23 Nov 2018

The 2018 Mascom President’s Concert will take place on Tuesday, November 27th at Maitisong. Sponsored by Mascom, this annual concert is a charitable event organized by Maitisong to raise funds for the less privileged members of society. 

23 Nov 2018

Although non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are among some of the difficulties that Botswana has had to wrestle with among the elderly people over the years, a serious problem is emerging and that is Batswana youth are increasingly being diagnosed with NCDs.

23 Nov 2018

A health official says the highest users of family planning methods in Botswana are young women aged between 19 and 25 years. Speaking to Arts & Society in an interview on condition of anonymity, the official stated that despite the emergency pill not being regarded as a long-term family planning method, most youth were mishandling the pill which could be catastrophic to their health.

20 Nov 2018

By Ruth Kedikilwe

Video footage circulating on social media depicting the public battery of a transgender woman in Gaborone has raised a red flag that Botswana may be more homophobic that previously thought.

18 Nov 2018

By Carlistus Bosaletswe

The neighboring South Africa has taken advantage of the locals who are at this time desperate to take affordable holidays than the local tourism which is perceived to be expensive.

The local market been accused by many as being unable to provide affordable packages for local holiday makers.

11 Nov 2018

By Mpho Kuhlmann

“It was difficult at first. A man’s ego takes a huge knock when his significant other earns more than he does but we eventually found a way of dealing with it. He is my husband and I respect him.” Boitumelo Mokgosi who earns more than her husband is relating how their relationship went to hell and back.

04 Nov 2018


I have spent a good thirty minutes this morning trying to remember the last time I heard a woman admire a fellow woman without pointing out a single flaw or belittling the difficultly-offered admiration by being condescending, and boy have I struggled!