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Monday 06 July 2015 | 06:53 AM    

Is there are a chance that BCP can still be part of UDC?

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Straight talk with James Mathokgwane

05-07-2015 - Batlhalefi Leagajang

It has been a long time since we shared moments comrade. I must admit it took me almost a month to submit this article because I was hesitant to talk to you. Anyway, I hope you are fine comrade. I still remember the good old days at UB when you were our SRC President. You taught us to fear nothing as long as we knew that the course we were fighting for was justified. You led many strikes and you made...


After BNYC, what’s next?

05-07-2015 - Sunday Standard Commentary

Recently it has come to our attention that cabinet has pretty much resolved to do away with the Botswana National Youth Council. The minister responsible for BNYC has pretty confirmed that under its current set up, the BNYC days have come to an end. He has vaguely suggested that BNYC will be replaced with another organization which he will define with time. He says he wants to make that new organization...


“Politics, power and leadership” - revisiting Professor Prempeh’s analysis

05-07-2015 - Thabo Seleke

“It has been said that most revolutions are not caused by revolutionaries in the first place, but by the stupidity and brutality of governments …..At the center of many of the world's oppressed cultures stands the figure of the ‘trickster hero.’ In legend and songs, he appears in the form of a seemingly innocuous animal that triumphs over others much larger than himself through cunning and guile”....


Reviving the BDP should entail recognizing the party’s structural weaknesses

05-07-2015 - The Watchdog

As the Botswana Democratic Party emerges out of its first elective Congress since the General Elections last year, it seems almost inevitable that its strategists will be trying to evaluate the true causes and costs of the party’s structural decline since 2008. Any attempts to evade apportioning blame will be an effort to divert attention from the many ills afflicting the party. The surest result...


Malema in SA, Grace Mugabe in Zimbabwe…oh, my God!

05-07-2015 - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

I have always waited for someone in Africa to look at my sad face, smile and poke me in my ribcage with their elbow and relieve me with three words, “Just kidding, buddie”. For more than 30 years I have waited. Nothing. People say the most painful things to me, the victim, while praising a system that disenfranchised me. Some Africans are entertained by some African leaders’ cruelty to their people. The...


The kgotla is not a democratic space

02-07-2015 - The Linguist Chair

The word kgotla is a polysemous word. By polysemous, we mean that it has multiple related meanings in its use. It is used to mean a ward, that is a group of families living together in the same area in a specific part of a village. The cluster of households usually forms a circle or a semi-circle around a central kraal that is shared by the members. In a traditional Setswana village setup each village...


Whoever runs the BCP should consider disengaging in the Barolong by-election!

02-07-2015 - Spencer Mogapi

It is not clear these days just who really is in charge at Botswana Congress Party.At one time it would seem like it is the powerful, unelected and thus unaccountable grey-haired grandees like Mike Dingake and Gobe. Matenge who run the show.Though still somewhat politically disoriented following the mortification he received from the General Elections late last year, at another moment it seems like...


UDC owes the nation Motswaledi’s death report

02-07-2015 - Sonny Serite

When they set out to engage experts who would help investigate the death of Gomolemo Motswaledi, the leadership of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) left out an equally important group of experts. It is becoming glaringly clear the party ought to have included public relations practitioners in their quest for answers on the demise of the iconic Motswaledi. The way the UDC leadership is handling...


Dictators are architects of their own misfortune

02-07-2015 - DON-MARTIN WHANDE

Burundians held parliamentary and local elections on Monday after weeks of violent protests against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to seek a third term in office. In light of Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza’s continued efforts to violate the constitution, and press ahead with elections, the African Union (AU) stood down its election observers in Burundi on Sunday over the fear the polls...


Public servants should not engage in business

02-07-2015 - Kaelo Molefhe

This past weekend all roads led to Jwaneng for the Toyota 1000 desert race. And, as is usually the case, many people went to partake in the event mainly as spectators. In the capital city you could tell by the few numbers of people in different shopping malls that people had left for the bundus. For once, moving around Gaborone proved a little bit easier. Not only was the congestion a non-issue, the...



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