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02 Sep 2018

The former President Lieutenant General Kgosikgolo Dr. Seretse Khama Ian Khama aka Khama IV has neither been oblivious of the public view that he was a dictator, nor the international perception about him as an authoritarian ruler. His immediate predecessor, Dr. Festus Mogae at the African Leadership Forum in Tanzania told the world that:

27 Aug 2018

If the prodigal son had fathomed his to be the only return that would be openly received in conscious oblivion of the flaws he had unmasked in his character, he had done so out of an innocent unawareness that epochs later there would a country called Botswana that would follow in similar fashion.

27 Aug 2018

With his parliamentary platform having failed to bring help he had hoped for, the Gaborone North MP, Haskins Nkaigwa, is now appealing to lawyers in private practice to help restore land originally earmarked for a large-scale, low-cost housing project to its rightful owners.

23 Aug 2018

According to Department for International Development (DFID) policy paper on “Building Jobs and Prosperity in Developing Countries”, growth can generate virtuous circles of prosperity and opportunity. Strong growth and employment opportunities improve incentives for parents to invest in their children’s education by sending them to school.

20 Aug 2018

With Ian Khama, having near announced that he is abdicating the Bangwato bogosi in favour of his younger brother, Tshekedi, someone who has all along been a private citizen no longer is.

20 Aug 2018

A project that has defied a series of ever-changing completion dates announced by a president, two ministers and the Botswana Power Corporation remains stubbornly so.

16 Aug 2018

The world is now battling a mental illness epidemic. Unfortunately, this epidemic is a silent one due to a stigma associated with professing that one is afflicted with mental illness. People with mental illness face many prejudices. For example, one may wrongly assume that they are unpredictable, violent or lazy and perceive them as a threat.

16 Aug 2018

The main objective of the Nagoya is the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the utilisation of genetic resources, thereby contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The project started in 2016 and is scheduled to end in 2019 and is a supplementary agreement to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

12 Aug 2018

Asked by The Voice to list his major achievements, the first thing former president Lieutenant General Ian Khama thought of was agriculture.

09 Aug 2018

In the disruptive, rul e s -breaking arc of Khama’s statecraft, his conduct the past few weeks has marked a new milestone. He has gone where none of his predecessors has ever gone, flouted the most deeply held traditions and shredded all the customary standards in Botswana of how an ex-president should behave.

05 Aug 2018

Time and fate have not been very kind to Laone who looks every day of her 30 years and more. The last born in a family of five with a mother who worked as a nurse and a father who was a school teacher she dreamed of a future behind behind a white picket fence with a husband and two to three children with a car in the garage.

05 Aug 2018

On the street sprawling below the brightly lit windows of Gaborone West Town Houses, the tall street lamps cartoon the horde of female night prowlers into stocky dark shadows. Scantily dressed in the freezing winter night, these young women are like scavengers looking for their next prey.

03 Aug 2018

Aware of the primary challenge Botswana stood to face in the future as a mineral dependent economy, former President Festus Mogae in August 2005 established the Business and Economic Advisory Council (BEAC) as a advisory body to government in achieving its objective of accelerating economic diversification and sustainable growth, and in the process reduce Botswana’s dependence on mining, as the

03 Aug 2018

Heroin, Cocaine and cannabis are some of Europe’s most commonly used drugs, with approximately 3.7 million adults (aged 15–64) estimated to have used it in the last year.

30 Jul 2018

At the Molepolole kgotla, the first stop of President Festus Mogae’s national farewell tour in 2007, a speaker from the floor told the outgoing president that his legacy would, in part, be defined by how his successor, Vice President Ian Khama, ruled for the next 10 years.

30 Jul 2018

A Botswana Institute for Development Policy Analysis (BIDPA) study that considers both entrepreneur and firm characteristics in reviewing the literature on small and medium enterprises’ access to credit has found Botswana’s financial institutions differ with much of the world in a way that most would approve.

26 Jul 2018

UDC’s major contracting partners, Botswana National Front (BNF) and Botswana Congress Party (BCP) have just emerged out of their conferences determined to kick out Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) out of the opposition umbrella coalition dubbed the ‘peoples project’.

18 Jul 2018

The head of the Botswana Nurses Union (BONU) secretariat, Keoopetse Paphane, dramatically lost her job with all its trappings on Thursday night during an extraordinary general conference that was purposefully designed to achieve such outcome.

12 Jul 2018

When former President Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama was elected into office in 2008, only a few people questioned whether he would put the values of the country before his interests. Perhaps the reason why a lot of people gave him the benefit of the doubt was because no one predicted what would be coming in the next 8 years of his presidency.

08 Jul 2018

As  multitudes  gathered  in Molepolole  yesterday to  bury   GUS,  the observation was inescapable  that  he was  many things  to many people and  a somewhat complex   personality  in the  political tapestry   of  this country.