14 Oct 2018

It will be interesting to see which Mokgweetsi Masisi steps down at the end of his Presidential term: The founding father of a truly democratic Botswana or just another stuffed suit who watched as history overtook him.

07 Oct 2018

With a reported 87 000 (and counting) university graduates never having entered the job market, there can be no doubt that they have developed thick layers of what in formal employment would be the equivalent of ring rust. Naturally, this complicates their job prospects and so, should they be demanding jobs or to be reskilled?

07 Oct 2018

Early in September, international news was awash with the claim that 87 elephants had been “killed by poachers” in Botswana. The story originated from the NGO Elephants Without Borders, which received massive publicity – and presumably donations – as a result.

02 Oct 2018

What began as one man’s dream became an important national institution that is central to preservation of Botswana’s heritage, writes MESH MOETI

27 Sep 2018

The political clock is ticking pretty fast towards the 2019 general election. Most political parties have already completed identification of the parliamentary and council hopefuls for the country’s 12th general election. Among the candidates identified is ruling Botswana Democratic Party’s Mmusi Kgafela who will battle it out for the crown in Mochudi West constituency.

23 Sep 2018

The two dozen or so journalists wrinkled their noses and gagged as they struggled to keep down the bacon and eggs breakfast they had just binged on at Kasane Travel Lodge Hotel. Most, however, just covered their noses from the aggressive stench of rotting flesh and jostled for vantage positions around the decomposed elephant carcass.

17 Sep 2018

One little but highly inconvenient detail about the young Ian Khama that Mmegi publicised years ago is that he would routinely rub out art drawings by his big sister, Jacqueline.

17 Sep 2018

How, people ask, can the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama, continue to serve in cabinet after publicly expressing support for a patently anti-Botswana report? A similar question is not being asked about another senior government official: how can the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Basic Education, Dr.

10 Sep 2018

Of the tallest orders that he could ever have had to contend with in the first few months of his administration, President Mokgweetsi Masisi is being egged on by tourists from western countries to continue an unlawful policy that was introduced by his predecessor, General Ian Khama. 

10 Sep 2018

The peep of day transpired as the aura that filled the Great Hall of China, a moment which could later be marked the turning point, in fact the beginning, of a period in which Botswana and China would rise to new heights.