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Friday 31 October 2014 | 10:44 PM    

Would opposition perform better in the coming elections had the Botswana Congress Party stayed as part of UDC?

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Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison

27-10-2014 - Laurie Pieters-James

On Tuesday the of 22nd of October, the day started early for me with an appearance on Morning Live at seven am. When I arrived at the North Gauteng High Court at 6 o’clock I was not to surprised to see the foreign and local media back in full force, bustling about, busily prepping for what was to be the final day of the Pistorius trial. For many of us involved, this trial had been a long and arduous...


Grace Mugabe has nothing to offer Zimbabwe

27-10-2014 - Tanonoka Joseph Whande

The Zimbabwe African National Union, which later added “PF” to its name for political and military expediency during the war of liberation, turned 51 this year. The party was formed by Ndabaningi Sithole, Henry Hamadziripi, Mukudzei Midzi, Herbert Chitepo, Edgar Tekere, Edison Zvobgo and Leopold Takawira at the house of the late Enos Nkala in August 1963. Robert Mugabe, who has terrorized the party...


Beware of “sweet talk” Politicians & Sycophants

27-10-2014 - Thabo Seleke

Batawana are too kind – I have reached one conclusion and one conclusion only– BATAWANA ARE JUST TOO KIND and well mannered to tolerate the hurl of insults at their King “Makhosetive” in silence. None of what is reported to have been said and transpired at the BDP political rally in Maun on the 10th October could have ever taken place in Mochudi or in Kgatleng. I am not trying to be pompous nor am...


BTU: Vote to defend Democracy

27-10-2014 - Ibo Nana Kenosi

Botswana is our land which we inherited from our fore fathers and our duty as citizens of this democracy is to defend our land, our freedoms and peace by any means necessary. It is an open secret that for so long Botswana has been branded as a classic example of successful democracy and it is my believe that the successes and failures of this democracy lies within the hands of its citizens. However,...


By refusing to be part of UDC, the BCP is willing to sacrifice its ambitions for state power

22-10-2014 - Spencer Mogapi

Botswana Congress Party youth say they have a problem with media houses predicting the outcome of the Friday General Elections. Their gripe, they say, is because media houses making such predictions lack the technical depth to make predictions. Coming from a political formation this is most bizarre indeed. Not only because it is an established practice in all democracies all over the world, but also...


There is a difference between the BDP and government

22-10-2014 - Bashi Mothusi

The 2014 general elections are here. Batswana will be going to the polls on Friday 24th October 2014 to elect their parliamentary and council representatives. That these elections are going to be the most interesting elections in the history of our republic is not in dispute. The stakes have never been so high. The three political parties which are competing for state power are moving mountains and...


Let us be Champions of Democracy

22-10-2014 - Agreement Lathi Jotia

We have reached an hour once more where as a nation we have to defend the principles of democracy. Firstly, we ought to glorify the Almighty God for having jealously guarded against the evil of injustice and the mutilation of democracy, freedom, peace and tranquillity in the past 48 years. God’s mercies upon us have been amazing and our heritage as a nation has been glorious and colourful although...


IEC has once again failed the litmus test!

22-10-2014 - The Telegraph Commentary

Nothing better illustrates the risks surrounding this year’s General Elections than what happened on Saturday during the pre-polling sessions organized for public officers who will be conducting and overseeing elections on the main voting day on Friday 24th. Compared to what will happen on the main voting day, the pre-poll exercise is a very tiny undertaking in magnitude. Yet still it provides an...


Three Days to Go….

22-10-2014 - Dan Molalodi

It is only three more days to Election Day and indeed the heat is on, judging from the last campaign rallies by the three main contending parties. The first batch of voters exercised their rights over the weekend when citizens based outside the country and those who will be officiating this coming Friday went to the various polling stations to vote. Whilst there are reports of problems of availability...


Kgosi e ya nyena ga e a senyega e bolosokane!

22-10-2014 - The Linguist Chair

Today we take lessons in semantics and then apply them to a political speech shared on this column last week. We shall keep matters light and make complex concepts accessible to the reader. I use the term semantics in a linguistical sense to mean a linguistics study of meaning. I don’t use it to mean, meaning dependent on the speaker, as when lay people say: It is a matter of semantics. We start here:...



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