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23 Jul 2017

Abueng Mambisana is at her work desk promptly a little before the 7am starting time. On most mornings, the beaming face would belie the previous night’s lack of sleep. This has been a way of life for some years now – a little price to pay to attain bigger goals.

18 Jul 2017

In a Botswana with underdeveloped oversight institutions, Sir Ketumile Masire could easily have become filthy rich. Had the late former president been a Mobuto Sese Seko or a Teodoro Obiang, the money from the world richest diamond mine in Jwaneng would probably have made him the richest African.

14 Jul 2017

The High-Level Ministerial Workshop and a Regional Investors’ Conference on Regional Energy Projects to be held on 12-13 July will review the list of priority regional energy projects, assess the preparation of these projects, and discuss capacity building measures to strengthen skills within the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to package bankable projects.

09 Jul 2017

If you were to ask Abel Modungwa what type of graduate he wants to see emerge from Botswana’s education and training system, the answer would be along the lines of, a globally competitive individual with a set of skills that can either land them a good job anywhere in the world, or be used to self-employ.

The new emphasis is on what one can do.

02 Jul 2017

The past fortnight has been a challenging one for the nation with first, the news your admission into the hospital and, next, your passing on.  I was consoled by the fact that, instead of mourning, Batswana turned this period into a celebration of your life.  Not surprising, speaker after speaker, from all political sides has had nothing but kind words for you; especially with respect to elevat

02 Jul 2017

Any assertion that Lyndon Mothusi was living large prior to May 2008 would certainly be untrue. He was living larger.

25 Jun 2017

In emailed response to Sunday Standard questions, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Gaeimelwe Goitsemang, describes relations between Botswana and China as “excellent.” The reality though is that that superlative belongs in a different time period and administration because there is ample evidence that relations between the countries are g

25 Jun 2017

One of the very first people to stop by Jane Mokone’s bed minutes after she gave birth to her second son was Harriet Snowy Rampa. Outside work, Rampa was very well acquainted with the mother and her husband, recently-arrived South African refugees who operated a grocery store in Molepolole.

18 Jun 2017

The Member of Parliament for Selebi-Phikwe West Dithapelo Keorapetse demanded an explanation last week on the petition signed by 12 judges of the High Court against Chief Justice Dibotelo.

18 Jun 2017

Allowing Tibet’s spiritual leader in exile to visit Botswana seems a terribly misguided idea because it could have ruinous economic consequences. However, it turns out that economic diplomacy is the last thing on the minds of the powers that be.

15 Jun 2017

The adage which says - “you are what you eat” carries with it a very important message which has somehow been lost. The phrase simply means it is important to eat good food in order to be healthy and fit. Whilst eating good food might be the ideal, this is clearly not the case in some communities.

11 Jun 2017

Examining Keamogetse Kethaile two days after he suffered what sounds like a bare-knuckle, prison-rules beatdown, a doctor at the Mahalapye Hospital determined that he was in a really bad shape. In terms of established policy and practice, the police were supposed to have taken Kethaile to the hospital for immediate medical attention. That didn’t happen.

05 Jun 2017

The nation marveled at the rare entrepreneurial feat of two young men, Bakang Modise and Kagiso Mongwaketse, when they teamed up to open a Pick n Pay store in Lobatse. Both had studied in South Africa.

05 Jun 2017

In a business deal that the aggrieved parties describe in near shakedown terms, a Botswana Railways subsidiary is said to be hogging the road haulage market at its dry port in Gaborone.

21 May 2017

Spar Supermarket has been named as the third party in the matrimonial disharmony that has taken the Molapo Crossing shopping mall and its anchor tenant before the Lobatse High Court.

21 May 2017

At this point it is a well-known fact that the Government of Botswana supports the death penalty. In fact, President Ian Khama mentioned the government’s intention to retain the death penalty during his most recent diplomatic briefing. It is not only the ruling party that supports the death penalty either. There are also opposition members who support it.

14 May 2017

Since independence Botswana has executed 49 people. The most recent person to be hung was Patrick Gabaakanye in 2016. While Botswana is not the only SADC country that still has the death penalty on its books, it is the only member that continues to carry out executions.

07 May 2017

The Chief Executive Officer at Botswana power Corporation insists that what is ongoing at the state owned energy company is reorganization.

He takes thinly veiled offence at media’s continual reference to the process as restructuring.

Early on in our interview, Stefan Schwarzfischer embarks on a long frolic to explain the difference between restructuring and reorganization.

07 May 2017

In terms of the Liquor Act that was introduced in 2008, an establishment that sells alcohol is not allowed to trade less than 500 metres away from a major road or a school. Armed with this knowledge, Luc Vandecasteele, the Managing Director of Sphinx Associates, the company that owns Molapo Crossing in Gaborone, queried why two such establishments had been given trading licences.

02 May 2017

Tjako Mpulubusi puts the date at “just before the birth of Khama III”, President Ian Khama’s great grandfather. According to Mpulubusi, who is the former Director of the National Museum and Art Gallery, the Bangwato used not to have a fixed physical habitation.