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10 Oct 2006

IT'S DECEMBER 3, 2002, a pivotal moment in the Survival International campaign to malign Botswana diamonds as “conflict diamonds.” It's the first day of the Diamond Conference in Gaborone and temperatures are rising.

10 Oct 2006

Sheila Khama makes no secret that her diary has a lot of entries that say, “date with journalists.” Beaming at a spread of journalists seated around a conference table nicely dressed up into a dining table, the De Beers Botswana Managing Director is bubbling with come hither wisecracks like “my door is always open.”

04 Oct 2006

The first thing that strikes you about Lobatse Mental Hospital is how difficult it is to see inside from outside. That is the point.

A group of nurses from the hospital this week helped Sunday Standard piece together a grim catalogue of sexual abuse, violence, drug abuse, loan sharking, rape and high HIV/AIDS infections behind the concrete curtain.

04 Oct 2006

When Mascom Managing Director Jose Pereira drives around town these days, staring him in the face is a billboard touting Orange Botswana products.

In an attempt to increase market share, the billboards sporting national team players mock the competition, boasting that Orange Botswana “has no hidden costs.”

03 Oct 2006

Theme: National unity and Self Reliance - 30th September, 2006

I greet you all my Fellow Citizens.

Forty years ago, we took charge of our destiny as an independent and sovereign nation. It is a source of pride to us all that we have, throughout those 40 years, sustained our cherished values of freedom and democracy.

03 Oct 2006

It’s a dichotomy as Botswana celebrates its 40th anniversary of independence from Britain this long weekend. It boasts one of the world’s highest growth rates, but is saddled with high unemployment and poverty.

Luxury 4X4 vehicles ply the roads alongside weather-beaten taxis in the capital Gaborone, where fashionable mansions neighbour crude shacks.

25 Sep 2006

As Botswana opposition parties join the chorus of dissent against the relocation of Basarwa from the Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve, President Festus Mogae finds himself marching to the beat of an unpopular drummer – Writes SPENCER MOGAPI

23 Sep 2006

Botswana's privatization process will be lost and won in the privatization of Air Botswana which will pave the way for the privatization of other state owned enterprises, but so far things are not looking up.

16 Sep 2006

Problems plaguing the privatization of Air Botswana indicate that privatization has become the first casualty in the running battle between PEEPA Chief Executive Officer, Joshua Galeforolwe, and his board – Writes SUNDAY STANDARD REPORTER

09 Sep 2006

Gordon Bennet must have spent many nights burning the midnight oil. The crack lawyer representing Basarwa in their case against eviction from the Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve this week lugged a bag heavy with 400 pages of his summation into the Lobatse High Court.

09 Sep 2006

Botswana’s opposition parties stand a better chance of winning elections through the current first past the post system as opposed to proportional representation Writes OLIVER MODISE

Do you want a clear view of Botswana’s politics? Get a St Louis lager.

02 Sep 2006

The Ministry of Finance and Development Planning has become a bully pulpit and the man in charge, Serwalo Tumelo, never has to worry about running out of enemies.

02 Sep 2006

oshua Galeforolwe and Serwalo Tumelo, former classmates from Swaneng Hill School in Serowe and now the two big hands behind PEEPA, have nurtured seething resentment. What started off as a dispute over the way forward for Botswana’s privatisation has now snowballed into a live and let die battle for survival.

26 Aug 2006

Undoubtedly one of the country‘s foremost publicity strategists and the past master of spin, it will be interesting to see how Jacob Sesinyi will dig Debswana out of its current public relations nightmare, touched off by revelations that the company has been using secret cameras, planted in toilets, to spy on its employees at Orapa.

26 Aug 2006

There is no line between justice and injustice in Botswana's Customary Courts, and the poor are having the worst of it.

The young lady sitting on the other side of the table sported a tag that said “Court Clerk.” I had been warned that she was a mean woman, given to prickishness, but when we finally shook hands and exchanged “hellos”, she was courteous to a fault.

23 Aug 2006

In the rush to address the problem of skills shortage, Botswana is importing what the Indian media has branded “graduates from institutions of fake educational certificates”

Morula Morula, a reporter with the Botswana Guardian newspaper, likes to regale friends with the story of a job hunting expatriate, fresh from India, who turned up at a local secondary school.

23 Aug 2006

The battle for the BNF presidency will be lost and won at the party back room and not on the pages of local newspapers. Smart money bets that Moupo will emerge stronger with a tighter stranglehold on the party.

“Moupo quits”

“Moupo sinks deeper”

“It’s only a matter of time”

14 Aug 2006

Making sense of Botswana National Front leader, Otsweletse Moupo, is like putting together pieces of a jig-saw puzzle scattered by a careless hand- Writes SUNDAY STANDARD REPORTER.

When the looming battle for the Botswana National Front (BNF) presidency is finally lost and won, it will be interesting to see which Otsweletse Moupo emerges from the dust.

14 Aug 2006

Asked to clear his desk and leave the Botswana National Front high office, Otsweletse Moupo still has a fighting chance, but the vultures are circling.

Friday morning Sunday Standard deputy editor, Spencer Mogapi, received a phone call from Botswana National Front (BNF) President Otsweletse Moupo's long time bosom buddy.

05 Jul 2006

Even without any formal training in art, a local painter is gaining international recognition, writes MODIRWA KEKWALETSWE