry out his threat will deny me the opportunity to hear what was so...



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