11 Aug 2019

Batswana should stand up and speak against government’s decision to privatise Botswana Meat Commission.

BMC privatisation, if it happens will be a kind of shakedown that will by far affect subsistence farmers more than the elite cattle barons whose interests are already so well represented at parliamentary and cabinet levels.

11 Aug 2019

Most Batswana acknowledge that the late Dr Kenneth Koma, founder and leader of the Botswana National Front (BNF) for many years, was one of the finest politicians this country ever produced. He was indeed the doyen of Botswana’s opposition politics.

11 Aug 2019

A way has to be found to wean Botswana away from public sector inspired growth.

That means growing the private sector and also reducing the wage bill of government.

The current budget deficit, unless our economic priorities change is set to grow.

And that is not in our best interests as a country.

05 Aug 2019

Critics of China like to selectively highlight a series of imperfections about the country and say those are sufficient proof why the rise of China has been bad for the world.

05 Aug 2019

The Umbrella for Democratic Change manifesto has come up with a key suggestion that needs isolating for further diagnosis and scrutiny.

That proposal is an introduction of P3000 minimum wage.

At face value it might sound like an innocuous proposal made in the heat of heightened political theatrics.

But that is not so.

05 Aug 2019

There is no doubt that Zimbabwe has gone through extremely difficult decades of mindless abuse caused by bad governance, corruption, ineptitude and downright inability to govern.

The mediocrity of Zimbabwean politicians, in and outside of government, has been on public display for decades.