17 Feb 2019

For the last few weeks, the UDC has been thrust so firmly into the public glare of our national politics.

Is the organization living up to the public scrutiny?

The jury is still out.

But so far the early optics are not so much encouraging. Emerging is a picture of an entity totally unable to withstand the elasticity strain.

17 Feb 2019

By now, the whole world knows about the atrocities committed by the Zimbabwe National Army and the Zimbabwe Republic Police against unarmed civilians who were excising their rights to protest the failures of their government.

Everyone knows about Zimbabwe’s failed economy and the hardships people are facing without a national currency.

17 Feb 2019

One of the most bizarre things South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his state of the nation address during the opening of parliament on the 10th of February 2019 is that South Africa has granted prospecting rights to a French company Total for the exploration of oil off the coast of South Africa. He said it without batting an eyelid.

17 Feb 2019

By Richard Moleofe

Since we have little or nothing to show for our military spending over the years, what is the next step we need to follow going forward? This question arises from the litany of failures regarding our spending as opposed to what we have in the Botswana Defence Force arsenal.

14 Feb 2019

The study of names is known as onomastics. The study of the specific area of personal names is called Anthroponomastics while the study of place names is known as toponomastics. I have previously written on three Setswana names: Neo, Kabo and Mpho which semantically deal with something that is given. I am revisiting this discussion on Friday at a seminar at the University of Botswana.

14 Feb 2019

Corruption thrives in darkness. It is appalling that in this day and age a government purporting to be democratic and a company feigning openness and transparency could see nothing wrong keeping away from public scrutiny the contents of Agreements that have so much material impact on the economic wellbeing and even existence of a nation.

11 Feb 2019

In a big way, President Mokgweetsi Masisi has addressed many of the concerns that had for long made Umbrella for Democratic Change supremely relevant for many people.

That has kind of denied UDC the much needed oxygen.

The upshot of which is that the UDC is now walking at a precipice.

By any stretch, this is not something to be celebrated.