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2008 Five Roses ‘Thari ya Sechaba Awards’ slated for August

Continuing to recognize the role that Batswana women play in shaping the fabric of their society, Five Roses will on the 22nd of August, recognize and award those women who have dedicated their lives to serving and giving care and support to the communities they live in.

The objectives behind these awards are to pay tribute to women who have served as outstanding citizens and are role models in Botswana as well as to recognize those who have made a lasting contribution to social and community development. The awards also intend to inspire, motivate and encourage women to continue with their remarkable work.
“These awards identify even an ordinary person in the middle of the village who doesn’t have the resources that city women have,” said Sindi Sefhako of WeSSide Entertainment.

“In a cultural context in Botswana’s society, women are the ones who normally prepare tea at home, which is a synonym of building a home, and this is why these awards recognize women only,” explained Sefhako. She said because of this, Five Roses wants to put these women on centre stage.

Unlike last year when there were only five categories, namely, Educator, Health Practitioner, Social Welfare Worker, Arts and Culture Practitioner and Trendsetter, this year Five Roses decided to add two extra awards that of Special Award and Youth Award.

According to Sefhako, a Special Award will be awarded to that woman whose achievements have been recognized not only in Botswana but internationally as well.

“This person could be from any sector of industry including the five categories already mentioned,” she stated.

With the Youth Award, she said they are looking for that person who has tremendous capabilities, someone who has done a lot of work among their peers. She said this person could still be in a tertiary institution or engaged in the socio-economic development of Botswana, or be someone whose achievements are recognized internationally.

Touching on the Five Roses’ background, Sefhako said that this brand has, over the years, established itself as the country’s Number One tea brand. She stated that its great and refreshing taste has captured hearts of tea lovers and successfully helped in nurturing a spirit of hospitality and ‘botho’ that is now synonymous with being a Motswana. Sefhako said that Five Roses’ objective as a brand is to work around bringing families, communities and nations together.

“Anytime, any day where people gather around to have a cup of Five Roses, it is always about sharing, loving, consoling, strategizing on business or nation building activities just to mention a few, thus we refer to this brand as Botswana’s Number 1 tea,” she stated.

In her comment, Thari ya Sechaba 2007 Winner, Judith Sefhako, appealed to all those women who have been helping their communities to participate in these awards saying their dreams might come true. “You should always remember that blessed is a hand that gives. The P30 000 which I won last year was indeed a gift from above, and my dreams came true,” she said.

According to Sefhako, this was not a payment but just a ‘Thank You for the job well-done’. Expressing her heartfelt gratitude to Five Roses, she said it had now fueled her as she is now doing more than she has been doing. With a Samaritan’s heart, Sefhako did not keep this money for herself but used part of it to buy traditional attire for Culture Spears.

She appealed to Batswana to love their country as they love themselves saying this can help them to be a compassionate, caring and loving nation by 2016.


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