Sunday, November 27, 2022

A key State Prosecutor loses vital information after burglars break into his home

There are fear that Senior State Prosecutor, Kgosietsile Ngakaagae has lost vital information on some of the high profile cases he is prosecuting.

This happened after his house in Gaborone West was broken into.
A laptop and a memory stick were stolen.

Among others, Ngakaagae is the lead prosecutor in the Louis Nchindo marathon case.
I the case, the late Nchindo, his son Garvas and a former Debswana executive, Joe Matome face multiple charges of fraud and corruption.

Without revealing much, Ngakaagae said the incident has everything to do with his work.
In a brief interview with The Telegraph on Monday, Ngakaagae said robbers broke into his house in the early hours of Saturday while he and his family were asleep.

He said he had taken the laptop with him to his bedroom but when his house assistant woke him up after hearing suspicious noises outside, the laptop was gone.

“I am the 6th lawyer to be attacked so far but I would suspect that in all previous cases no arrests were made,” he said.

He is however certain that one day the truth shall come out.
He said what surprised him most is the fact that cell phones and jewelry were next to the computer but they were not touched.

Other electronic gadgets were also not touched.
“What I am sure of is that it is something to do with my job,” he said
Although he has lately been handling very sensitive, high profile cases the only form of security he has been provided with is an alarm system.

The Chairman of Law Society of Botswana Tebogo Sebego said “it is a concern when lawyers are being either attacked or robbed their belongings”.

He said when lawyers are being attacked or robbed this will result in poor quality in representation both for the state and defense counsel.
He said although they have not discussed much about the safety of lawyers it is high time that they should do something about it.

The station commander of Gaborone West Bonnie Bareki said incidents of burglary are very frequent in his jurisdiction.

He said over the weekend a number of burglaries were reported but nobody has so far been arrested.


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