Monday, July 4, 2022

A few things men need to understand

Men like saying that women are complicated, do not know what they want and speak a language of their own. But the truth is men just don’t pay attention, because if a woman doesn’t tell you what she wants she will show you what she wants from you.

1. We don’t have a problem with you watching sports but you need to understand that no matter how much you love your sport, it should never come before your woman. I will never stop you from watching that big game but if you make me feel like you watching the game is more important than spending time with me, there will be a fight.

2. We really have no problem with you having female friends, non at all because they will help you understand women, but I have a problem when you speak to them in a flirty manner, whether you are joking or not. You don’t flirt with your female friend and expect me to be ok with it or with her.

3. The tone of voice, gestures, smile and words you use when you talk to me playfully or my pet names are to be used on me and me alone. If you need to continuously poke somebody or like somebody’s status on Facebook they better be mine.

4. Flirting is cheating. No further explanation needed here.

5. Communication is key, I don’t expect you to be on the phone with me 24/7 but don’t leave me in the dark either. If a day goes by without you talking to me or texting me, that is a crime.

6. Keep appointments. If you say you are coming to see me a particular time make sure you are there at that time unless you have warned me well in advance that you are going to be late, and you can’t be late all the time. That excuse does not fly after the 2nd time you use it.

7. Love me in a special way. That which used to work for you in the past won’t always work for you with me, don’t be shocked just find what works for me and do that.

8. Make sure that there is a very notable difference between me and every other female in your life. Show it in your actions and in your speech to others and me.

9. I don’t care who calls you or what’s in your phone, but don’t give me reason to think there is by acting dodgy every time a call or text come through.

10. Never make me feel insecure, ignored, inadequate or do anything that will place doubt in my mind (refer to point 1-9). Most importantly never give another man an opportunity to make me laugh or even just smile.

We are not difficult to understand, not if you pay attention. I will admit to this though, women are different as are men and that is why you need to take time to get to know your woman and what she needs from you. Pay attention to her needs and forget what you thought you knew about other women. It’s time men stopped putting us in a bracket and learn to get to know the woman in the each and every one of their lives.


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