Monday, July 22, 2024

A Francistown Bureau de Change robbed of P160 000

On Friday, FX Africa Bureau De Change in Francistown was robbed of over P160 000 by three assailants who were allegedly armed with guns. According to the Station Commander of Francistown Police Station, Cyprian Magalela, police were alerted to the incident in the early hours of Friday.

“A report of the robbery was received on Friday morning. The information we got is that three assailants got into FX Bureau De Change, masquerading as customers, produced guns, demanded the money and escaped,” he said.

Although no one was harmed during the robbery, Magalela expressed concern about the blossoming number of robberies in Francistown, saying that in three months time, they had already registered three similar incidents.

“Last year, in October, we had a robbery in which Standard Chartered Bank was robbed of over P200 000,” said Magalela. “In November, another robbery happened at Western Union in which a Ugandan national, who was its manager, was shot to death. This is really becoming of high concern and we plead with the public to help us arrest these criminals.”

Magalela said that most of the robbers target financial organizations and masquerade as customers. He called on the financial institutions to try and reinforce their security.

He, however, said they are busy with investigations to arrest the suspects.

Magalela also revealed that they are investigating another bizarre case in which a dead human fetus was found dumped in a dust bin in the middle of a mall in Francistown last week. He said that the fetus had been referred for post mortem examinations as the investigations are ongoing.
“We are pleading with the public to help us find the mother,” he said.


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