Thursday, June 13, 2024

A few solutions to your style problems

Most people always have a difficult time when trying to put together the perfect outfit. For some, it makes no difference whether they are putting it together from their wardrobe or from a store when buying brand new clothes. The difficulty is always the same.

This difficulty births dissatisfaction in one’s style hence people become chronic buyers as they always think that one more item will satisfy the look they want, but it never does.

This is the reason why some people have closets full of clothes but not much to wear. For most problems there are always one or more solutions that can be explored in attempt to solve the problem and this one is no exception.

When shopping, most people buy randomly throughout the year and for some this is the reason why they find themselves with a full closet but not much to wear out of it.

The fashion seasons are always spring, summer and winter and each one of these seasons always brings an introduction of new trends year after year. So it is better to save for a massive shopping spree at the beginning of each season to get the latest trends for that season.

Having done this you would have saved yourself from the chronic buying problem because almost every style you are going to see in the stores throughout the season you would have seen and or bought at the beginning of that season.

If at all you happen to come across something that you really like but did not see at the beginning of the season then it will just be on a few occasions because most of the styles would have been seen and bought at the beginning of the season.

One other good thing about buying most things all at once is that you get a chance to create complete outfits and leave the store having bought outfits as compared to individual pieces which you will probably struggle to make outfits from later.

The pieces making the outfits can later be re-arranged and mixed and matched with those you already had in your closet to make even more outfits.

If you really love fashion it is advisable to always find out beforehand the styles and designs that are trending so that you do not only buy what looks good but you also buy what is current and trending because when you have all these then you do not have to worry about being tempted to buy randomly throughout the season.

Another trick that will make shopping easy and more effective is to identify a few stores which stock the kind of quality you like or can afford and thoroughly go through the items to look for what you want.

If you had identified about three stores then by the time you are done with them you would have successfully seen and picked all the current trends without having gone through a string of stores.

As before, once you have done this, buying extra items during the season will just be on very few occasions. To add on to that you should always have the looks that you want in mind before you take the trip to the mall; it will make your shopping more effective and satisfying.

For instance you can decide that you want two casual outfits and two formal ones. You then enter the stores having narrowed down your search and this will also make your shopping quick and effective.

The biggest obstacle that people encounter when putting together an outfit from their already existing wardrobe is familiarity; because they are familiar with the clothes it becomes very difficult to put together an outfit that is satisfying but there are a few ways around this obstacle.

You can once in a while invite a friend who knows something about style to come and go through your wardrobe to put together an outfit, because he or she will be in an unfamiliar territory and looking at clothes that are unfamiliar, the results might be some awesome outfits that you never expected.

The ultimate solution of course will be to engage the services of a stylist, whether styling from your wardrobe or from a store when buying brand new clothes a professional will always leave you satisfied.

But bear in mind that styling is an art and it is also entertaining so the more you engage in it the better you become at it and you end up discovering more solutions to your style problems. Let’s have a stylish year end.


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