Sunday, May 28, 2023

2009 has some and gone, let us look ahead to 2010 with optimism

I believe we all agree that 2009 was one of the most challenging in the history of this country. It is a year that was packed with masses of challenges, and it is a fact that while we achieved some of our resolutions, most of them evaded us. Should we put our weapons down, let it all go and call it quits? No, rather hang in there and look forward to 2010. Despite what happened in 2009, we should never give up.

The reason I’m saying this is because many people are disheartened, seeing that we are coming to the closing stages of 2009, with a lot that remains to be done.

We should never give up because there is still a lot of potential. As folks we should know that negative things will always be there in life, and remember that they are mere challenges that we have to face.

In life, negatives happen to those who have given up hope.

But the fact is, even in the sports field, hopeless situations are turned around and converted into advantages in a matter of seconds. Hang on; life is not yet over yet. Victories have been snatched away from the hands of those who thought it was theirs by those who persevered and believed they could do it, even though everyone else had given up on them.

Are you aware that most of our brilliant men and women have passed through enormous disappointments and challenges? Instead of giving up, they turned defeat into victory. In real life everything that moves experiences conflicting forces. The size of the force depends on the size of the object and its speed. An object that is out to make advancement has to use a substantial amount of vigor to triumph over those forces.

For many of us, opposing forces have, during 2009, been stronger that those that propel us forward. But we should never despair. Some have failed to attain their political aspirations this year. But should they quit and say it can’t be done? As individuals we should learn to review things and evaluate our rights and wrongs, and then begin from there. Though there are many things that make us feel it is not worth to hold on we should soldier on and keep our resolutions.

Opposition may be real and big; it can even emanate our friends or immediate family.

Franklin D Roosevelt, former American president said “when you come to the end, you rope tie a knot and hang on”.
We should not be brought down by 2009’s upsets. We should know that 2009’s failures just might turn out to be 2010’s successes.

Focus on the most optimistic aspects of our circumstances. Never believe that doing so makes us blind, it rather provides us with a fresh perception.

Instead of latching on the worst aspects of 2009, let’s take a positive approach to life in 2010 and be optimistic about every situation. We should turn off the knee jerk ‘NO’ reactions into “YES”, and take active steps towards realizing our potential rather than giving up. Let us have positive thinking; there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As you begin 2010, we must learn not to deal with unrealities, but rather create realities that matter. Face facts as they are. Approach them in creative ways and also communicate accordingly. We must be optimistic and not dwell on the down aspect of life. Look for the potential upswing and, in the meantime, revaluate your assets and decisions.

Let’s embrace and look forward to 2010 with an optimistic mindset. We are the masters of our own lives, and life is what we make it.


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