How to get UDC back on track

15 Apr 2019

"UDC victory is by no means inevitable." Almost like a mantra this is what Umbrella for Democratic Change leader Duma Boko needs to say every morning when he wakes up and every evening when he goes to bed.

The reason is simple.

BNF of which Boko is also the leader happens to be the linchpin of the UDC.

Who The Cap Fit? Why I agree with Kwapa and Kwapeng

15 Apr 2019

“Man to man is so unjust, you don’t know who to trust. “Some will hate you, pretend they love you, then behind, they try to eliminate you”.

You may be wondering as to why I am making reference to Bob Marley’s song?

No paper napkins for the crocodile

15 Apr 2019

Schadenfreude is a word that incites anger in me.                                                                    

It is vile; it is incendiary. It describes the worst a person could ever be.

Schadenfreude sums up a person’s personality to the extent of suffocating whatever might be good about a person.

The word mixes harm, joy and damage and the outcome is foul.

Unprecedented security for BDP Congress

15 Apr 2019

By Richard Moleofe

If you live anywhere along the Trans Kgalagadi highway, one would never have missed the security deployment that was organized for Kang where the BDP congress was held this past weekend. This was total Armageddon.

SACU catches Brexit bug

12 Apr 2019

Anxiety and jittery persist as negotiations between the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) plus Mozambique and the United Kingdom stall for the new Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) as the United Kingdom (UK) prepares to leave the European Union.

This is due to demands by the UK for special treatment at variance with the benefits provided by the EU SACU EPAs.

Media plays critical roles in election processes

12 Apr 2019

By Joseph Balise

The High Court never said Mma Venson-Moitoi is not Motswana

12 Apr 2019

Our people like to sensationalise and they like to consume bite-size pieces of information. They rarely engage in extensive reading. Because of this, they are therefore susceptible to deception. Some like hear-says “magatwe” Ga tweng?

Pelonomi and Mokgweetsi fought their battles but none won the war

12 Apr 2019

By Adam Phetlhe

If they want to retain their independence, Bank of Botswana must stay away from politics

08 Apr 2019

Retaining the face of Ian Khama on the P10 bill notes is no longer possible to justify.

Bank of Botswana has to make a choice; to delve full throttle into politics or to keep their independence.

They cannot have both.

At the moment the Central Bank is dabbling in politics.

And for that they will pay a heavy price – they will lose their independence.

The “dirty money” tag undermines efforts to attract investors

08 Apr 2019

Regardless of what we might think as a people and a country, the world seems to have reached a near consensus that we are the home of money laundering – a world launderette of dirty money.

This is a very serious tag.

It goes against all that we stand for as a people.