20 Nov 2018

President Masisi is in his element. He is dropping nuggets of wisdom about our democracy, waxing lyrical about Botswana and running us through the country’s political intrigues. We are not so much interviewing him as marveling at his beautiful mind roving from subject to subject. And then midway through a question he cuts in: “Mhh!

11 Nov 2018

Some seven months after leaving office, former president Ian Khama still seems to have trouble waking up and smelling the early-morning Mosukujane tea harvested from Moshupa hills.

11 Nov 2018

If you are poor and unlucky enough to have been caught with barely dried biltong from a stolen cow, chances are you will be appearing on Btv news within 24 hours with still unconsumed evidence spread out at your feet. If you were part of a gang, you will be lined up in a column and your humiliation shown from all camera angles.

09 Nov 2018

President of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) Duma Boko has been the helmsman of the party for several years now, but a sizeable number of people are still searching and trying to figure out the ideology and doctrine that guides his haphazard decision-making on internal affairs.

09 Nov 2018

By Arnold Letsholo

In Botswana Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) is growing to become a grave threat to the survival of many endangered species. This all emanates from the competition between rural communities and wild animals over natural resources.

04 Nov 2018

Stephen Corry lives in London but can so accurately describe the Okavango Delta as if he lives in it.

04 Nov 2018

The full decision rendered by the Competition Authority reveals the extent to which Choppies Distribution Centre and Payless Supermarket lied to the Authority in order to be exempted from certain requirements of the Competition Act.

01 Nov 2018

By Joseph Balise

In an interview with Radio Botswana Monday morning, a senior IEC official confirmed that only one third of the targeted voting population had already registered to vote by the close of the seventh week of the registration exercise.

28 Oct 2018

“I am not a member of the Botswana Democratic Party but I will vote for it in the coming general election.”

25 Oct 2018

Thousands of miles in the classrooms of Japan, children are being taught how to be shrewd problem solvers. In Finland they encourage expression, whilst in Singapore children are being trained critical and inventive thinking. How much has Botswana achieved?Asks The Telegraph Reporter.