Friday, December 1, 2023

2001 murder case hearing to start tomorrow

After two postponements, the case in which two South African men, Kagiso William Sibi and Amos Moloi, along with a Motswana, Benson Keganne, are facing charges of having murdered Gloria Mahowe in 2001 in Pitsane, is scheduled to start tomorrow (Monday) in the Lobatse High Court before judge David Armstrong.

The case was, on the first occasion, postponed in order to give the Directorate of Public Prosecution time to appoint another prosecutor for the case after the realization that the two prosecutors who intended to prosecute the case, Thato Dibeela and Merapelo Mokgosi, had dealt with the case earlier.
That happened when the Botswana government wanted the accused person to be extradited from South Africa where they had been taken to by the Botswana government after the South African government had complained that they had been arrested illegally in South Africa after the alleged murder.

The Botswana government initially denied that they were arrested in South Africa and brought to Botswana illegally but later gave in.
On Friday, the case was again postponed because one of the attorneys, Joar Salbany, was reported to be not well.

Meanwhile , the husband to the murdered woman, Peter Mahowe, says that he is still reeling from the pain of losing his wife.

According to him, though it is now seven years after her violent death, he still thinks about her day and night.

”She is always in my dreams and I will never forget her,” he said.

Asked if he had heard about the agreement between the Botswana and South African governments that will make sure that the accused are not sentenced to death even if found guilty and what he thought about it, Mahowe said, “I have heard about through the newspapers,” adding that he has, as a Christian, forgiven the men who killed his wife just as the Bible says should happen.
The only thing that troubles him is that his in laws still think that he was somehow involved in the murder of their daughter, a thing he denies saying, “This is absolutely not true and I am waiting for the time the truth about this will be known and my hope is that this will happen during the trial.”


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